Van Helsing 2 : Circle of Dreams

By : Fortune Zyne

Author's Note : Greetings! I have decided that if only for my pleasure of seeing it on I will write my story. For all who thought Anna should've lived at the end of the original film, this is probably for you. Also plenty of Dracula ( call me nuts but I thought he was just so sexy in that film, best Dracula yet. ) Plenty of the brides, especially Marishka. ( I wonder if they told Josie Maran how long her character would last? ) Also if this story goes down well, I will write more stories, including kinda of an alternate universe of the original Van Helsing. So without further ado, in the words of Dracula.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you...Van Helsing!

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Chapter One- Goodbye Victor

London, England


Elizabeth Frankenstein watched as her husband Victor and his best friend Stefan finished packing the coach that would carry him away to a castle far away in Transylvania, where he could finish his latest project under the funding of a certain Count Dracula. As much as she wished he wouldn't go, Elizabeth understood in her heart, that his work was very important to him, and that it wasn't really her place to keep him from the things he loved to do. But truthfully his latest talks of this project frightened her so. Talk of bringing life to those that had died. It was sacrilige. But Elizabeth had told herself, once Victor understood it couldn't and wouldn't be done, then he would take a real job, and his rightful place as a husband and father to their unborn child. Brushing a stray lock of gold out of her face, she watched them load the final bag. She felt a peculiar chill run down her spine. She had always had a bad feeling about this, since the moment she saw the Count. She felt as though something wasn't...right about him. Victor told her she was being silly, but whenever their eyes met, she saw nothing, no life, just deep empty voids, of misery. He had also taken an odd attraction to her neck, which frightened her to no end. Often times she had to push him away, when he leaned too close and his lips began to brush her vein...shaking herself out her dreamy state, she approached the coach and said softly,

"Are you sure Victor, are you sure" It was silly really, to ask the same question when in the end, she knew it would be the same answer. But still, she had a feeble hope that maybe just maybe, he would throw down his bags, and say

"What am I doing running across the country to chase a mad dream, when I have everything a man needs to be happy right here" It never happened but still if only...

"Yes Elizabeth, my love, I am sure." came the soft response of her husband, her love. It was over, it was too late she knew for him to turn back, and nothing she did or said would change his mind. It was almost as if, he were under spell. Stefan turned to Victor after securely strapping the luggage down and said

"Well Victor you're all set." Then he said in a lower voice, one that Elizabeth had to strain to hear.

"You're mad Victor, mad. Going after a sacriligeous fantasy, funded by some crackpot from the middle of nowhere, leaving behind a pregnant wife..."

"Enough Stefan, it is my decision and mine alone. If I can ressurrect the life of humans, just think Stefan just think..."

"Enough Victor, they will not be human, and like it or not, you are not God"

"No I am not God, Stefan, but by His name, I will prove he is not the only one who can give life" So deep they were in their conversation that they did not notice that the 'crackpot from the middle of nowhere' was approaching the coach. As soon as she caught glimpse of him, Elizabeth had to look away. Such coldness, such hatred. She shivered violently, and tried hard to block off his hatred, his horrible hatred. His cold hands were upon her shoulders, and she turned her head to see a black gloved hand. She braced herself and willed herself to turn around and face him. His long black hair, pulled back by a silver clip, and deep soulless eyes stared back at her from pale face. He was dressed all in black, in a outfit that was of old military style and reminded her of the story of the Crusades her mother used to tell her. His cloak was wrapped around his shoulders, and his riding boots were perfectly shined as usual. She shivered again, and tried to worm out of his grasp, but his grip was iron. He leaned in closer and said,

"My dear Elisabeta." Elisabeta was what he claimed was the name Elizabeth in his language.

"Are you not pleased that your husband's dreams are coming true"

Stefan, having heard this comment, rushed forward and snapped,

"No, she is not, when he is not able to be there during her hardest days, while carrying his child." The Count released his grip on Elizabeth and said,

"Oh I assure you, once Victor has completed his work, I will send him back to you, in one way or another." She felt as though she were imprisoned in ice. His voice, she felt it, the malice. She swallowed hard, as the Count and Victor, carefully entered the coach. As it drove away Victor stuck his head out the window. Ignoring all her teachings for proper young ladies, she spread her arms out wide and cried

"Goodbye Victor, goodbye"

And much to her surprise and he cried out in return, with regret clear in his voice

"Goodbye Elizabeth, goodbye"

That was the last time she would ever see him again.

Felecity Frankenstein had been born a few days before the letter came. Elizabeth collasped upon the floor as she read the contents.

"Dear Mrs. Frankenstein,

Victor has died.


Boris Valerious."

She fell to the floor in a dead faint.

End Chapter One.

Author's Note : Yeah so that's the first chapter, and, believe it or not, that actually is what I found as Anna's father's name, and as I think it is only justifiable, I want to thank all my reviewers.

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