Kyuubi speaking


Chapter 1- Head to head

As the Rasengan and Chidori collided the force was so powerful that the river that Naruto and Sasuke were standing on began to spin in like they were the center of a vortex in the water. Both knew that this would be their first real fight against each other, and that it would most likely be their last. Although he would never admit it, Naruto was afraid of the cursed seal placed on Sasuke. He had seen what the cursed seal could allow a human to do. Kyuubi had wanted to challenge its power, thinking it a worthy challenge. And if the kyuubi though that it was a worthy challenge, then he did not know how he was going to be able to face it.

He began to feel the power of the Chidori increase. Soon he felt himself being pushed back, until he was completely overwhelmed. He could feel his Rasengan breaking apart. Its outer shell of chakra cracking, coming closer and closer to shattering, when it finally broke, the explosion sent both combatants into the opposing canyon walls. Naruto was inside of a 6' crater on the wall, while Sasuke was standing on the water on the other side, seeming, unharmed. As his vision began to darken, he realized that he was going to die. So he closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he was in a tunnel. He recognized it as the one leading the seal that held the kyuubi. Walking down the eerily silent corridor he came upon a sight he would never forget.

The kyuubi was sitting calmly, light shining upon it. Its full form visible to him for the first time, form the tip of its nose to the tip of its tails. All in full view.

"Kyuubi." Naruto stated calmly.

"Kit" The kyuubi answered back in an equally calm voice. None of the usual hatred, anger, or negative emotions it usually showed. All of them seemed to be gone.

"It looks like this is it. I can't say that it was nice while it lasted, but it was interesting." Naruto stated.

"There is something that might work. But even I don't know what will happen if we do it."

"And what is that?" Naruto questioned.

"We could fuse into one being."

"What! You think I'm going to do that! Then I really would become a demon! You really think I am going to do that! Then everyone will know what I am and hate me! Not just the adults, but everyone will!"

"Kit, most likely, even if we fuse we won't survive this battle. Those damn cursed seals, if someone like you were to have one put one you and you used it. You would have enough chakra to level the entire fire country with just the flick of your wrist. That Uchiha, at level 2 of the cursed seal, could likely rival us in power."

"So, I'm going to die either way. Then I have to make sure that Orochimaru doesn't get his hands on Sasuke. This will truly be the end of his ambitions... lets do it kyuubi. At least this way, maybe, everyone will see the power that I possess. They will tell stories of how I went up against the great Uchiha blood, and defeated it."

"That's the spirit kit! We die here with honor, our names forever burned into history! This will be so exciting! Lets do it kit!"

Running up to the gates of the seal, Naruto tore off the small paper seal that held the gates shut. Instantly the gates and paper seal began to smoke and vanish. As both concentrated and began to gather chakra both yelled out at the same time...

"ningen Akuri fyujon no jutsu!"

"Akuri ningen fyujon no jutsu!"

Both kyuubi and Naruto could feel their chakra begin to flow into one another. It started slowly, but gained speed with the passing seconds. Both chakras were flowing in an endless loop, blurring together and fusing into one. Naruto could feel their minds beginning to blend together. Every memory the kyuubi possessed was flooding his mind.

'To fast... everything is happening to fast!' Naruto screamed in his mind.

"... you can ask the other demons in hell when you get there." Stated Sasuke, finishing a sentence Naruto hadn't payed attention to.

On the outside Sasuke was getting ready to finish off Naruto. Standing over Naruto he began to speak, "I'm sorry, you are my best friend. That is why it has to be you that I kill. I have chosen this path, and you have chosen yours. Unfortunately for me to get to my goal, I have to end your path." Concentrating his chakra and forming the hand seals, he formed the Chidori. Just as he was about to plunge his attack into Narutos' chest, there was an explosion of chakra. There was so much that Sasuke was pushed back.

"What the hell! It's like during your fight with Neji! What is this chakra! How did you get so much power?" Sasuke shouted at Naruto.

