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Lilo's Past

Lilo Kahoku ran as fast as she could towards the kitchen.

'Please don't hang up! Please don't hang up! Please don't hang up!' she thought, reaching out for the phone, which was giving out its seventh ring.


"Hi honey, how are you?" came her husband's voice. "Just ringing to let you know that I get the day of early."

"Really? That's wonderful! You can start on the attic!" Lilo replied.

"Yeah, as soon as I get home. I'll be home around four, ok?"

"Ok, see you then. Bye, love you!"

Lilo hung up the phone and went to the laundry to retrieve the ladder. She took the ladder out of the cupboard and set it up in front of the trap door in the ceiling. Climbing it, she took of her slip-on's and threw them down onto the floor. She pushed aside the trapdoor then climbed back down.

"There, that will save him the trouble," she thought out loud.

Lilo headed down the hall and into her room. Feeling the charm around her neck, she sat down on her bed and sighed.

She missed her beloved Stitch very much.

When Lilo was only fourteen, she had come home from school to find that Stitch was not where he always waited for her everyday. She had panicked, but calmed herself as she realised that he was proberly just waiting for her inside. But it still concerned her, though, as she ran towards the house. Stitch always waited for her everyday. This was the first time that he had not been waiting for her. When she had arrived inside her home, she had found it in near-to-ruined condition. Nani was heaving out the lounge with Jumba and Pleakley was trying to pull out the desk.

"Where is Stitch?" Lilo had asked her sister with worry.

"Oh Lilo! We have been looking for him everywhere, all day," she had replied. "We thought that he was just having us on by hiding, but as you can see, we can't find him anywhere!"

"Oh no! STITCH! WHERE ARE YOU?" Lilo had called.

Later that evening, there was still no sign of Stitch.

They searched for him all through the next day, Lilo even staying away from school to help.

They searched for him the day after that, putting up 'missing' posters around the island.

The same for the day after that. And for the rest of the week.

Finally Lilo had just given up hope and had an emotional breakdown. She became ill, for a long period of time, and even had another breakdown, that she missed Stitch so much. Nani eventually explained to her what had happened on the day that he had run away. There had been a big argument between Stitch and herself. It went too far and Stitch was hurt, both emotionally and physically. He had left sometime before Lilo returned home.

Lilo cried herself to sleep.

Stitch had run away, once before, due to a fight with Lilo, but had returned the next day.

The months passed by slowly, then eventually the years. Lilo and her family still searched for Stitch, everyday of the week, but to no avail.

Even Jumba's genetic tracking device couldn't track him down.

Finally the truth arose.

Stitch was gone for good. They would never see him again.

Lilo, still feeling her charm, snapped out of the memory. Now at the age of twenty-five, Stitch had been missing for almost twelve years. Lilo still believed that her best friend was alive, but her family had given up on him somewhat four years ago.

The door suddenly slammed, making Lilo jump about a foot in the air.

"I'm hooommmmmeeeeee!"

Lilo jumped onto her feet and went in to greet her husband.

"Hi honey," she greeted him when he stepped into the kitchen, "How was work?"

"Same as always."

"Oh, what do you want for dinner?"

"Fish and chips?"

"Okey-dokey. You gonna begin on the attic?"


Michael Kahoku hugged his wife, then went to his bedroom and threw down his briefcase. As he was passing by Lilo's dresser on the way out, he stopped for a moment to look at the picture, which Lilo kept in a little heart-shaped frame, on there.

Michael had never been able to figure out exactly what the creature in the picture was.

It was a little blue dog, which looked somewhat a cross between a dog and a koala. The creature was sitting down next to some sand castles, smiling and waving at the camera.

After about two minutes of looking at the little blue creature, he was startled by a noise behind him.

Lilo Kahoku looked at him.


"Please, I don't want to think about him."

"Who, this little guy?"

A look of sheer sadness swept over her face, and she left the room.

Michael looked at the picture again.

He sighed and started heading for the attic. Just who was this little blue 'dog,' which Lilo looked at every night? He often found her staring at the picture when he arrived home from work. Sometimes she would be up to nearly one in the morning, crying and hugging the picture.

He was getting worried about her. He had never seen her this down.

Michael climbed up the ladder and into the attic. He began shifting boxes, throwing some down the manhole. After about a hour, he was exhausted.

