The Friendship

Friendships are made at the strangest time and with the strangest people and things. Harry/Tonks. Harry finds out some things about himself, and Tonks learns more about Harry. Post OoTP

Harry waved one last time to everyone at the train station before heading off with the Dursleys. Sadness overwhelmed his senses at the thought of seeing Sirius at the train station just last September. He shook the tears that were threatening to fall out of his eyes. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and tried to focus on something else.

His attention fell upon the Dursleys. One look at them brought more tears to his eyes. But this time, the tears were tears of mirth. Each one of the Dursleys seemed to be scared out of their wits. Uncle Vernon was amazingly red, almost surpassing the Weasleys' hair, which was enough to make Harry laugh deep in his throat. That laugh quickly turned into a cough as soon as Uncle Vernon shot him a glare.

Uncle Vernon's body mass expanded, almost three-times pass its normal bulge, shocking some of the civilians on the train station. Truthfully, he looked as a frightened blowfish would. Aunt Petunia looked just as frightened as Vernon but was trying her best to hide it behind her horse-like, benign face, that itself was enough to scare someone out of their mind. Dudley just looked lost, like a baby whale separated from his mother. Harry shot him a pitiful glance.

Harry knew that Dudley had been kick out of school: Dudley had decided he wanted a girlfriend and went looking for her, in the girls' bathroom. "It's where they all go!"

Though, that was not what had put him on the receiving end of an expulsion, it was good enough to make every girl in the school even more sick of him. If that was possible. What was worst, they had compared him to Harry. That was traumitizing for Dudley. He did the worst possible thing he has ever done; he hit a few of the girls.

Harry's 'wizard spy' in the school, Mark Evans, who was coming to Hogwarts this year, told Harry so via email. Mark was going to be fourteen in a month or two. Since, Mark's parents took trips to different countries each year; it was not surprising that a Hogwarts letter was never sent to him. Harry did not think twice about him, but because his last name was Evans, and the fact that he had green eyes, gave away that in some way they were related to one another. They found from Mark's mom that they were distant cousins by both of their maternal sides, much to Mrs. Evans and her family's pleasure.

They reached car with Vernon throwing murderous looks towards Harry. Harry could care less about those look, one could call him immune to glares. He paused though, the second time he and Uncle Vernon linked eyes. There was something funny about those looks that did not bode well with Harry: something happy, that sent shivers down Harry's spine. His face was purple with indignity and fury when they excited the train station. Harry was shoved, roughly, into the car. But, nevertheless, he kept his mouth closed as Vernon stuffed his things in the trunk viciously. Harry thanked goodness that Aunt Petunia had the brains to remove to owl cage and hand it over to Harry, albeit in disgust.

Dudley scooted all the way to the window, acting as if he were to touch Harry he would receive a sickness. Harry, once again, could not care any less how they acted or felt about him. He was happy if people, mainly the Dursleys, stayed away from him, but he would be happy if the Dursleys left him alone for a very different reason than everyone else.

Anyone who came around him was attacked. Anyone he cared about was attacked. Hermione and Ron had been targeted because they were his best friends. He was sure that their families were next. His parents were attacked for being his, well, parents and protecting him. Sirius

He tried stop thinking for a moment. His brain froze when the subject of Sirius Black came up.

Sirius was attacked for being his godfather and guardian. Harry started arguing with himself over his guilt again.

It is unconditionally my fault! It is Lestrange's fault.

One half believed he was guilty and that it was his entire fault. Harry agreed with this side. If it weren't for him, his parents and Sirius would still been alive. Ron, Hermione and many others wouldn't have had to worry themselves sick over him.

It was his fault. He was responsible for all of the death and destruction.

Oh this is just silly. A voice in his head said.

It is my fault. Harry argued back, thinking about how he lead the DA members into the Ministry of Magic.

That was not your fault. It was a plot by Voldemort! Let's face it, he's too smart for you.

Exactly! All those people who were killed around me, were killed by Voldemort to get to me. The opposite party gave a frustrated sigh.

