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Summary: Christmas is nearing and poor Yami has no idea what to get his hikari. Yugi is all set with his gifts, but when he finds that his pharaoh isn't, he gets more than a little upset.

Warning: Yaoi fluff ahead, so if you don't like, then don't read!

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As Yami and Yuugi sat on their living room couch watching nothing in particular on TV, a commercial for holiday shopping came on.

An innocent blushing face looked up at the pharaoh, "Christmas is almost here, Yami! I'm so glad I got all of my Christmas shopping done early. I got gifts for all my friends and family... even you. I got you the most perfect gift. How about you? Have you gotten all of your gift shopping done?" Yuugi's eyes silently begged his pharaoh to tell him that he at least got him a gift.

Upon noticing this, Yami blushed and looked away, "Uhh... um... yeah, sure. I'm... all set..." He already knew that his hikari wasn't buying this at all.

Sorrow and fury enveloped the little teen's violet eyes, "Liar! You haven't gotten one gift yet, have you? Answer me!"

"Actually... I've gotten everyone a gift... except... you." The pharaoh bit his bottom lip upon saying that last word, for he knew what the result would be.

Yuugi's eyes went wide as he stood up to look down on his now cowering pharaoh, "What?! You got a gift for everyone... except ME?! Why?! Were you planning on getting me anything at all?!" His arms were crossed against his chest as he tried to act tough without crying his eyes out.

Yami hated being put on the spot, but loathed seeing his hikari upset with him even more. "Look, aibou, I... you..."

It was too late. Yuugi had burst into tears and ran upstairs to his room, slamming the door behind him.

Yami ran after him, only to find that door to his aibou's room was locked. "Please open the door, Yuugi! I'm really sorry!"

"Go away!" Yuugi's sobbing could be heard through his angered cry.

With little option, the depressed pharaoh decided that he needed some time to himself to clear his mind. He grabbed his leather jacket, opened the front door, took one last look back at the stairwell which led to his heartbroken hikari, then quietly stepped out into the cold winter night.

to be continued...


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