Ok, after months of waiting, and me not feeling inspired enough to continue this story for sum reason, here's chpt 10.


Michael sighed and sat down on a chair.

He stared at all the men working as hard as they could to repair the damage that Gantu had caused, wondering how much longer it would take for them to finish.

A few minutes later, Stitch entered the room.

"What wrong Michael?"

Michael jumped a little and looked across to the little blue alien.

"Oh, I was just wondering."


"How long they'll take," he replied, nodding towards the repairmen.


"So, is Angel another one of your cousins?"


"Is she your girlfriend?"

Stitch giggled.

"Naga. Angel achi-baba."



"Ok. She sure does look like you. But I think 627 looks most like you."

That got Stitch's attention.

"Gaba? Michael see 627? Where?"

"Just before. Well, it was actually Gant- "
"Yeah, well I'm pretty sure it was. If I can remember clearly, when I was in his ship, 625 told me that Gantu had swapped bodies with 627 or something like that."

At that moment Lilo had entered the kitchen holding a glass.

She dropped it, hearing Michael's last sentence. It smashed into to millions of strands of glass, but Lilo didn't seem to notice this.

"GANTU SWAPPED BODIES WITH 627!" she screeched, causing Stitch to grab his ears and pull them down.

"Yeah. He kidnapped me from the hospital, hurting some other people in the progress."

Lilo just stood there, her mouth opening and closing like a fish, causing Michael to suppress a giggle.
"He kidnapped you!"

"Yeah, well, tried to. He took me back to his ship, but I escaped, and that's when I called you. I swear… those two are the thickest aliens I've ever met."

"Stitch! What are we going to do?"

Stitch didn't answer.


Lilo walked over to him. He was curled into a ball.

"What's wrong?"

She placed a hand on his back, and he jumped, uncurling.

"Ohh... sorry," Lilo said as she realized that he was pulling his ears down.

She gently pried his paws of them.

"Lilo naga screech again! Okeytaka!"

"Sorry Stitch."

"Is ok."

"But what are we going to do? We know that since Gantu has all of 627's powers, he'll be a lot stronger than you are. And he won't have that laughing weakness, will he?"


"This is bad…"

"625!" Gantu/627 yelled. "625!"

There was no answer.

Gantu/627 wobbly made his way back into the control room. He was still was adjusting to his new height.

625 was asleep in his chair, a sandwich over his stomach.


625 screamed, and jerked awake.
The sandwich flew out of his lap, up into the air, and landed on his head.

"GANTU! Oh! I was just… er… testing… um… that everything is in working order! Everything seems to be – HEY!"

Gantu/627 picked up 625 by the scruff of the neck.


"What? Over there, fishlips…um…furlips?"


625 looked around the room.

"I dunno, not in here."

Gantu/627 growled.


"Me? , I didn't give him permission to."

Gantu sighed.

"That's IT! I'm SICK and TIRED of this! That abomination 626 must have helped him escape! Oh, no. NOnonono 626, you've really done it this time…"

Gantu/627 extended his four other arms.

"What on Earth am I carrying these for?"

He dropped the four blasters.

"Well…maybe just one…um…maybe this one too," he muttered to himself, picking back up two of the blasters.

"But…what if I get hurt?"

He picked up another blaster.

625 stared at him.

"But then this blaster will feel left out…and I don't want it to feel left out, cause that will make me feel bad…and then I'll make the manufacturer feel bad, because he spent his precious time making it…"
Gantu/627 picked back up that blaster too.

He looked up, to find 625 staring at him with a dumbstruck look on his face.


"You really need to sort out your priorities," he replied with confusion in his voice.
"SHUTUP 625!"

Gantu/627 turned to leave, his maroon face now purple with embarrassment.
'But it's true. I'll make the blaster AND the manufacturer feel bad…' he thought to himself as he collected his map from his bedside table, which he had to climb to open the top drawer, and left the ship…

"Well, has anyone come up with an idea?" Lilo questioned her family, stepping into the lounge room.

There were two reply's of naga and one reply of no.

Lilo looked at Pleakley, who stared back at her until he realized that she was addressing him.

"Don't look at me! Do you really think I'd have an idea with a crisis as big as this?"

Lilo just shook her head.


"Well, evil genius was thinking…"

"Thinking what?"

"About Gantu."

"Jumba! Hello! He's what we're discussing! Of course you're thinking about him."

"No, I mean Gantu. The actual Gantu. His body, or now being 627's body."


"Yes…I was thinking…"

"Thinking what, Jumba?"

"Well, if 627 is being in Gantu's body, and since Gantu would now be a lot bigger than himself since he is being in 627's body, perhaps, strengths of 626 AND 627, in Gantu' body, though 627 will not have ALL of acquired strengths, might JUST be able to defeat Gantu, and we can return bodies back to owners!"

Lilo's eyes went wide, along with Pleakley's, Michael's, Angel's and Stitch's.

"So, are you saying Jumba, that MAYBE Stitch AND 627 MIGHT just be able to defeat Gantu though he is in 627's body?"

"Yes, is exactly what I am being saying."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go find 627!"

"But is being problem little big girl. We are not knowing where 627 is."

"Well, come on then! We can find him! Besides, Stitch might be able to remember 627's scent."

"But now 627's scent will be Gantu's scent, and 627 will have Gantu's aquatic aroma!"

"But we can find him! I KNOW we can! Please! We've got to try!"

Jumba stood up.

"Little big girl is being absolutely correct. We must try."

"COME ON you guys!"

Lilo heaved Michael, Pleakley and Angel up from the lounges.

Everyone made there way outside to Lilo's car and Jumba and Pleakley's buggy, while Stitch took off down the street, trying to get even a hint of 627's scent.

Gantu/627 walked through a clearing until he finally saw a row of houses.

"Ah-ha! Got you, you little trog!" he exclaimed to himself as he waddled across the clearing to the house which he had attacked not so long ago.

Lots of repairs were being made to the house. As Gantu/627 walked up the drive to the front door, and big, beefy man stepped in front of him.

"Ah, this is not the place for you to be, little critter. Go home, that's a good boy."

The man carried him to the end of the drive and set him down.

Gantu/627 growled.

"Hmph. Then I'll just go in through the back."

Gantu/627 made his way around to the back of the house, careful not to be seen by any of the repairmen.

He extended two of his four extra arms, and walked up to the back of the door.

'Prepare to meet your faith, trog.'

He kicked down the door, and burst into the house.


Gantu/627 stood there, as he realized the house was empty.

"AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed in frustration, and ran out of the house, as he heard one of the repairmen coming in to investigate all the racket.

"YOU HAVE REALLY CROSSED THE LINE 626! I WILL GET YOU AND THAT STUPID OHANI…ahem…OHAR…no…OHANA OF YOURS!" Gantu/627 screamed for the entire neighbourhood to hear as he ran back the way he came.

He stopped when he remembered he possessed all of 627's powers.

'Does that include…'

He lowered his head and started to sniff.

'But what does 626 smell like?'

Gantu sighed, and started to ponder how on Earth he was going to track 626 and his Ohana down.

'I will get you, you ugly little abomination, I will get you, and I'll do what it takes until I see you suffer with as much pain as you have caused me…'

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