Before he could answer himself, the car screeched to a halt. Harry was too busy calming the frantic Hedwig down to hear what his Aunt and Uncle were talking about in frantic whispers. Probably trying to find a nice way to dispose of me! When he finally realized that there was honking coming from the cars behind him, he looked up and began to worry about their conversation. However, as soon as Uncle Vernon started moving the car, he was back in his little world.

Harry sat in the car like an empty shell. The rest of the car ride to the Dursleys was quiet. Harry sat still as stone, doing nothing but staring out of the car window. All of the time, Dudley shooting glances at Harry as though he was going to sprout bunny ears at any time. Harry still paid no attention. He continued to stare out of the window. He had a feeling, a feeling he was being watched. His eyes caught something that made him finger his wand.

A figure was watching him closely from the side walk. The fact that they were cloaked in black robes went oddly unnoticed by the people around him. A Notice-Me-Not charm probably. The person stood in front of an old coffee shop. That was also odd because he was sure that used to be an ice cream parlor. Focus Harry! The person was watching them as they went through the stoplight. Harry quickly got out his wand. He knew one Death Eater was enough to kill, probably, every muggle out here, but they usual hunted in packs. Dudley squealed, like the pig he was, once he saw the wand that was now in Harry's hand.

"BOY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DOING. PUT THAT AWAY NOW." His Aunt screeched. Harry jumped, but ignored her and kept staring out the window.

"Keep driving, I think were picking up some bad company." Harry said dryly. Dudley paled, obviously remembering the Dementors from last year. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon shared one look before shutting up completely.

The ride home, Harry knew was understandably unbearable to the Dursleys. They had been threatened two times in less than one hour by wizards, once at the train station, another on the road.

As soon as the car entered the driveway, Harry grabbed Hedwig's cage and jumped out of the car. Uncle Vernon popped the trunk and Harry dragged his trunk into the house with one hand. It was very uncomfortable. He felt a slight tingle, but it went away as quick as it came. When he reached the stairs, he realized that Uncle Vernom had not unlocked the door. There was a gasp from Dudley as he waddled away to go and tell his parents. Harry only half noticed him.

Oh no, I did magic out of school!

It was accidental magic don't worry about it.

I did accidental magic before and got in trouble! Hell, a house elf came here and did magic, that got me in trouble too!

Harry started up the stairs. He felt the Dursleys' eyes on him. He felt the fear and tension in the air. They were scared of him. Oh, this is going to be a splendid summer, he thought sarcastically.

His eyes landed on the still opened door, that the Dursleys were trying desperately not to touch and yet to close. Then again, maybe not so good if I'm going to be expelled from school for doing accidental magic.

He dragged his things up the stairs. The multi-locked and bolted door, my door, flew open just like the front door had.

He felt another tingle, this one stronger than first. He was all of a sudden very tired. He caught himself from falling backward by leaning against the doorway.

There is too much magic being used. The Ministry is going to have a field day!

His room carried the same dreary characteristic as it had before he left. He sighed and kicked at the tank that used to house a turtle before Dudley found out that it was moving too slow and tied it to a firecracker. Poor turtle. Honestly, Harry had believed the turtle and Dudley moved at the same pace. He sat his trunk at the foot of the bed. He put Hedwig on the desk. He sat in his chair and looked at his trunk. After further inspection on his trunk, he gasped. He edged forward looking at the markings on the trunk.

He was about to closer look at it, but Uncle Vernon's voice resonated through the half-opened door and stopped him.

He tiredly approached the sitting room. The Dursleys were sitting there as though Christmas had come early, or Harry was not ever going be visiting them again. Whatever they want to see me for must be horrible. He sat in the bareback chair, the only chair he was allowed to sit in. Dudley looked happy about something, happier than usual. That made the situation worser.

"Boy, 'that name is getting on my nerves', your Aunt and I will not stand for any of your laziness." Aunt Petunia's left eye twitched. "So we talked to some of the neighbors who needed help around the house and yards, and you will be helping them. No complaining whatsoever, now, you began tomorrow." He raised his bulging finger. "And if I get word that you're not doing your job then you will be locked in that cupboard for the rest of the summer."

