WARNING: This chapter is dedicated entirely to Jounouchi and Seto finally having sex. And as such, it's very explicit and graphic. If any of this irks you, please do not read this chapter. You have been warned!

Azure eyes slowly opened, but only made it halfway before Seto rubbed them fervently to erase his drowsiness. He lifted his head slightly, but stopped as pain shot through his neck. He grabbed the source of his pain and cursed to himself. "What the…? Why the hell does my neck hurt so damn much?"

Upon further inspection, it became clear that he had accidentally dozed off on his desk. He also noted the suspicious black blanket draped over his back. He pulled it in front of him and examined it as if it held some hidden meaning. His brows furrowed in puzzlement as he re-traced his steps from yesterday. When the hell did he find the time to fall asleep during all the mayhem? He extended a digit for every event he remembered.

"Let's see… first, I drove to my office at 9 AM… then, dice boy arrived at 10 AM with his good-for-nothing boyfriend, Honda… we argued for hours about our ideas for Yami's stupid project… then the dumb pharaoh showed up with the mutt a little later to-" His eyes widened while his heart stopped cold in his chest. "Oh shit! Katsuya! He and I were supposed to…" His heart beat a little faster in response to the memory of the promise he made with his lover. He stood up hastily and declared, "I've got to find him." He grabbed his coat and was about to race out of the office, but something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He saw something laying on one of his many office couches covered by a black blanket. Curiosity overtaking his actions, he walked over to it and noticed that the blanket was moving in sync with the slow breathing of whatever it was covering.

Kaiba slowly removed the top portion of the blanket to reveal a very content blond teen boy sleeping soundly. Messy bangs covered most of Jounouchi's face, making it hard to see his striking features underneath. Seto could hardly believe his pup was even there. I wonder how long he's been sleeping here? He thought to himself as he gently moved Katsuya's golden locks away from his boyfriend's handsome face. He couldn't help but smile as he softly caressed the boy's soft cheek. Still standing, he leaned over Jou's body, careful not rouse him from his slumber, and kissed him lightly on the forehead. He then leaned his own forehead on his lover's and whispered, "I love you, ya stinkin' mutt." He quietly laughed through his nose as he once again remembered how he fell in love with the very person he used to despise. He lifted his head, looked at the teen's peaceful countenance, and then cupped his precious face in his hands. He caressed both cheeks with his thumbs as he spoke softly.

"How did you do it, mutt? How did a goofball like you manage to melt a heart that's been cold and distant for so long? I still don't understand and probably never will. But I guess none of that really matters. You stole my heart and I never want it back. No one has ever gotten that close, and I'm glad you were the first. You've taught me how to smile and laugh again. Thank you. Damn… it scares me how much I love you. It's overwhelming, Katsuya…" He leaned in and kissed his lover's soft lips tenderly. Not a moment later did he get the shock of the morning when his kiss was being… reciprocated?

Embarrassed by the situation, Seto's eyes went wide as he tried to break free from the kiss, but Jou wouldn't allow it. The once sleeping teen grabbed his boyfriend's head tightly and pulled him into an even deeper kiss. He playfully licked Kaiba's warm lips as a way of asking for entry. Loving this wonderful wake up call, Seto eased up and allowed Katsuya to dominate his mouth with his skillful tongue.

Feeling his legs begin to stiffen from standing in one spot for too long, Seto gently positioned himself on top of Jounouchi. The blond moaned slightly when he felt the brunette's hard-on rub against his own through the thin layers of fabric in between. His legs gripped and rubbed Seto's hips, silently welcoming him to proceed further. He hungered for his master to dominate him, but he was still too shy to verbally ask for such things, so he settled for physically conveying his desires. He licked the young CEO whenever the opportunity presented itself, which usually occurred between kisses. He whined and moaned as he became more and more anxious.

Quick to realize how desperate his lover had become, he lifted his head to stare amusingly at Jou's glistening features. He smiled enticingly as he watched his pup pant. His glossy eyes were filled with such a heated lust and Kaiba couldn't help but feel even more turned on.

