Chapter 3

Kagome finally stopped running 'I'm lost . . . no I can't be!' She looked to her right then her left. She sensed that a demon was nearby and it was a very unusual demon at that. It was coming closer at a very fast speed and it was scaring her shitless. The demon finally decided to make its self-known. "Hello miko," it said slyly. "What do you want?" she asked as she slowly started towards the clearings edge. "I'm only here to bite you." With that Kagome ran, but unfortunately the demon bite her arm more specifically her wrist. When it bite her the demon turned to dust, and she grabbed her wrist in pain. And that is how he found her.

Sesshomaru found the tantalizing scent that bothered him so. It reminded him of Inuyasha's wench. What was her name again? Kikyo-no, that was the undead miko that pinned his half-brother to the goshinboku for fifty years. That thought made him laugh. Kagome- her name was Kagome. He came to a clearing where her scent was most powerful. There was something about her scent that wasn't there before and that bothered him. The moonlight made her look like an angel. Her wrist had a bite mark on it, and he realized that it was from a demon.

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