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Chapter Nine - Change of Plans

Both Van Helsings blinked in disbelief before Anna said

"A sorcerer? Really?"

"Yep." replied Oram, his voice think with a Southern twang. Anna narrowed her eyes at him and said

"Prove it."

"Oh I see, sketchy folks. Well can't says I blames ya. Alrighty, here, you wanna an example? I'll give ya an example."

With that he raised his hands over his head and said

"Mist, fire, wind, and fog

Turn this woman into a frog."

In a puff of smoke, Anna vanished, leaving a bright green frog in her place. Van Helsing's eyes widened as Oram leaned down and said

"Need anymore proof? No? Thought so."

He raised his hands over his head again and said

"What has been done,

I now undo

Return you to the form

that's true."

In another puff of smoke, Anna returned, crouching low, her eyes wide. Oram had just finished filling a small brown leather sack as he turned to them and said

"Well let's get a-going."

"Wait a second, you're not coming with us!" Van Helsing proclaimed. Oram shook his head at the two of them and said

"Oh yes I am, seeing as how you two couldn't hold your own with that there King of the Damned. Also, I happen to know the only way to get him to stay dead this time around! All of which can only be accomplished, if I come with you! So there!"

With that, he hefted his bag over his shoulder and said

"Well come on, what're you folks waiting for?"

As he exited his cavern home, Both Van Helsing and Anna exchanged depairing glances, before grudgingly trudging after him outside.

Carl was having as much trouble trying to keep up with the two Winter siblings, as they searched the surrounding forests for their companions.

"Van Hesling, Anna!" he cried until he was hoarse. The others did likewise, but their search yielded no fruit. They wanted to quit, yet something deep inside each of them would not allow them to. These were friends and family members, and it was that bond that made them refuse to give up. Though as the sun got lower and lower into the sky, it was soon becoming clear, they would have no choice but to give up very soon.

The two silently followed the sorcerer Oram until he suddenly halted in the middle of a clearing. He turned his attention back to the two for the first time since they began this walk. Anna moved forward and said

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, this is just where we are to wait." he replied softly.

"For what?" Van Helsing asked, understandibly suspicious.

"For your friends."

And without another word, he sat down on one of the larger rocks. Sighing in defeat, Van Helsing and Anna did the same.

The three were about to give up, but Carl, of all people, insisted they search just a bit longer. After they cut their way through the branches they came into a clearing to find Van Helsing and Anna, sitting with a brown clad old man. The old man sttod up and said

"How do? Name's Oram, I'm a sorcerer."

The trio merely stared in bafflement at the old man in front of them before Van Helsing said

"No nee to worry, I sense no evil about him. I say we get inside before night totally falls."

This shook them out of their reverie and they all trudged back to the large mansion of the late Clarence Winter. It would be here, that things would be put into motion.

End Chapter Nine.

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