"My oh my… look at you, Katsuya. You're really in the mood, aren't you?" He cooed seductively.

Jou nodded without hesitation and spoke with bated breath, "Yes… I really want you right now… badly. I'm so hot for you, Seto. What you said earlier when you thought I was asleep really touched my heart. I want to become one with you, Seto Kaiba." With his right hand, he gently cupped his lover's cheek, while the other reached down and grabbed the CEO's penis. He stared deeply into Seto's eyes as he licked his lips seductively. He did not want to beat around the bush with his first time. No foreplay… no lovemaking… He wanted it raw, hard, and wild.

Seto was taken aback by all of this. He had never seen Jou this eager for anything before, much less sex. He had never witnessed such raw passion in his life and he was more than a little aroused by it. To put his feelings bluntly, he had never felt this excited about anything… ever. He licked his lips, and then dove into Jou's mouth with even more passion than before. Both boys quickly stripped their shirts off, which Seto took full advantage of by sending his tongue on a quest all over his lover's upper body.

"Katsuya… Katsuya…" Seto kept repeating lustfully as his tongue ventured on; his hands kept busy by undoing and removing Jou's pants.

"Aaahhh… Seto… nnnghn… more… more… that feels… so good… mmmnngh…" Jou moaned while his hands tussled his lover's soft brown hair, urging him on. His body writhed and his dick quivered in anticipation. He could barely handle all of the emotions coursing through his entire being. Blood flew through his veins as fast as his heart could pump it. Though his head would occasionally fly back in ecstasy, he enjoyed watching Seto go down on him more than he had imagined. It turned him on like nothing else could.

Along with his boxers, Seto ripped off Jounouchi's pants in one swift motion. He loomed over his beautiful boyfriend, starring in awe at his perfect physique. He looks so adorable like that. Kaiba tenderly thought to himself as a smile appeared on his flushed face. "You are so beautiful, Katsuya."

Honey brown eyes shook as Jou's cherry red face looked away from the loving gaze of his significant other. "T-That's… not true. I-" He tried to disagree further, but stopped as soon as he noticed Seto's face was mere inches from his own.

"You are beautiful, my adorable puppy." He caressed his cheek softly as he stared longingly into his lover's trembling eyes. "You are the most beautiful th-mnhg…" He was cut short by Jou's hot lips being forcefully pushed onto his. His kisses were powerful and spoke volumes about their owner's desires.

"Just… shut up!" Jou gasped and sighed in between kisses. "Shut up and fuck me already! I want you so badly, Seto! You're driving me crazy!" A thin line of saliva fell from his mouth and perspiration ran down his face like raindrops.

Seto pulled away from their lust filled kissing to fulfill his lover's wishes. "Anything you say, Katsuya. Your wish is my command."

Since he didn't have any lube on hand, he settled for his own saliva. He licked his index and middle finger until he was satisfied they were wet enough, and then slowly inserted them into Jou's tight back entrance.

"Aaaahhhh!" Katsuya immediately arched his back when he felt Seto's moist fingers inside him. It was such a foreign feeling to him and he didn't know exactly how to respond.

Seto gently pushed him back down and held his hips as best he could with his free arm. He spoke soothingly as he walked his lover through the process. "Relax, Kastuya. Just relax. I won't harm you. I know this is your first time, so I'll be especially gentle. I'm gonna start moving my fingers now. Ready?"

Jou gritted his teeth and squinted his eyes in preparation. "Y-Yes…"

Seto raised his eyebrows sympathetically and decided on a different approach. "Hey, let's make this a little easier on both of us. Get on all fours."

Katsuya's face flushed an even brighter shade of red. "Why? How is that gonna make things easier?"

Seto smiled seductively, "Well, for one, I want to see you acting like the puppy you are. Secondly, we'll both be in relatively more comfortable positions. But, mostly…" he licked his lips hungrily and loomed over his bashful lover, "… I wanna do you doggy-style. I think it'd be wild. Don't you?" He lightly traced an invisible line from Jou's chest to his bellybutton.