"DINNER!" Lilo shouted from downstairs.

"Coming," he replied.

As he was just about to climb down the manhole onto the ladder, he accidentally knocked over a box on a small pile of magazines.

"Oops," he cried out as the box's contents spilled over the floor.

'I'll clean it up after,' Michael thought as he climbed down the ladder.

Lilo was very quiet during dinner. She was usually a chatter-box, always blabbering on to him about her day's events.

But tonight was different.

When he finished Michael brought his plate over to the sink and headed back for the attic, while Lilo started to clean up.

Curious about the stuff inside the box, Michael eagerly climbed back up into the manhole.

He began searching through the box's contents.

A lot of the stuff was from Lilo's childhood years. He found a little rag doll, which looked like it was handmade, books, toys, and even a little plush blue dog costume, which looked awfully like the little blue creature. He decided that Lilo must have dressed up as him for Halloween or something. There were many other possessions from Lilo's childhood, but the box mostly contained pictures.

'Maybe I will find more pictures of that little blue dog,' Michael thought as he began taking the packets out and opening them.

The first packet of pictures contained ones from their honeymoon. He put them aside and started looking through the second packet.

Nani was in most of the pictures along with her boyfriend David, and Lilo, who looked about sixteen. As he flipped through the pictures, he noticed that Lilo began to grow younger, along with Nani. When he reached the last picture, Lilo looked about fourteen.

'Yes!' Michael thought as he reached for the third packet.

But the third packet didn't contain any pictures of Lilo at all, just Lilo's parents, who had passed on when she was a child, due to a terrible car accident.

The fourth packet shocked Michael.

The first few pictures were mainly of Nani and Lilo, but as he turned to the fifth picture, he gasped, as he had found what he was looking for.

Lilo was smiling and hugging the little blue dog.

There were many more pictures of the dog after that. These included ones of the dog smiling, laughing, being hugged by Nani, reading a book, sitting in a sandcastle, wearing a hula skirt and dancing, with Lilo playing a ukulele, who was next to him, surfing with Nani and Lilo, being thrown up into the air by David, being squirted by Lilo with a spray bottle, dressed up as Elvis and playing a ukulele, being kissed on the nose by Lilo, and hugging the little rag doll in a homemade bed.

Michael put these pictures in a separate pile and began looking through the fifth packet.

These pictures were even more of a shock to him then the last ones.

Most of the pictures contained Lilo and the dog, but there were also ones of what appeared to be two aliens.

One was particularly large with four eyes while the other was very slim, had three legs and one big eye, like a Cyclops.

On one picture of the aliens, written down the bottom was 'Jumba and Pleakley, Christmas 02.' They were dressed in elf costumes and the larger alien was carrying a sac.

But the last picture, and the only picture like this, shocked him the most.

The little blue dog was sitting in the large alien's hand. But the dog too, appeared to be an alien as well, as it had antennae on it's head, three spikes on its back and an extra set of arms.

Written down the bottom of this picture was 'Stitch and Jumba, two days after exile on Earth.'

Stitch? He had often heard Lilo mention the name Stitch around the house. He had guessed it was something to do with her sewing, but now he realised, that this must be the name of the little blue alien.

He was pretty much freaked out by now.

Why hadn't Lilo ever told him about these aliens that her family knew about?

He cleaned up the rest of the attic, then gathered up the pictures of the aliens and 'Stitch' and headed downstairs. He put the ladder away then went into the study and spread the pictures out on his desk.


"Yeah, just about."

Lilo stepped over to him, and noticed the pictures of 'Stitch' and the aliens on the desk.

"What's all this…?"

Her eyes fell across the picture of her hugging Stitch, and tears formed in her eyes.


"Lilo, who are these, 'aliens?' How come you have never told me anything about them?"



"Where did you find all these?"

"In a box in the attic. Lilo, can you please explain to me? Now?"

"Ok, ok it's about time I told you everything anyway."

Lilo scooped up the pictures from the desk and led him into the lounge.

"It all started when I was six. I was sad, because none of my hula-school classmates wanted to be my friend. They all ran away from me when I showed them my doll, Scrump."

Michael's thoughts lingered back to the little rag doll in the attic.

