Sorry for the long wait. I had to juggle homework, school projects, and another story (Teen Titans: A Cinderella Story:) and so here we are! Oh, and just to let you know, this story gets very psychological (Raven's thoughts, strange happenings and plot twists and manipulation). Enjoy for all and for all enjoyment! (gets a mouthful of blonde hair for stupid phrase)

Raven was standing right in front of a friend turned traitor (to Raven's eyes at least), a blonde bombshell (to BB's eyes if he were there), a person who Beast Boy's heart holds very dear to (Terra isn't the only one now, but we're still not sure if that is Terra), a person now wearing a beautiful white gown (it makes you think of springtime and while lilies), and walking into the train. A person whom Raven remembers being encased in stone, under a cavern (it was snowing when the train stopped and picked, her up).

"T…Te…Terra?" Raven muttered. The girl had her head down in shyness a moment ago, then looked up at Raven with the brightest blue eyes and the biggest smile you can imagine on her face. Raven doubled back at the sudden perkiness, and the girl said in an even perkier voice, "Terra!? No, silly! Name's Lucy Anne, but you can call me Lucy!"

Lucy walked up to Raven and shook her hand, "So you're gonna tell me your name, or am I going to have to guess?" the perky blonde perkily asked.

"Rae…ven. Raven," she nervously croaked out. Even though she looked exactly like Terra, when Lucy touched Raven's hands (Lucy wasn't wearing gloves), the gothic beauty knew, no, felt, that this was definitely, not, Terra. And there was something about Lucy's eyes: They looked like Terra's, but there was something else, not of this time, not quite right, but not quite wrong either. Whatever it is… she's not completely human.

In the middle of thinking of what caused her sudden appearance, Red X made a move on Lucy, in this case, shoving Raven off to a side and flexing his muscles a bit in front of Lucy. "Hey, Lucy. X. The one and only Red X," he coolly replied. He did not just made a move on that girl, and shoved me off because of it! , wait, why would I care for Ter… I mean Lucy! Oh, that's why, Raven thought while she sat by the ice-cold window, with everything seeming to move so fast and unpredictable.

"Hey Red! Glad to meet you here! And I love the suit, really swanky!" Lucy replied while vigorously shaking his hand, completely unfazed by the fact that a now dumbfounded Red X just tried to hit on her.

She seemed to radiate this incredible sweetness around her: The kids were wearing big smiles when she addressed them, the conductor simply melted at the sight of Lucy's smile, and even Raven couldn't help but grin at her. It's like meeting Starfire all over again. Starfire… I hope she's finally stopped crying and went to bed. And how am I going to speak to her tomorrow, or the others for that matter! Will they even speak to me? Wait a minute, wait a minute, if Lucy couldn't be fazed by X's attempt at hitting her, then maybe Starfire would find the heart to accept my apologies! Yes!…NO! No, I'm comparing Starfire with a Terra look-alike here! She wouldn't act the same way as Lucy, would she? And why am I being so selfish!? What am I to do? What am I to do!

Raven now realized she was banging her head on the window for the last two minutes. Luckily it was shatterproof. "Raven, you okay? You were banging your head pretty hard there," Lucy asked with a comforting smile. The sight of it instantly soothed Raven. Just like Starfire's smile…

"It's all right, I'm fine, with the exception that I have a spitting headache now. I was just… thinking about something," Raven said while rubbing the side of her head. She felt the train starting to move again, and everyone was back at their seats.

The seating arrangements were changed with the inclusion of Red X and Lucy. Now Red X was occupying the entire front rows of the cart, with Raven and Lucy (who was worried about Raven's head-banging) in the middle, and the children crammed at the back seats like sardines. Awkward as it may be, it was for the safety for all of them, the conductor said before leaving the cart and onto another cart in front.

As the train began to pick up the pace, Raven looked at the black-clad criminal who was looking out at the window and asked (or interrogated in my opinion), "So, how did you get your suit's powers back? I remember Robin saying that he took away the source of it's power, the belt. How did you get another one?"

Red X peeled his eyes away from the window and smartly replied, "Ya know, for someone who single-handedly ruined the Titans's Christmas, you sure got one quick mouth," Raven flinched a bit when he said that, but resisted the urge to throw him out. "Oh, and this little ol' thing? Made it myself,"

Raven's eyes widened. "You made a digital power belt that controls, stabilizes and functions a zynothium combat suit!?" she exclaimed. The kids looked on in confusion while Lucy giggled at Raven's big, bright eyes.

Red X looked taken back at Raven's unexpected reaction (from Red's point of view of course). "Hey, just because I've got the looks and charms, that don't mean I don't have the brains to make my own belt!" Red replied defensively. If only we could say the same for your grammar…

"But I ain't a Einstein ya know. And there are a few more to tweak and…" before Red X could go on blabbing about something that Raven might take advantage to, the train stopped again (for the last time, I promise), and the kids (and Lucy) began to look out at the window.

