Chapter 03: Revelations

Part 02: A Fool's Courage

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:Are You Going To A Battle With Only A Knife As Your Weapon:

Strange, but Davis felt no pain; only the flow of energy. When it stopped he opened his eyes and saw Lain falling to the ground.; whit a quick reflex, he dashed to catch her. Lain opened her eyes only to gaze at Davis confused face.

"Davis" She Said

"Lain, why?" Davis asked looking hurt but unharmed, "why are you doing this? Why are you asking these questions? And how do you know who we are?"

Lain Didn't answer his questions; Instead, she stared at her hand and both of them noticed that it was disappearing, "I have no energy left."

"W-What's happening to you?"

"Davis," she said while placing a hand to his cheek, "sometimes life is a hard thing, more than once you will have to cross two different paths that will never benefit you, it will only make you suffer more bitterly than before."

"So...that means there is no real answer?"

"No...there isn't...only..." Lain's eyes turned away, slowly closing, "Silence," the last word came in almost a whisper.

"Lain? Lain! LAIN!" and she disappeared from his hands. A single teardrop ran down his cheek, somehow, he had known her before but he couldn't remember; he shook it away and turned to his friends; but are unconcious because of Lain's lightning like energy. He stood up and when he came closer, he noticed two unfamiliar necklaces at their necks.


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