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Chapter 1

Kagome was once again running away from something that she had seen a million times before. Kikyo and Inuyasha together, and doing much more than kissing. 'Why, Inuyasha, why?' Kagome thought to herself. 'Why, Inuyasha? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you betraying me after you said that I was yours and yours only?' She knew what was going on behind her back, but it still got to her every stinkin' time. 'Hold up, Kagome, why don't you make him regret what he has done by going to Sesshomaru, you know Inuyasha hates that, tell Sesshomaru that you can get him the tetsusaiga for him if he lets you stay with him?'

He could smell a trespasser in his lands. A/N that shows how good his nose is This trespasser would pay for coming to his lands. Though it smelled like a ningen a female ningen at that. She smelled of sakura and jasmine. She smelled so familiar that it confused him and rarely did he get confused. " Rin, stay with Jaken, Jaken, if anything happens to Rin then the punishment will cost you your life." Sesshomaru said while turning around and jumping into the trees.

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