Digitally Wired


The chosen children have finally returned to the real world however they have to leave their digimons behind in order to repair the damage done by Belialvandemon. The digi-gates are now opened which enabled the children to go back and forth to the digital world and the real world.

When they returned to the real world they were renounced as heroes and every one praised their victory. However they thought that the war is over but the real nightmare was just beginning…

Bizarre occurrences begun to break, many people were reported missing, killed, or committed suicide, among the dead were a symbol, a 'compass/pyramid' like shape. Just 3 days after it started, Koshiro and Joe have also been found dead along with their gunman. Koshiro had a bullet wound in the neck while Joe had his straight to the heart. The gunman had apparently committed suicide, placing a large bullet hole on his head while on the floor scribbled in the blood of Koshiro and Joe was a sign that resembles the compass/pyramid shape.

The world mourned for their deaths and both of them have buried in one of the many heroes' cemeteries in Japan.

Four days after the funeral a girl with a unique hair style that is short as boys, at the left side was a lond bang with an x-shaped clip. Suddenly appeared at the graves of Koshiro and Joe, she lends out her left hand and says, "come with me."