Harry Potter and The Power Within

Chapter 2 - Summer With The Dursleys

AN: Chapter contains violence, not very graphic but violent non the less.

Harry awoke the next day with his wrists throbbing and hurting covers in deep, thin red lines. Harry just looked at them and groaned.

'I deserve much worse than this, why can't I just die and be with Sirius and my parents'

Then the face of Albus Dumbledore appeared in his minds eye repeating the prophecy to him.

'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…'

Harry knew what he had to do but was unsure if he could do it, the prophecy never said that he would win, only that he was Voldemorts equal and he had power that Voldemort didn't know about.

Harry sighed and turned over and tried to get back to sleep, or at least the nightmares he was having where he watched Sirius fall through the Veil.

Just as Harry was slowly starting to drift off the cat flap at the bottom of his door, which had been put there when he was in his third year at Hogwarts, rattled indicating that his breakfast had been served. Harry slowly dragged his tired and sore body out of his bed and fumbled over to the door, he looked at the small bowl of cold soup in disgust and gave it all to Hedwig, that hooted and moved away from it.

"That's the best we are gunna be getting till we get back to school girl"

Harry moved over to the window to let Hedwig out, to try and catch her own breakfast which had to be better than what he had just been given, to find that the window was nailed shut and wasn't looking like it was going to open anytime soon.

Harry sighed and looked apologetic to Hedwig who just ruffled her feathers at him.

"I'm sorry girl, there's nothing I can do" and he shrugged and went to lie on his bed.

The holidays were going to drag past with nothing to keep his mind active and not thinking of Sirius's death. Harry was hit again with another pang on guilt in his heart that felt like someone had just slipped a knife through his ribs.

Harry looked towards his bedside cabinet where he saw his knife stained with his blood along the handle (because the blade is charmed to never go blunt or dirty). He picked the knife up and just sat staring at the blade's edge lusting to kill himself, but knowing he couldn't because of the blasted prophecy.

Slowly Harry started tracing the blade over his chest leaving light cuts that seeped a drip of blood now and then. Eventually Harry added pressure that caused blood to instantly smear over his skin as he hissed in pain yet not stopping, punishing himself for killing his Godfather, the only thing he had left that he could trust fully and look up to as a father substitute.

Over the days at the Durley's Harry's body gained more and more cuts over his body, the one time Harry saw his Vernon and his uncle had actually seen the cuts he just smirked.

"Next time press down harder, the more freaks like you the better."

Harry would just nod and go to the bathroom where he would relive himself before throwing up. The nightmares were really getting to him with the mix of Sirius dieing and the visions he was getting from Voldemort most nights made his stomach lurch.

Today Harry was having a very bad day. It was the day before his birthday and he was missing Sirius more than ever and every night was getting forced to watch more and more deaths. It seemed that Voldemort was giving him his cruel birthday present early.

Today was indeed a bad day for Harry Potter. For today was the day Harry James Potter lost the will to live. He started cutting his arms, legs and body or anywhere else he could reach and pressed down savagely hard. Blood was flowing from his body. Harry started feeling dizzy and slowly started to pass out of blood loss, but just before he fainted he saw the silhouette of his Uncle standing at the door with a victory look on his face.

AN: i could end it here couldnt i... my a really nasty ending to a chapter, but alas tis to shourt so i shant, what a pity :(

Slowly Harry came too. He groaned then realised he was still alive.

"I can't even kill myself, how am I meant to kill Voldemort" Harry slowly thought back to himself, when he remembered seeing his Uncle at the door.

He groaned and tried to sit up, when he realised he was chained the wall. He was lying on the blanket he has covered in blood while trying to kill himself and chained to the wall, which ran opposite the window which was weirdly boarded up.

"BOY, ARE YOU AWAKE YET?" shouted his Uncle

Harry slowly nodded his head cringing and the massive migraine that was slowly starting to take over him.

"Boy, I've been waiting a long time for today…..Do you know what today is?" he asked with a strange silky voice.

Harry was starting to get scared, seeing his Uncle smile like that was un-nerving to anyone that would have seen it, not just Harry.

"N-N-No Uncle Vernon, what is it?" Harry asked slowly between the throb of his head.

"Today boy, is the day that I get to have fun with you, I can kill you, and if any asks, I can just say you killed yourself, so prepare yourself because I'm going to take you to hell and back" his Uncle said before laughing with glee and a shine of madness in his eyes.

The headache had become to much for Harry and he slowly passed out into the welcoming darkness the threatened to consume him for eternity.

"NO YOU DON'T BOY, NOT TILL I'VE HAD MY FUN!" he Uncle roared.

Vernon got a pain of pliers from the box he had next to him and clamped down onto Harry small finger with all his might nearly snapping the bone in half. The pain was enough to bring Harry back to full consciousness and make him cry out in pain.

"There's a good boy, you can pass out or die when I'm finished with you."

Harry mealy sat there with his back to the wall held up by the chains. The pain in his finger was slowly starting to move down to his elbow causing his whole arm to throb and cry out in protest. Harry mealy kept quiet thinking he deserved it for killing Sirius.

"Now…..what else can I do to you…..maybe a short warm up ey, wotcha think?" his Uncle said moving up close to him.

Harry closed his eyes waiting for the enviable pain to come. He didn't have to wait long before he felt his Uncle's fist slam into his bare chest and feeling a few ribs break in the process, just as Harry cried out from that blow another one came to him, in the form of his Uncle's heavy boot making contacts with his left arm breaking it in 2 places.

Harry screamed as he felt the bone trying to push its way through the skin and make itself shown.

It appeared his Uncle was board of the warm up because it could cause him to black out before he got to have any fun, so he stopped and started rummaging in his box of 'goodies'.

After a few moments of rummaging Harry's face fell in utter shock, his Uncle had pulled out a piece of wood that was 4 inches wide and 2 foot long with a long curved nail in the end that looked like it was just waiting to pull chunks out of him.

His Uncle had a look of complete glee has he held the homemade torture weapon almost caressing it. He stood in front of Harry and looked like a madman with that glint in his eyes.

Just as Harry was preparing himself for the blow, it came, and it came hard. Harry bit on his lip hard enough to draw blood, as he felt the nail imbed itself in his shoulder rubbing up next to the bone. He was determined not to scream again for his Uncle but that thought was short lived as he felt the nail being wrenched out of his shoulder along with a good chunk of his flesh leaving an angry looking bloody mess that was bleeding constantly.

Harry sagged against his bonds only to cry out again as the damaged shoulder dislocated from the sudden pressure on it after being so badly beaten.

His Uncle didn't wait long before swinging his torture stick into the side of Harry with the nail sliding up next to his ribs, only this time his Uncle didn't wait very long before wrenching it out of Harry pulling a good bit of muscle and skin causing enormous amounts of pain to his already broken ribs, and Harry's mind couldn't handle it, he was bleeding from his own self inflicted wounds, and now from the 2 holes of flesh that were missing and broken ribs making it hard for him to breathe.

The last thought Harry had before he black out was 'If no wizard can kill me sept Voldemort, what about Muggles?' then he vanished into darkness 5 minuets before he became 16.

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