Just to let you know, this story is not about believing in Santa Claus (sorry), but about believing in the spirit of Christmas (Yeah). And if you ask me, that's what's most important of all. Enjoy for all and for all enjoyment! gets a mouthful of shoe for stupid phrase

It was that special month in Jump City again. Christmas. Ah, yes. People putting up beautiful decorations on their houses, buying gift-wrapped presents for their loved ones, hanging a Christmas tree, getting into the spirit of things and having a good time all at once. And this is no exception for the our resident superheroes, the Teen Titans, well, maybe… one exception…

"Do we have to go through this every year?" groaned Raven as she passed the Christmas star to Beast Boy (who's wearing a Santa hat by the way) as he decorates the Christmas tree.

"Well, duh! Christmas only happens once a year! We gotta enjoy every moment of it!" B.B replied. Every year on Christmas it was the same: Robin will bake some Christmas cookies to kick start the big day (The Titans suspected that he borrowed the recipes from Starfire); Starfire will be asking stupid questions about Santa (Robin didn't mind as long as she was asking him); Cyborg will dress up like Santa (it didn't even fooled Starfire); Beast Boy will hang mistletoes at the oh so wrong places (Robin banned him from putting it in the toilet); and Raven, well, helps all the others to put up the decorations, that's about it.

As Raven handed the last decorations piece (the golden star) to Beast Boy, she quickly slumped back onto the nearest sofa and started reading her latest horror novel "The Stowaway".

Beast Boy shrugged as he saw the cover page of a man in shadows on top of a train with an axe in his hands. "Raven, you're never gonna get in the holiday mood if you keep reading horror novels! Why don't you try reading some Christmas stories? They always help get me in the mood," Beast Boy said with a smile.

Raven tilted her head in curiosity, "You read?" Beast Boy shrugged again, and answered, "As a matter of fact, yes, I do read, well, mainly joke books and Christmas stories, but that's not the point! The point is, try reading something, Christmassy! I'll even borrow you one of my books if you promise not to wreck it," he asked nicely.

Raven looked at Beast Boy straight in the eye, and said, " Like any story of your possession or anyone else's for that matter, will get me in the Christmas spirit, which by the way, is a figment of your simple-minded imagination,"

Beast Boy looked like he received a lash from a whip, but held his ground. I'm not gonna end up on Santa's naughty list like Raven just because of an insult! Sheesh, why does she have to be so stuck-up on Christmas every year!? Beast Boy doesn't really believe in Santa Claus anymore, but he still leaves soymilk and veggie cookies near the Christmas tree just in case (Starfire still writes to Father Christmas though).

"Oh well, gotta get the tofu ready, wouldn't want Cyborg to be cooking an ALL-MEAT BUFFET!" Beast Boy shouted across the room where Raven suspects Cyborg is cooking something in the kitchen that would make Beast Boy barf. She regretted thinking about it. B.B then ran into the kitchen to prepare his own meal. Cereal for dinner coming up.

The living room was silent again (well, she could still hear Cyborg and Beast Boy arguing about food again, but she got used to it) and Raven started reading again. They heard bumps and bumps on the roof of the train, it sounded like footsteps of someone, or something. Linda and the other passengers sighed in relief when they were gone. When the conductor passed by her, she asked, "Sir, what was that?" He answered, "

"The money which all the fake Santas collect will be donated to various charity associations…" "But why do the fake Santas not keep the money they so rightfully earned?" "They didn't earn the money Star, people donate it to them so that…"

Just when Raven was getting to the good part, Robin and Starfire (in cute winter attire) barged in from the door rambling something about donations. And it wasn't helping her now rising temper either, but she recited a few incantations to calm down. Raven didn't want to let the others see her so worked up over this small thing.

Raven decided on reading her horror book in her room. Least it'll be quiet and away from the Christmas freaks. She got out of the sofa and walked out of the room, but before she could even take 2 steps, Raven noticed Robin and Starfire stopped talking and started shifting rather uneasily across the room. That's when she saw what was hanging up on the ceiling. A mistletoe. Apparently the two lovebirds were in "la la land" and were oblivious to everything around them but each other, and they got closer…and closer…and… BOOM.

Robin and Starfire abruptly came back to their senses and jumped in fright to see what blew up, but noticed small green pieces of something floating down to the ground. They looked up, and saw that the mistletoe was gone. Then they saw a swoosh of blue stomping up the stairs, mumbling something that sounds like "stupid mistletoe" and "stupid Beast Boy".

Just as Raven was halfway upstairs, she heard Cyborg's voice, "Ho Ho Ho! Dinner's ready y'all!" A nearby light bulb exploded from black energy. I am hating this stupid holiday by the second. Already, thoroughly, irritated, Raven flew down the staircase (nearly knocking Robin and Starfire in the process) and into the kitchen.

In case I've forgotten to do it, I do not own Teen Titans and the Polar Express. Good constructive criticisms are very much needed. Enjoy for all and for all enjoyment! gets a mouthful of mistletoe for stupid phrase