Harry nodded and agreed shocking both the Dursleys and himself. He ran back up to his room and sat on his bed. After staring at nothing for who knows how long, he went back to looking at the trunk. He studied it for hours till he heard his stomach growl.

"I'm never going to understand these markings. Where's Hermione when you need her?" Harry whispered to himself. His stomach growled again. I wish I had something to eat.

Harry felt a tingle and was tired again. There was a 'pop' and he jumped when a piece of steak appeared on the table. He stared at it for a few seconds before he realized it had landed on a few papers.

Crap! He quickly grabbed the meat and, after inspecting it, he threw it in the bin. He looked at the mess on the table in agony. There was a tingle in the back of his mind and the grease from the steak disappeared from the table. He ran to the trash bin and saw that the steak was still there.

He gave himself a small shake and tried to focus. Fourteen tries and four messes later, he managed to conjure a steak with a plate underneath it.

Oh, I can get a plate of food, but I can't get a fork. A fork suddenly appeared in the steak.

I really can get used to this! He gave the steak a tentative bit. It was really good.

Harry ate his food in wonderment. He kept glancing towards the window expecting to see a Ministry owl. Maybe the Ministry could not detect Wandless Magic; he did ignite his wand without touching it last year. The Ministry had said nothing about him using the Lighting Charm at his trial, if you could have called it a trial. Maybe, just maybe, since he was not touching his wand so the Ministry could not detect it.

Wandless Magic.

But what about the Aunt Marge accident, that was accidental magic, wasn't it. The door opening was probably accidental magic. I mean, I didn't use my wand. The food could have been wandless. What's the difference between wandless and accidental? Maybe I should look more in to this, before rushing into this. He told himself.

Like I did with Sirius...

Harry spent the next to few minutes arguing with himself over it. He finally agreed with himself that it was Voldemort's fault. It was Harry's job to destroy the bastard. How was he going to do it was the problem. He did not know half of the spells that Voldemort knew, nor did he have any experience in the Dark Arts. Face it, there was no way I am going to destroy Voldemort. He was defenseless. He had nothing that could defeat the Dark Lord.

No, there is a way, I know that there is.

Harry undressed after seeing how late it was and dived into bed. He kept on wishing the same things over and over again. I wish I knew how to defeat him. I wish I had the power, knowledge, and strength to do it. But what could he do, he was an infant compared to Voldemort. If only he was developed in mind and magic, maybe he could do something about Voldemort. He closed his eyes, wishing he were mature enough to destroy Voldemort at least to keep him under control.

Harry felt a tingle deep inside him. The tingle grew rapidly, turning into a burn. Harry tried to move but found out that none of his senses worked. He could neither see, or hear, nor move, scream, or smell. The burn grew just as Harry's attempts to fight it grew. The burning went from his head to his feet and grew stronger. The burn washed over him like liquid fire or plain fire and lava.

Then, it abruptly stopped. Harry tried to open his eyes but found that he still could not. His body was numb but it felt as though it was preparing itself for something.

Something inside him exploded. His very soul felt as though it was on fire. The fire hurt worrier than the Crucio Curse multiplied tenfold. The fire felt as if it was running through his very veins. Harry continued to try and fight it. Then something else exploded giving the expression of being electrocuted. He felt as though lightening was electrocuting him.

Harry was hit by a lightening bolt shock when he was six. He was running in the park during a storm to get away from Ripper, Marge's dog, but even that did not compare to this.

Everything went numb again. Harry felt his mind slip into a sleep like state. He could not think or feel anything. He was at ease in mind and body; He was untroubled and unperturbed. He cracked open a stinging eye open to see very bright lights surrounding him. The stinging increased and Harry closed his eyes before falling into a blissful, tranquilized sleep.

Harry stiffly woke the next morning. His eyes were still hurt, but when he opened them he realized his vision was blurry. He reached over to his bedside table only to realize the glasses where still on his face. He took them off for cleaning.