"I ran home, crying, and locked myself inside. Then Nani arrived home and yelled at me to open the door because there was a social worker coming to make sure that she was taking care of me properly. The social worker, whose name turned out to be 'Cobra Bubbles,' was a bi-…"

"Cobra BUBBLES!?"

"Yeah, I know, weird. Anyway, he was a big, tough looking bloke, but he didn't scare me. I was very bad and I stuffed up the speech I was supposed to say. Bubbles told Nani that she had three days to change his mind about being able to care for me properly, or I would be taken away. He left and we had a BIG fight. Later that night, we made up and I was showing her my pictures when the lights buzzed and went out. We went to the window and there was a green object falling into orbit. It crashed just in the woods behind our house, and since I was only six, I thought it was a falling star, so I pushed Nani out of my room and wished for a friend who would never run away from me. Nani must have been listening anyway, because the next day she took me to the pound. I went in and had a look around, but I couldn't find any dogs, until I turned around."

"What was behind you?"

"A blue dog. I waved to him and said 'Hi!'"

"What happened then?"

"Stop interrupting. He said 'Hi!' back, and then he hugged me. I thought he was wicked, so I took him out to Nani. She was shocked by him, but she let me adopt him in the end."

"I named him 'Stitch' and I bought him for two dollars. He was very bad and Nani nearly kicked him out, until I yelled to her about 'Ohana' and she changed her mind. Later on I was nearly taken away because Stitch and an alien called 'Jumba', who was trying to catch him, destroyed our house. There was also another alien called 'Pleakley,' but I can't remember him that well. After the house blew up all these fire trucks came and helped stifle the blaze. Bubbles put me in his car to take me away, but when I heard Nani begging him not to take me away from her, I grew really scared and ran into the forest. Stitch stopped me and showed me that he was not a dog, but an alien. I didn't know what to do then. He had lied to me the whole time."

"An alien called 'Captain Gantu' then kidnapped me. Gantu was like twenty feet tall and very shark-like. He put me into a tube on the back of his ship, along with Stitch, but somehow, Stitch squeezed himself through the side of the tube and escaped. He tried to help me, but the ship took of too soon and Stitch fell about ten metres back to the ground. I don't know what happened then, but when I looked up from crying, there was this huge, red ship. Bigger than a jet! Anyway, Jumba, Pleakley, Nani and Stitch were all in the ship. Stitch tried to rescue me, but Gantu blasted him off the ship. He fell about twenty kilometres back to Earth, but was luckily unharmed. As Gantu flew back down over him, I yelled to him 'Don't leave me, ok?' After sometime, he eventually freed me, then after Jumba landed the ship in the ocean, there was a big confrontation on the beach. I learnt that Stitch was not born, but genetically created by Dr Jumba Jookiba and that he was also known as 'Experiment 626." He was under arrest and was about to be led into a ship to be taken to a desert asteroid, but I saved him and he was sentenced to life on exile on Earth, with me, Nani, Pleakley and Jumba."

"Our lives were very happy after that. Stitch became the closest friend I ever had. He always waited for me everyday when I arrived home from school, and cheered me up whenever I was sad. Until, one day, when I was fourteen, I arrived home to find Stitch not waiting where he usually waited for me. I panicked, and ran inside to find Nani, Jumba and Pleakley tearing the house apart. I asked what was wrong and where was Stitch, and Nani told me that they had been searching for him all day. We looked everywhere over the next few days, even putting up missing posters, but we couldn't find him anywhere. I became ill and had a few breakdowns, I missed him so much. Nani eventually told me that there was a big fight between herself and Stitch on the day that he had run away. Stitch was hurt both emotionally and physically. He left sometime before I returned home from school."

"What happened after that?"

"Jumba and Pleakley began to drift apart from us to. Jumba was very upset. He searched for Stitch the most, everyday and night, tiring himself out. Even his tracking device couldn't lock onto Stitch's DNA. It was understandable though, as Stitch was like his son. I think Jumba and Pleakley are living somewhere up in the hills at the moment."

Lilo couldn't take it anymore. She broke down.

"Oh, Michael, I miss him so much."

"I understand."

Michael hugged his wife.

"I think it's best if you had an early night. Come on." He helped her into their room.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll see him again."

"I doubt it."

Michael left the room, closing the door behind him.

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