Raven saw through the thick glass window that they were in the bad part of Jump City. Old, rundown buildings, dirty graffiti walls, it doesn't look like the place where you'll pick up a child at all. Raven's eyes suddenly fell upon a sign that says: Little Soul's Orphanage for the Mentally Disturbed and Deranged. And that's when she saw a little girl, no more than eight years old, staring at the train and not moving a single muscle.

While Lucy has a warm face and a sparkling personality, this, orphan, no, girl looked pale dead. Even in the heavy snowfall, everyone in the train saw that her face was stern and icy cold, as if they were looking at a corpse. Several of the kids have already looked away from the eerie sight; Red X was feeling awkward at what he should do next; Lucy had a look of great pity for the girl; and Raven, well, the girl eerily reminded Raven of her younger-self.

The conductor was then seen walking (nervously might I add) to the girl. She didn't even looked at him, and continued to stare at the train. Only Raven, Lucy and Red X continued looking at the girl. When they saw him talking to her, staring at the train she still did. Raven could almost feel the child's stare boring itself into the train.

After a few tense, tense moments of the conductor trying to get her attention, the conductor gave a hard look at his clipboard (Raven almost saw him smiling), and he continued again on trying to get the attention of the little girl. This time, there were results. The girl's face looked at the conductor's, but it was still corpse-cold. After a little chat (the girl still looked on at the conductor), the two went off in different directions, the now paled conductor on the front side of the cart, and the little girl, the last train-cart, all the way at the back, right behind the one Raven, Lucy and Red X were in. Through the window on the door, they saw the girl walking (almost like stalking), to her seat and sitting down. And the train started to move again.

The three teens slumped back to their seats, with X sighing a big relief, "It's official, that girl out scares Wicked Scary, Exorcist, and the Ring allll the way. I mean, it's like looking at a…" And for the second time, Red X was interrupted again, this time, by Lucy.

"Hey! Don't be so harsh on her, ok! It's not as if she wants to be that way, and what would you know about her from just looking out at a window!" Lucy with her eyes flaring with sudden anger shouted at Red X in a big-motherly sorta way. Red X seemed to shrink in his seat and sealed his mouth shut. Raven smiled. She may not be completely human, but she has heart. In the interesting dimension that is Raven's mind, Timid, Happy, and Jealousy were having a little conversation.

"Oh, wasn't that sweet of her to defend that little girl! If Knowledge would let me, I'll give her a BIG hug!" Happy squealed with, happiness. Jealousy crossed her arms.

"Hmph! Why can't I be that nice! Just because she has a bright personality, cute looks, and a good heart, that doesn't mean I don't know how to be nice! Or showing it off for that matter!" Jealousy said. And she gave Timid a rather hard glare. The grey-cloaked emotion held her head down even more.

"I don't mean to hide it, I really don't. But what if I get too nice, or angry, or sad? Something bad will happen, I know it will," Timid spoke softly. "And that girl, that little girl, she scares me. Those soulless eyes, that cold, rigid face, it's like looking at a younger me," Timid cringed in fear.

Happy made a sound that sounds something like "aww" and gave Timid a comforting hug. "Don't worry, Tim-mie (Timid's nickname), that little girl won't hurt you, who knows, maybe she'll be a new friend to us," Timid cringed again and Jealousy flared up. "She'd better!"

Back in reality, the conductor dropped in on the cart, took a microphone and formally announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? If everyone would get back to your seats, refreshments would be served, and it would be, HOT CHOCOLATE!" the conductor shouted.

Suddenly, the seats turned horizontally, with two facing each other like chairs. And the most wonderful sight came into the train: a dozen or so waiters popped in, jumping in sequence with balance that rivalled the Boy Wonder, threw out their aprons in between the seats, and it floated on like an invisible table. And they laid several cups on it as well.

That was all very well done and magical as it is, but it was nothing compared to this enormous, brass machine, squirting delicious hot chocolate into the mugs with incomparable accuracy. As amazed as Raven was, it was nothing compared to when the conductor broke into a song:

When it comes to hot chocolate,

We've got only one rule,

Never ever let it cool!

Never, ever let it cool! (waiters)

Never, ever let it cool!

Drink it while it's warm,

Drink it while it's hot!

Icy-cold: it's a definite NOT!

Drink it while it's warm! WARM! (waiters)

Drink it while it's hot! HOT!

Icy-cold: It's a definite NOT!

So let this be a refreshment,


And it all went of at the end of the song. It was the most, delicious, cup of hot chocolate Raven has ever tasted! It's, indescribable. If you've tried it before, please, tell me what it's like. It all may be a bit too fantastical, but it's a good kind of fantastical, Raven thought.

The seats were all back in their positions, and everyone was relaxing from the hot chocolate experience (Red X drank it from a straw). Even Raven looked like she could fall asleep at any moment. Just when her eyes were shutting, she saw Lucy with a cup of hot-chocolate in her hands, walking to the back-cart.

Where the little girl sat.

Yes, I know that wasn't the actual song, but I couldn't remember the lyrics well. Oh, and if you didn't know, this story is done in a third-person narrative. R&R please! Enjoy for all and for all enjoyment! (gets a mouthful of hot-chocolate for stupid phrase)