He blinked his eyes. He blinked them slowly, then faster. This could not be real! His eyesight was better without the glasses.

Harry sat his glasses on the table and looked around the room amazed. His glasses never allowed him to see this clear. He could see everything down to the dust particles on the floor. Which, by the way, there were lots of. He really needed to clean up his room.

"I wonder how this happened." He whispered to himself, his voice came out cracking.

After stretching, well somewhat stretching, his body ached to take a shower. He could clean up his room after the shower. His muscles were tense but his bones were strong. Stronger than they ever had been. His ears, for some reason, were very sensitive: picking up even the occasional creaking of Dudley's bed. But other than that, the house was very quiet. Harry looked at his clock to see it was 2:30 a.m. No wonder it was quiet, everyone is still asleep.

He slowly made his way to the bathroom. He walked stiffly at first but his muscles started to adjust to his walking. One odd thing he noticed was that Dudley's clothes almost fit on him. He locked the door behind him. He gazed into the mirror and nearly fainted. After putting a hand over his mouth to keep from screaming, he looked wide-eyed at himself in the mirror.

The 'Harry' he saw in the mirror was at least 6. . His body looked like he was given the best nutrients in the world since the day he was born. His skin was tan, it will be more tanned after working outside. He took his shirt off. The tan was every where and his body was well-toned. I never exercised a day in my life, unless you call running from Dudley and dodging deadly spells exercising! He knew that he was going to have to work hard to keep that body up. I really should exercise more. His gaze wandered upward.

His face had definitely changed. It had lost its boyish looks. He touched it tentatively. His face muscles were tight, given him an older look. His nose pretty much looked the same but his hair… Harry gasped at the sight. His once messy-haired look was replaced with straight, ruler length hair. And he had a lot of it! Well, at least, I could comb it now. Maybe I should get streaks... After a few more minutes of looking over his body he turned on the shower and stepped out of his clothes.

Oh, this is definitely not my body. Harry said gazing over the rest of his body. His legs had more meat on them and just like his arms, were toned. Plus add a few inches to other things on his body. After shaking his head of all the thoughts that were threatening to overcome his mind, he stepped into the shower. I wonder if I aged myself. He looked around inside the shower and slapped his hand to his forehead.

He forgot the soap, towel, and a pair of clothes. Well, isn't that a surprise, I was to busy looking at myself. He hesitantly waved his hand over the rack and felt the tingle again. Everything he needed was on the rack. From clothes to toothbrush and paste. He could tell he was going to have a good summer. But he felt unbelievably drained. He would have to give the magic a rest for a little while.

After his shower and 'thorough examination of his body', he made his way to his bedroom. He liked his new clothes they fitted him perfectly and were loose but not to loose. His room looked its gloomy self and was extremely dirty. The moon, that was now peaking over the roof tops, was casting shadows over Dudley's old toys given the old room a haunted look. A makeover is what this room needs. He gazed into a wall mirror and wiped a finger across it. His finger was entirely brown and gray; he could tell that even with the darkness in that area of the room.

So Harry decided to give the room a make over and a good cleaning. He closed his eyes and felt a warm sensation flowing through his body and out of his hands. He opened his eyes to see that he was glowing. And if that was not shocking enough, he was glowing red. His hands were glowing brighter than the rest of his body.

He banished all of Dudley's old things, including the bed, and stripped the walls till they were bare. He did a quick cleansing of the room. The room was now empty except his trunk and Hedwig's empty cage. He raised his glowing hands and let the warm sensation flow through him. He made the room bigger. He wanted the room painted in gold with red strips. Gryffindor to the core. Ceiling high book-selves filled with books on Defense Against the Dark Arts and other types of magic. Whatever he felt he needed.