The blonde's face reddened even further as the concept of fucking like animals was more than a little arousing given the circumstances. He nodded obediently, and then positioned himself onto his hands and knees with Kaiba's fingers still lodged in his ass. The sensation of Seto's fingers while he turned over made the young pup moan in pleasure. Though he was slightly embarrassed to be in this new position, it somehow felt natural.

Seto propped himself up on his knees, as well, and positioned his body over his sensuous mate. He balanced his weight on his left hand while he continued to probe Jou with the other. Katsuya clenched the blanket he had used the previous night as pain mixed with pleasure was searing through his lower body. The moans that surfaced were just as mixed, but Seto was prepared for such occurrences. He kissed his lover's back to comfort him. He spoke in soothing tones to calm the intensity.

"It's okay, love. Just relax into the motions. I know it hurts right now, but it'll get better. I promise. Just bear with it for the time being. I'm sorry for hurting you."

Jou gritted his teeth and shook his head. "N-No… I'm fine. I… unnnh… can withstand this pain. I-It… aaahhnn… feels more arousing than… painful. Just… aaahh… ungh… keep going…"

Seto saw pre-cum leak from the blond's manhood, so he took that as a sign to take things a step further. He slowly removed his fingers from Jou's opening, which caused the puppy to whine questionably.

"You're really wet, Katsuya, and I'm already hard, so I'm gonna go all the way now."

Jou's eyes widened a bit, for even though he knew this moment was coming, he still felt unprepared for it. His heart thumped faster when he felt Seto grab his hips with both hands.

"Are you ready, Katsuya?" Kaiba panted as he positioned his penis mere inches from is lover's back entry.

Clenching his teeth and squinting his eyes shut, Jounouchi nodded in affirmation. "Y-Yes, Seto. I'm ready." He gripped the blanket even tighter in preparation.

"I'll go slow, okay? Let me know if the pain becomes unbearable. I'll stop right away. I promise." Seto assured his nervous partner.

Jou couldn't help but smile. "I know, Seto. I trust you completely. I love you."

Seto smiled back. "I love you, too, Katsuya. Here we go."

Slowly, but surely, Seto penetrated his lover's body. Within a few seconds, he was in completely. Katsuya let out a quick yelp before moving his hands onto the arm of the couch in front of him for added support. His nails scratched the leather as he tried to bear the intense pain and pressure Seto's throbbing penis was causing inside his fragile body.

Seto let out a low, husky moan when he felt the incredible heat welcoming him inside Jou. It felt amazing and he found himself falling into his own personal paradise. "Are you alright, Katsuya? Is it too much for you?" The young duel master awaited affirmation before going any further.

A few tears fell from Katsuya's eyes. The pain was so unfamiliar and intense, but if he ever wanted to have sex with Kaiba again, he'd have to get used to it. Plus, his desire to become one with Seto in mind, body, and soul was powerful enough to overcome this temporary pain. He had faith that things would get better, as Seto had said. He managed a small smile when he turned his head to look at his empathetic boyfriend.

"No. I'm alright, Seto. You said it would get better, right? I trust you with my life. Just the simple fact that you're willing to have sex with me and treat me so kindly in the process… well, it's enough to give me the strength I need to endure this pain. I know it will pass, so I'm not worried. Let's do this, Seto." He winked.

Kaiba smiled back. "You're amazing, Katsuya. Now… I'm gonna start pumping. It's going to be slow at first so you can get used to it. Here we go…"

Seto moved in and out of Jou in a slow, controlled manner. Because the blond was tense, the ring of muscles that now clenched Seto's manhood was tight, making it a tad more painful. Seto liked the way his dick was being squeezed. He smiled and moaned with very thrust. Jou bit his bottom lip while he mentally coached himself through the pain. It slowly began to feel good, but at the time, it wasn't too noticeable.

A few minutes had passed and Seto still hadn't found Jou's G-spot. He decided to try a different approach. He moved slightly to the left and began pumping.

