Wheels upon Wheels

Chapter 2 :Caeral

Disclaimer : Wheel of Time belongs to Robert Jordan, and no one else. This story may not be used for profit by anybody, not even me.

The first three days were the worst.

I probably wouldn't have made it out of the forest if I hadn't found a spring near noon on the second day. That, and the empty coke bottle I carried, allowed me to have enough water to survive. That didn't make it fun, however.

Food was another problem. As I lived in a city all my life, my hunting skills were, at best, non-existant. I chewed a few leaves and savored the rare berries I found. It wasn't enough, but it had to do. I tried not to think of the food I could've had at home with the now-useless money I had in my possession, but that was a lost cause. I came back to that thought every half-hour, grumbling and generally feeling bad.

I slept during both nights in a tree, as to protect myself from predators. Since I didn't know in what world I was, I wasn't sure if it would help, but it was a comfort just the same. I just hoped I wasn't in some RPG, as most wandering creature could kick the ass of an unarmed human like me quite easily. Truth to be told, I didn't sleep that well those nights.

When near dawn on the third day I broke out of the forest, I was overjoyed. Plains were easier travel than forests (less rocks and roots). Also, since I could see to the horizon for the first time since my arrival, I could also spot cities and roads at a distace. That was how, as the sun was falling on my third day of walking, I entered a farm.

It's inhabitants were luckily friendly enough to give me a meal and a chance to sleep in their stable. After sleeping twice against the bark of a tree, a stable full of hay seemed more than nice. My bed at home felt like paradise lost, now.

The meal, soup, bread and cheese (And I hate cheese)tasted very good after the last two days. The man of the house, and his children, kept asking questions. I told them I was a traveler from up north that got lost in the woods. They seemed to believe that. The father, a stout man by the name of Faeris, Told me that the closest city was Caeral,one of the waypoints on the road between the capital, Caemlyn, and Tar Valon. Caeral and Caemlyn I didn't know or remember, but Tar Valon rang some bells. Nothing concrete yet, tough.

"Have you heard the rumors about the False Dragon, Logain ?" That changed everything.

False Dragons and Logain meant the Wheel of Time world, and that I knew. Tar Valon was the home of the White Tower, that flashed back too.

Being in the Wheel of Time world was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Good, because I knew about some of it, having read the first five books. I could also be of use in that world, the true Dragon would need help soon. On the other side, it was pretty bad as that world was more than dangerous. War was coming, and people got killed pretty easily in wars. Not to mention the darkfiends or the Forsaken, of course.

I listened to all he had to tell me about Logain, as to situate myself in the timeline. From what I gathered, we were somewhere in the first book, before Logain's capture. That meant I had some time before I could go to Rand to help. I'd at least have time to prepare.

In exchange for his kindness, I decided to tell stories to his children. Actually, modified stories of my world. The tales of Harry Sedai, a channeler from the the past age, and his battles with the dreadlord Voldemort. The story of Ranma, a young man cursed to turn into a girl by Aes Sedai magic, that was sworn to be a warder from birth. The children loved it, and even the adults laughed at some of the situations.

When I fell asleep that night, I was pretty happy about my new life. It would be less boring than my old one, at least.

I woke up at being munched on by a cow, which is not the best feeling in the world. I left early somewhen after dawn, to make sure I would reach the city before dusk.

As I walked towards the road that would lead me to Caeral, I swore that I would pay that family back for it's hospitality. In my bag was two apples, gracious gifts for the long road ahead, that I felt I didn't deserve.

The climate was fair and the ground flat, and I made good enough time in these conditions. I reached the road before midday, I think. I then turned south, following the trails left by the frequent passage of caravans.

One of the signs such passage made me stop and gape. On the sides of the road, near the first trees of Braem wood, lay a dozen dead men.

I could get these men were thieves, by the looks of their clothes and their weapons, but that wasn't what stopped me. It was a first for me to see true death, and the calm inside me scared me. I knew that these people had probably not been the most upstanding of citizens, and that they were just unknown strangers, but I personnally though that I should have more reaction than the cold I felt inside.

I felt bad at what I did, but loated the bodies anyway. I would need food and gold, not to mention clothes that were less conspicious than mine, and that was the only way I could think of. I said a quick prayer for each of them and placed them as if they were sleeping, only to leesen my guilt some. It'd have buried them, but I still had a long road to do today, and only one apple for that time, and no shovel to help. I added them to the list of debts I had on this world, even if their names I did not know.

That was how, an hour or so before sundown, I arrived in Caeral with a dozen silver and two dozen copper in the pocket of faded gray birches matching a loose blue-grey shirt.

Caeral was a town of medium size, with many shops of various kind doting the main road. I found a room in one of the two inns there, at a place named "The Fair Lady", and got my second full meal in this world down my stomach. I retreated to my rooms early, as to plan.

The planning I had in mind had many phases. First up was a full inventory of everything I had, down to the smallest details. I'd probably need every scrap I had.


-Winter coat.
-Winter gloves.
-Winter bandanna.
-Discman with 2 empty batteries.
-2 music cds.
-2 disquettes.
-Home keys.
-Empty Coke bottle.
-Harry Potter fanfic (printed).
-Statistic schoolbook.
-A lot of schoolwork andhomework.
-BESM handbook.
-4 dice.
-3 pads of paper.
-5 pens (1 black ink, 2 silver, 2 black).
-Liquid paper correction pen.
-72,95 in canadian dollars.
-ID cards in masse.
-The clothes from my world.
-The clothes I was wearing now.

I noted everything on one sheet of paper, careful not to spill any ink as I could buy refills easily now. The first part was done.

Second part was planning exactly what I was to do. I wasn't gonna stay in this world doing nothing while I could help. The Dragon would need all the help he could get. However, approching him was likely going to be difficult, as at this time he hasn't accepted his destiny yet and finding reasons to travel with his (and especially Moiraine) would be difficult if not impossible. As I let idea bounce in my head, wether or not to meet him in Caemlyn at the parade, or to wait until he proclaimed himself, I roll my dice around to occupy my hands.


On one hand, meeting him at the earliest moment would mean being able to help the most.


Also, he's seperated from Moiraine when he enters Caemlyn, so that's another advantage.


On the other hand, approching his when he's the Dragon Reborn would be easier, as he would need people working for him. Getting to Tear might be a problem, though.


Helping him at Falme might also be an idea. Getting there would still be a problem, but being close to Min and Egwene would be a good advantage.


After my fifteenth throw, I finally realized how the dice had turned out. I was not usually a naturally lucky person, so it was something new.

As a trial, I thought of the only dice game, 421, I knew, and threw the dice three times in a row.

4,2,1. 4,2,1. 4,2,1.

That at least prouved one of the things I had thought about during my long walk to Caeral. I was Ta'veren. It didn't surprise me that much, as the probability of a non-ta'veren to be warped from another world to the world of Wheel of Time seemed pretty much inexistant. It did changes things in my planning, though. I had a way to make enough money to do things now. I smirked.

"Well, time to make some money !" I said to myself, walking down the inn to find someone willing to bet.

It was somewhere near midnight when I came back to my room. My pockets were full to bursting with coins I had won from caravan guards and merchants. I felt a little guilty as I was near robbing them, but there wasn't any other choice, really.

More importantly, during my time playing, I had a plan.

And within two weeks, I'd been in Caemlyn.