He closed his eyes. He wanted a fireplace, decorated in red and golden bricks. A mahogany table decorated in gold and red linen. A velvet soft, plush couch sat in front of the fireplace, decorated in the same texture as the walls. Three chairs around the table in the same texture as the table. A closet filled to the brim with clothes and shoes that fit him perfectly, at least, loosely. A plush four-poster bed with drapes colored with red and gold. Very soft plush pillows and velvet sheets. A soft but firm mattress and comforter.

He wanted the hard floor to be carpeted in the same texture as the walls. When Harry opened his eyes a warm and friendly room greeted him. He looked around to find something missing. A bathroom, he needed a bathroom. He closed his eyes and told himself he needed a bathroom that could be called a replica of the prefects' bathroom at Hogwarts. He opened his eyes to see a mahogany door beside the library. Suddenly, he felt lightheaded and took a seat. He used too much power, he could tell. Yet, he still wanted to use it. His magic was as tired as he was. He nodded his head and fell asleep.

There was a knock at his door that woke him up. After the door opened there was a loud gasp. He turned to see his Aunt standing there looking around his room. She was closely followed by a ruffled Dudley and tired looking Uncle Vernon. They all stared either at him or the room.

"I see you like my room. It's good to know what a little magic would do." They all stared at him as though he died and were reborn right before their eyes. "Yes I can do magic outside of school now. If you would excuse me I will eat my breakfast." He said waving his hand at the table conjuring a heavy breakfast. The Dursleys looked wide-eyed at each other before leaving the room. Harry locked the door and went on eating. That look of jealousy on Dudley's face was priceless and long over due!

Harry came home at seven o'clock in the evening. He spent the day working in the neighborhood for the people that Aunt Petunia had enlisted to torture him. It was shockingly Dudley-free. That made the day even bearable.

He walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He was sore all over. As he neared the top, he laughed at what he saw.

Dudley and he friends were trying to break down his door with no prevail.

"I swear he has things in there that would make us filthy rich." Dudley said trying to use a crowbar on the door.

"Filthy is right. But you guys need to back away from my door there is no way you're going to get in my room. Heck, you could not even leave a dint!" Harry said calmly walking towards his door. They stepped back from it.

"I'm too tired to get into an argument with idiots, so, move out of my way." Harry said in a voice that sent shivers of coldness through their bodies. They all moved farther away from the door and Harry.

Harry walked up to the door and turned the knob.

"How come it did not work when we tried it?" The smallest one asked.

"Because it only opens up to my touch." He immediately realized his slipup. "Uh... it's a new thing called... Touch-Tone Security." At their surprised and believing faces, He murmured, "Idiots." He stepped into his bedroom. He slammed his door in their peeping faces.

It took a long bath to ease his aching muscles from exercising and working on peoples houses and yards around the neighborhood. He finished the day by reading a book. He opened up a large book called 1001 Defensive Spells by Marian Spellmen and started reading. After two hours of reading, he wished to be able to read quicker. Harry started reading again and the information rushed through his mind, fast. He dropped the book. He picked the book up again and started reading it.

He was reading pages upon pages of the book per second and still processing the information. He finished the book in a little under two minutes. He was able to pull up information faster than usual and process it. He could pull up a spell, incantation, and curse by just thinking of its' properties. His head was a little dizzy and was beginning to hurt, so he put the book away and went to sleep.

The next day he woke up, refreshed, and went over to his library. He looked around for a book on Wandless Magic. He found one and, after reading the first six lines, he nearly fainted.

"Wandless Magic has its perks," Harry read aloud to himself, "but practiced alone, the results could be disastrous. Wandless trainees usually train with elders who have experience in the art of Wandless Magic. The last person to control Wandless Magic was Albus Dumbledore. He trained with him an apprentice in wandless magic, but after the apprentice underwent evil transformation, thereby lossing his apprenticeship. The apprentice went further in the field of evil and the art of Wandless was supposedly lost to him."

Voldemort most-likely

Harry thought to himself, shocked. No wonder he fears Dumbledore, he's already seen what power the man holds. He continued to read aloud.

"Wandless Magic can be controlled by the average wizard but only to small amounts. Such as experimental magic and accidental magic: Experimental magic being the wanting of something to happen that the person's magic allows to happen. This usually occurs in wizards with exceptional magic control.

