A/N: Hey ya'll! Well, I decided to write another fanfic and this one is about Lita and a certain person. You will figure out sometime later in the story! Well, here's the summary:

Lita was walking home from work on what she thought was an ordinary day, but what she didn't know is that someone was watching her. Someone was taking in every scent she had on her, a stocker who she would find out was one of her closest friends…Please R&R! (Lita will go by Amy or just Lita, either one at certain times)

Paper. A thin sheet of paper made from a tree. Writing was on it, and Amy Dumas, AKA Lita, did not like what she read.


You have been assigned to become Dave Batista's manager. Please note that if you must subject to this you may be in grave danger of getting a five thousand dollar fine, seeing as you have denied certain storylines in the past. Please come by my office later today so we can talk about your duties.


Vincent Mcmahon

Batista, Batista! He has to be goin crazy! He knows I hate Batista. How could he? Dammit, this is gonna suck horribly. Amy was going crazy. Never in her life would should she have thought that she would be manager to that angry man Batista. One thing she didn't know is at that moment someone was watching her, seeing how crazy she was going over that letter. He took in every scent of her, even her house. He was obsessed and knew he needed to get closer to her.

All of a sudden, Amy looked up. She thought she heard something. Maybe it was just a cat or something Amy. Nothing's wrong, you're okay. But was she?

Amy jumped when she heard the sound of her phone. God, you really are going crazy aren't you. She went over and answered it, hearing a familiar voice.

"Hey babe, what's up?"

"Oh hey Stace. Well, I just got finished reading some stupid letter."

"Oh well I guess that means you can come to the mall with me right? I know you're not much of a shopping freak, but it'll be fun."

"Well, I guess I should get out of here. It's becoming pretty stuffy in here, and I'm starting to here things. Okay, I'll come."

Her hair was so beautiful, her sense of music was so wonderful. This girl was everything he had dreamed of since the day she was born. He would break into her house as soon as she left. Please leave soon my love.

Before Amy left she remembered to keep one light on for her dogs. She loved them and wanted them to feel safe at home. So, as soon as she did that she went outside, locked her front door, and got into her car. Stacy was right, she didn't really enjoy going to the mall. But today Amy was feeling a little free to do her will and decided to go.

Fifteen minutes later Amy got out of her car and went to the food court where Stacy and her would meet. When she walked in it smelt like burnt fries, and buns to be exact. It also smelt like rotten eggs by the Chinese restaurant. Over by the Subway a man kept coughing while he tried to make a sub, which Amy thought the person would just walk away. There was a Mcdonald's and a Burger King, both competing to become the more popular restauraunt, fast food, whatever. Of course there was the healthier fast food, Wendy's. I wouldn't call it healthier, but it isn't as greasy as the food you would get from Mcdonald's or Burger King. Lastly, you had your good old KFC which was right next to the Taco Bell. You see, Amy didn't like any of the food, but this was just the perfect place to meet.

Where the hell is she, Amy thought as she kept on walking back and fourth waiting for Stacy to come through the double doors. Finally, she saw the blonde bombshell come in with what looked like a man. Oh hell, I should've known.

Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, was the man walking by her side. Both of them were giving each other little pecks as they walked through the food court.

"Where the hell have you been," Amy demanded.

"I'm so sorry Amy! I should've told you Randall here was coming." At the sound of Randall, Randy squinted and he was looking pretty mad.

"Oh, stop such a big baby. There's nothing wrong with being called Randall."

"To me there is, sweety. You know I don't like to be called by my full name."

Amy watched and listened to Stacy and Randy as they bickered. For two people who loved each other, they always fought. Well, not in a bad way. Let's just say that they love each other so much, they fight every darn second.

"Okay. Will you guys just shut up! Let's just go look around here and maybe will go grab a bite to eat at Applebee's. My uncle works there, so we'll get a discount, not that we really need it." Stacy gave a little giggle. Though they weren't the most famous people in the world and not on every magazine cover, they were well paid.

"Ok," Randy said, "Let's go."

Amy, Stacy, and Randy did do some shopping, but it wasn't one of those fun filled days that you wanted to participate in. Once the bickering started to stop, Stacy and Randy decided they were going to see the movie Closer. Amy decided to let the two love birds do what they wanted, so she left. She walked out to the packed parking lot and could've sworn she saw somebody following her every trace on the way to her car. Amy, you're just thinking crazy again. When you get home take a nice relaxing bath to sooth yourself. Was she crazy, or was there really somebody watching her.

It took another fifteen minutes to get home, and the sun was just going down which meant it would be hard to see when she got inside her house. Amy got out of her car and walked up to her patio, and once again she could've sworn she saw somebody. That person was in her house. Amy unlocked the front door very slowly, and opened it swiftly. "I know you're in here. You can't hide from me." All of a sudden, Amy yelped when she felt two cold, clammy hands wrap tightly over her mouth. She could tell that it was a man. He then pushed her to the ground, picked her up, and lightly pushed her against the wall. He grabbed onto her arms tightly so that she couldn't run away.

"There's no place for you to run now my love." His voice was so, was so soft and quiet. She couldn't tell who it was though, but she was stuck right where she was and couldn't reach the phone. She was shivering, and she was pretty sure that she had goosebumps everywhere on her arms, all the way down to her legs.

The only thing she could say was, "What do you want from me?" She was confused and could almost feel her arms getting ready to fall off.

"I want you." The words frightened her to death. She wasn't crazy after all. She was being stocked by someone she didn't even know, or did she.

"What's your name?"

"Oh, I can't say that or it would ruin the surprise." Surprise, what surprise. Without knowing what was happening she felt the man's lips come upon hers. He kissed her with feeling and still didn't release her. She pulled away and he just stopped to laugh. Not a whole hearted laugh if that's what you are thinking. An evil type of laugh. It pierced her ears. She clasped both of her hands over her ears, and noticed that he had let go of her. She screamed, and it left him just standing there watching her. She wanted to know. Who was it, and what did he want?

"Get out. Get the hell out of my house!"

He just laughed. He did leave though. But before he did, he grabbed her and put her up against the wall again. He took a thin piece of her hair and sucked the smell of it into his nostrils leaving her disgusted. He breathed on her face and softly caressed her cheek. The last words he said frightened her.

"Amy, every time you turn around, I'll be there. Just remember this," he said giving her a quick painful kiss, "I'm always watching you no matter what. Every single place you go, every thing you do, I'm watching." He let go of his grasp on her and laughed again. She just stared as he walked out her front door. She couldn't move to see who it was, by God she couldn't or wouldn't even call the police. She was going to tell someone, but that would wait until two days. She would that person on Monday Night Raw.