Chapter 03: Revelations

Part 01

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Lain Iwakura smiled at the three chosen children before her. All was happening as she had predicted. But her smile disappeared as she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her chest, "unh," she said as she fell to her knees.

"Lain…" Davis said, "are you alright?"

"I'm all right Davis," she said while standing up, "you said that you wanted to know why I'm asking these questions right?"

"yes." The three said on unison.

"Just as I had predicted…" she said as both of her hands glowed, her right hand glowed a bright pink while the other a bright green.

Tk, Kari and Davis couldn't believe their eyes. Something is truly happening… but what?

Lain stretched both of her hands forward and then a lightning like energy are headed to both Tk and Kari.

Sensing danger, Davis turned to face his friends, "Kari, Tk, get out of the way!"

Kari and Tk tried to move, but their body seemed to have a mind of its own.

"I…Can't…move." Kari said in a broken voice.

"Me neither!" Tk said as his body trembled.

Davis stared at his helpless friends and then to the lightning like energy that was headed for them. 'if I try to move one the other one will surely die' Davis thought as he stared at Kari who looked so helpless and then to Tk, 'perhaps…' but he didn't finish what he was thinking. Instead he said "Tk…" then he moved in front of them and faced Lain.

Shocked and horrified to see her friend face the danger alone, Kari could only say one word, "Davis."

Tk tried to move, but can only make a slow step, "what are you doing! Save yourself!"

"shut up Tk!" Davis shouted and stretched his arms to the side as his eyes gave a sad look. 'it would be better for Kari to be with Tk than me.' Memories of her began to play in his mind, all the days that he had spent on being with her. "Tk…" he said in a sad, lonely voice, like the voice of someone who's leaving, "please take care of Kari for me."

"w-what!" Tk can't believe what he just heard.

"y-you can't" Kari added.

Davis looked at Lain and in an instant, he remembered the question, his wrong answer, and her reply, "You have failed." The last word kept on echoing in his mind, 'now I know why I failed,' he thought and he closed his eyes bitterly as he felt the energy pass through his body.

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