Accidental magic is a little more uncontrollable and unpredictable, even squibs and muggles experience it at points. It occurs when the person experiences strong emotion with a strong will for something physical to occur, but subconsciously some magic is usually being suppressed. Though accidental magic is unpredictable, experimental magic is the more dangerous of the two.

Experimental magic can overcome a wizard's magic and force it out of him or her leaving that wizard or witch as either a muggle or dead," Harry gasped as he read it, "it could also put them in a death-like sleep. Many wizards throughout the century have experienced experimental magic and very few of them have survived. One can't stop oneself once they have started using it. The magic finds easy ways of coming out. In the course of small, simple tasks it seeps out. This leads to mental and magical exhaustion until it causes weariness and sleepiness, then it carries on…" Harry stopped reading as dropped the book in his lap.

That explains the falling asleep after every time I use magic. He picked up the book and skimmed through it till found a new passage.

"Two of the known ways to keep the magic in check are: one to learn how to control it through trial and error or learn Wandless Magic authorized." Harry quickly put down the book and searched his shelves for another book on Wandless Magic. When he found it, he read it until he fell asleep.

And that became Harry's daily routine for the next three weeks. Read the book on Wandless Magic before heading out every morning. He would wear a tee shirt to work and come home with it off. He usually worked without the shirt on but not every time. But his time in the sun had kept his tan up. He was building muscles along with a reputation but he had no time for the girls, he had to learn of Wandless Magic.

Harry was starting to get use to his powers. Though he did not use them that much, only to practice spells. Harry read in a book that the Ministry kept close tabs of the wizards who live in muggle inhabited areas. So he read a book on the way to block his magic signature and found that it was Dark Magic. Harry argued with himself whether he should read the book. He decided that it was the way the person used the magic that decides if it is Light or Dark Magic.

He read the book and found out that he needed to erase his wand's signature. It was a short, but tricky and risky, ritual. Most of the directions were there, but the end of the ritual was giving to a very wise race of animals to keep the Wizarding World's secret. But all records say that the race died off. Luckily, there was one variant of that species left and Harry knew who had it and where to find him.

Flash Back

While pulling the weeds at the Samsons, Harry heard hissing in a nearby bush. He listened closer.

Pathetic human. But there is something about it that is drawing me to it.

I can hear you. Harry hissed back aloud enough for it to hear.

You can understand my language. The snake said coming out of the bushes and approaching Harry.

Of course, I can speak to snakes. Harry hissed edging towards the snake.

No, I mean no human has ever been able to speak my language for over thousands of years.

Well then, how am I able to speak it? Harry asked as the snake came forward.

You are the human by whom the Elemental Snakes are bound to. He said bowing his scaly head.

How do you know that? Harry asked looking around him for any other human that the snake could mean. Or anyone controlling the snake.

One, you are the only human that can speak our natural language. Elemental Snakes are bound to you, but since I'm the last Lightening, I'm bound to you.

Come on wrap around my waist. If people see me talking to a snake they are going to call the loony bin.

What's that?

Don't worry about it just wrap around my waist.

The snake slithered up his out stretched hand found its resting-place on his stomach instead of his waist. Harry was happy he wore a shirt today. Harry had to resist the urge to start laughing because of the snakes scales tickled his skin non-stop. Working with the snake attached to his body was not as hard as he pictured it. The snake flexed his body to work with instead of against Harry's movements.

End Flash Back

He had let the snake lose in his bedroom. It even had its own spot next to his bed. He had learned ever thing he could about Seth by talking to him. They became friends easily. Harry was even taught elemental magic from Seth. Seth became his tutor in everything from Transfiguration to Potions. Seth told him that Elemental Snakes are born with the magic to teach even things they didn't know. Being that as it may, Seth was slightly disappointed in Harry's Owls when he received them.