"Aaaahhh! Seto… uuunngh…" This new position was less painful and Jou felt the difference right away. He rapidly became more aroused with each thrust.

He still had no luck finding that special spot, though. Seto was a tad disappointed, but happy that he was able to arouse his pup more. He mentally filed this new position away for future reference. Now his mission was to move to the right and hope for more success. He moved stealthily so Jou wouldn't take notice. He stroked his lover's red hard cock to keep his senses occupied. The blond shivered and groaned, ready to burst at any given moment.

Once Kaiba was in position, he readied himself, and then gave one quick thrust.

"AAAHHH! Oh… God! S-Seto!" His head followed as his back arched to its fullest extent. He yelled as he felt a sensation so amazing, it was indescribable.

Seto had found it… that oh-so-special spot that would drive his lover wild. An accomplished grin spread across the CEO's face. He moaned in absolute bliss while in this new position. Katsuya's screams and yelps were like music to his ears. He began pumping faster to see if he could make Jou mutter more enticing sounds.

Jounouchi panted loudly as he clutched the leather of the couch's arm tighter within his hands. "Oh Seto! Oh… shit… harder… fuck me harder… faster… aaaahhhh…"

Heat ran through Kaiba's body like a wildfire when he heard Katsuya begging for more. He licked his lips hungrily and complied with the demands. His thrusts grew harder and faster, which made him moan louder.

Both were reaching their limits now, especially Jou who was sweating bullets down his heated body.

"Aaanghhnn… Seto… I… I'm gonna… burst! I can't… stand it… any… longer… oh god!"

Seto quickly flipped Jou over onto his back before continuing. "I want to… see your… aaahh… beautiful face as you cum… Katsuya. Katsuya…" he bent down and kissed his lover for as long as his rapid breathing would allow, "… I… love you, my Katsuya."

Jou wrapped his wet arms around his boyfriend's neck and kissed him back. "I love you, too… Seto. I… aaahhnn… love you… so much…"

In their final moments of bliss, they held each other close as a symbol of their union. Their heads flew back as they both came together. Exhausted, they both fell limp on the couch, panting heavily. Seto remained on top of Jou as he nuzzled the blond's neck affectionately.

"Thank you, Katsuya." Kaiba whispered softly into his lover's ear.

Blond brows knitted together slightly, "For what?"

The love stricken CEO held his boyfriend a little tighter as he buried his face even deeper into his shoulder. "Thank you for loving me. Besides Mokuba, no one has ever bothered to even try to love me as much as you do. So, thank you… for everything."

Jounouchi's face blushed a deep crimson as his heart melted. He smiled and felt like crying from such overwhelming happiness. He buried his face in Seto's soft brown hair and breathed in his wonderful familiar scent. "You're welcome, my love. I'm happy to be the first to make you happier than you ever have been. I love you so much, Seto." He held him close while caressing the genius inventor's smooth skin.

Seto sighed in contentment. "I love you, too, Katsuya. I'm never gonna let you go."

Jou chuckled a little, "I would never let you leave me. I'd stalk your ass for the rest of eternity if you ever decided to walk away from our relationship."

Seto huffed, "You sure are a pain in the ass, aren't ya? You're such a mutt."

Jou couldn't help but smirk in response. "Yeah, I guess I am. But you're stuck with this mutt, so learn to live with it, you jerk."

After a few minutes had passed, Katsuya realized what the agenda of the day was going to be. "Shouldn't we call Otogi and Honda now? It's already…" he lifted his right wrist to look at his digital watch, "… 9:37 AM. We'd better wake their asses up before 10."

Seto sighed, not wanting to be reminded of today's upcoming events. "Yeah, I guess we should call up the idiots. We've got a lot to do in less than one day; so getting started now would be in our best interest. Although…" he deepened their embrace, "… I wish I could spend the whole day alone with you."

Jou kissed his boyfriend's forehead. "Me, too. But we can do that any other day. Let's get up now or we'll never move."

With that said, the two got up, got dressed, and called their friends over for another long day of work.