Chapter Thirteen - Conversations

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Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore were having a heated discussion by the bed of there fallen hero, Harry Potter. This was not the first time the two had this conversation and it probably wouldn't be the last time they had it either. As always it was about what happened and how Harry could have every pulled it off, and with Severus fuming about how Harry had let him live and further more remove the Dark Mark from him altogether. The power that was displayed was completely unheard of since the days of Merlin, and even then there is no written proof that Merlin had ever released so much power himself.

Albus himself had a lot of question for that boy that lay in the bed before him, no man, he had shown much more maturity and power than any boy could. Albus was completely shaken by the raw power that was displayed and even more upset by one of the teachers. It made him very grateful that Harry had held back in the duel that they had had. He shuddered to think if he would still be alive if Harry went at him full throttle like he did on Tom.

Harry woke up two days later after the massive fight with a headache that could rival the Cruciatus Curse being cast directly on his head. He tried to raise his mental shields to try and block out some of the pain but to no avail, he was mentally and magically exhausted. Even after his two day sleep his power reserves were still extremely low, or at least for him. If he was to duel he could probably take down an Aurora or two before he would be drained, which is a feat in itself.

His headache wasn't getting any better with two people squabbling beside him, it felt like they were trying to drive in two jackhammers through his ears.

"If it isn't too hard would you mind stop arguing, otherwise I shall be forced to pass my headache to you and I'm telling you now it's a corker." Harry groaned out regretting it as his throat felt like it had just caught fire.

Harry heard to sharp gasps then a lot of commotion going on around the room. He could only guess he was in the hospital wing and for once he was happy to be there with the way he was feeling.

"Could someone please give me a pain relief potion if it isn't to difficult, I feel like a train has used my head as a wall stopper" Harry croaked. As soon as he made his request he was propped up in his bed and he felt a glass being pushed to his lips. He gratefully drank it down and instantly felt the pain in his head and throat subside. He opened his eyes and squinted around the room, the bright white well lit walls of the hospital wing stung his eyes at first but then he noticed the silhouette of at least five people in the room. The room slowly came into a fuzzy focus. He saw two pale blue eyes sparkling at him from behind half moon spectacles extremely close to him nearly causing Harry to jump, nearly. He scanned the rest of the room and saw Snape there looking like he was going to kill him at a moments notice, there was also Madame Pomfrey looking extremely distressed with all the people crowding around her patients bed, standing near the back was Lupin looking like he was completely alone in the world and standing next to him trying to comfort him was Tonks. Hermione and Ron were at the other side of Harry's bed looking down at him looking scared out of there minds.

"Harry you gave us quite a scare back there" came the cool voice of Albus Dumbledore that washed over him.

"What can I say, that surprised me as much as you guys" Harry replied replaying the whole scene over in his mind.

"We were hoping you could tell us some things now if it isn't to much trouble" asked Dumbledore.

"Fire away, I cant promise to answer them though because I might not know myself" said Harry "but I'll try my best"

"That is much appreciated Harry. First off where on earth did you wield that much power in so little time, and why do you look like a fully grown man as I believe the answers are interlinked" Dumbledore asked.

"Ah, you would be right there, although I'm not fully grown, only magically, I am currently eighteen years old and yes, it is because of my training. My Uncle was busy trying to murder me, and actually succeeded in doing so one night in the holidays, couldn't have been more than a few weeks in" after saying that the whole room paled drastically and looked like they had seen red, "but I was told it was not my time to die, and I had to go back and be trained for the war, which is exactly what happened. I woke up in the home of my trainer which is outside of space and time, meaning that I had as long as it took to do all my training which took two years. Does that answer your questions?"

"Indeed it does Harry thank you, I have a few more questions for you though if you don't mind?"

"Of course not Albus." said Harry. "I'm surprised you waited this long actually. Anyways I went away for training, I'm not exactly sure it was but it was outside of time and space where I was trained by a man in all arts of fighting from poisons to hand-to-hand fighting."

"And he told you that curse you used on Tom?"

"Not quite, that kinda…well happened, I got really angry and just forced my magic at him and you saw what happened and probably remember more of it than me to be honest" said Harry while frowning hard trying to remember exactly what happened.

"What do you mean I will remember more of it" inquired Albus.

"Well all I remember is seeing Voldemort's face and sensing all of his Death Eaters in the area and focusing my power out to them too by the Dark Mark and then I saw one of you fall and something just broke, a barrier inside me snapped, and I forced more power than I knew I had at him and my body started to get this strange tingle" said Harry as he focused on what had happened. "then everything goes dark and I wake up here talking to you"

"Interesting Harry, when your 'barrier' broke as you put it, two leather dragon like wings burst from your back containing more power in one wing than I have ever felt in my life which came to a focus in your body. I have to admit it give us all quite a scare, especially when we felt the power ripple out from the castle and the surrounding area. I do believe that there is no Death Eaters in the north of England left alive. It was a crippling blow you delivered to the Dark Lord." Dumbledore said whilst looking pensive.

Harry looked at the Headmaster with a sheepish grin crossing his face "At least with me here you won't have to worry about a Death Eater attack much more, huh?"

"Yes Harry" Dumbledore said with a small chuckle "this might well be the most quiet year we have ever had at Hogwarts in a long time, but alas I don't think it will be somehow"

"Yeah, I s'pose your right as per usual." muttered Harry, "when will the funeral be held?" he asked whilst looking at the dead body in the bed next to him.

Dumbledore followed his gaze and sighed "As soon as possible I think, it would be better not to drag thing out." Dumbledore said looking older than Harry had ever seen him before.

"I…I'm sorry there was nothing I could do, I should have been able to save them" Harry said with an almost insane look of hatred in his eye, "Voldemort will die, I swear to you, he will not live out the year."

Dumbledore looked down through his half moon glasses at the young child before him, he may have been able to crush him but to Dumbledore he was still a child "Thank you Harry, it pains me to admit it, but I know you shall because it is your destiny too" As Dumbledore stared into his so to be former pupils eyes he saw nothing but determination and raw power like nothing he had seen in anyone before " Minerva's funeral will be held this weekend at the latest. Now I must leave you here because I need to inform her family of what has happened"

Dumbledore slowly stood from his chair and wiped away a stray tear rolling down his cheek, Minerva was the closest person he had since his previous wife had died in the war and now he had lost Minerva in this one, he prayed that Harry could stop the war soon.

Harry watched the headmaster leave with tears rolling down his cheeks then turned over and fell into a troubled sleep of death…

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