"You know... this is the power your brother was after... when you last saw him, he was after me. Because I have this power, and the group he is with wants it. This power is my salvation in my time of need, like when I fought Neji or Gaara, but it is also my curse."

"If you don't want it, then give it to me! There is no way that your body can create this much chakra with out you killing yourself!"

"If only it were that simple. You see this power comes with a curse that no one should have had to possess. Have you ever noticed how most of the adults in Konoha look at me? I can see it in their eyes... they hate me. They despise me. I think that they wish that I would just die. If I had died on the mission to the wave country, I know everyone in Konoha who would have paid his or her respects at any service that would have been held for me. Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-neechan, you, Sakura, maybe some of the other rookie nine, and our third hokage, those are the only people in this world that have ever cared for me. Not even my mother or father. I don't even know what happened to my mother.

She gave birth to me on the day that the kyuubi was defeated. That's all I know. I had to figure out who my father was on my own. You want to know who he was, he was the forth hokage. He sacrificed his own flesh and blood to seal the kyuubi away where it could never hurt anyone ever again. All of the adults know this, yet they don't care. They don't see Naruto... they only see the kyuubi. Well if all they see is the kyuubi then I might as well make it a bit more obvious to everyone. None of the children in this village know, yet they still hate me. So I might as well give them a reason.

Sasuke, as punishment for the crime of treason against the village of Konoha, I give you two choices. Return peacefully, or I will make sure you or both of us end up going home in body bags. It's your choice, so choose!"

As Naruto spoke Sasuke could feel more and more chakra flowing out of him. It infuriated him to no end how "dead last" could surpass him. "You're forgetting the third option."

"And what is that?" Naruto questioned.

"I KILL YOU!" And with that Sasuke charged Naruto.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Naruto screamed, and released everything he was holding back.

In Konoha Sakura sat at the western gate to Konoha. She worried about what was happening out there. It was late afternoon. They had left in the morning. That was when she sensed an immense chakra. Then she realized where she had sensed this chakra before. 'Naruto...' she thought.

But there was so much chakra...

To much...

"Oh my god, he must have done what lee did during his fight with Gaara. He must have opened the celestial gates. But even lee didn't release this much. For him to release this much, he must have... OH NO! NARUTO!"

At the same time every adult in Konoha could sense the chakra, and knew what it meant... the seal was broken, and the power of the kyuubi had been unleashed yet again.

Shikamaru, Kiba, lee, and the sand trio stood on the canyon wall, looking down at the devastation below. The two great monoliths that had once that had once decorated the opposing canyon walls were now nothing but rubble blocking the flow of the river that had run though the canyon. The canyon walls were littered with cracks and craters. Down below, they could make out two shapes. As Gaara lowered them down into the canyon, via his sand, they saw Sasukes' battered body, with a hole in its chest. The other body was strange. Two legs protruded out of what looked to be like nine large, furry, fox tails.

"What is that? And where is Naruto?" Kiba asked.

"What ever it is, it had enough power do all of this damage. As for Naruto... I honestly don't know. for all we know, his body was vaporized by that explosion of chakra. Kiba, Lee, wrap Sasukes' body up. Gaara, would you please carry both Sasukes' body and that things body as well?" Asked Shikamaru.

"Yes, I will." He stated simply. After Sasukes' body had been completely wrapped in bandages Gaara used the sand to carry everyone, including himself, back to Konoha.

Sakura sat looking out over the road. Soon she saw a group moving down the road towards her. Running to meet them, she was surprised to not see Sasuke, however she did notice the dead body.

"Oh no... Naruto... where is Sasuke?" She asked.

"Actually Sakura-chan, that is Sasuke." Lee stated.

"But, then where is Naruto. Where could-"she suddenly stopped, realizing just what lee was saying. "Y-you m-mean... S-Sasuke is d-dead?" She questioned quietly.

"Hai." Shikamaru stated.

All across the village people herd her scream. It was a scream that cut everyone that heard it to the core, a scream of total sorrow.

-End chapter one

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