OWL RESULTS for Harry James Potter


Acceptable (Score was moved up a point for unstoppable distractions)

Defense Against the Dark Arts:





Exceeds Expectantly

Care of Magical Creatures:



Exceeds Expectantly



History of Magic:




Congratulations 9 owls.

Outstanding-2 Owls

Outstanding-1 Owl

Exceeds Expectantly-1 Owl

Acceptable-1 Owl

Poor-1/2 Owl

Dreadful-O Owl

Seth insisted that Harry would have received many more O. if he had come earlier.

He received an owl from the Order. No surprise there, Harry thought. Harry had been sending a letter every three days like they asked, but his letters were short and straight to the point. Usually one sentence. Ron and Hermione received the same. Harry really just did not have anything to say to them. Harry did not need them as someone to confide in when he had Seth, nor could he tell them about all of the stuff that was happening to him.

And, he could take Seth anywhere with him and talk. As he naturally got tired of the reading, after he had 'read' every book in the library, he took Seth for walks in the park. The headaches Harry used to receive after 'reading' a book had stopped completely. Harry started wishing for more books. His Wandless Magic training had even progressed pass taming the experimental magic and moving on to conjuring many objects at once.

Harry sat on unbroken swing in the park one Saturday, reading the Potions book for this year. He knew he was going to have to wisen up this year or Snape was going to kick him out on the first day. He did not have to worry about muggles seeing the book. If one walked up to him right now and asked to see the book, they would think they were reading Romeo and Juliet.

Harry must have looked strange because on his lap laid an emerald green snake, with dark green stripes and eyes. In one hand held the book and the other was massaging the snake's back. Harry was actually reading this book so he would not bring too much suspicion and attention to himself. The park was full today.

"Hi." A voice said causing him to look up from his book. A young pretty girl who looked to be his age sat down on the swing next to him. She tipped back and quickly fell off the swing.

"Tonks, how are you?" Harry said mechanically rubbing Seth, who looked to be enjoying it.

"Just peachy." She answered swiftly, obviously mad she had been found out so quickly. She dusted herself off and sat back down on the swing but more cautiously.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, just coming to see what the muggle girls over there were whispering about." She said nodding towards a group of chatting girls no less than a block away.

"Now they are really starting to get on my nerves. I can live with them watching me while I'm working outside and maybe when I go shopping but now it is getting irritating."

"Oh don't worry about them, they are only after the body." She said eying the snake in Harry's lap suspiciously. He saw her finger her wand.

Harry was fishing through his mind to find anything to keep Tonks from asking about himself or the snake. A light bulb went off in his mind. "Tonks I got an idea! Would you do me a favor?"

"Umm sure, what is it?" She asked looking around them, most likely for back-up.

"I got a way to get those girls off but it requires you kissing an extremely hot fifteen year-old." Harry said winking.

"I don't know." She said looking at Harry strangely. Harry made a sad puppy like face and blinked his eyelashes rapidly.

"All right just stop making that face." She stood up and stood in front of Harry. "Dumbledore is going to have my head on a stake. But it might be okay since I was sent here to help you and this is considered as helping you." She said bending down slowly. Harry felt himself swallow a large lump in his throat. Why am I doing this again?

Harry's lips met hers halfway. Harry brushed his against hers briefly before sucking and nibbling on her bottom lip. Harry crushed his lips onto hers urgently. He felt her seeking tongue trying to find access into his mouth. Seth slithered off of Harry's lap hissing with laughter. Harry slowly stood up and met her height. Their lips still connected all the while.

Harry opened his mouth and felt her tongue explore. His tongue searched her mouth and found many tastes. Her hands found themselves on his shoulders and his found their way around her waist. Harry felt the blood rushing from his head downwards. Harry stopped and pulled away looking in the direction of the chatting girls who all had fish expressions.

"That was amazing. Tonks look at them." Harry said pointing at the girls, and sitting down on the swing again. He realized Tonks was not moving. I must be a very good kisser!

"Wow." Was all she said before sitting down on the swing next to Harry.

They spent the rest of the day exaggerating flirting noticeably with each other trying to see how many times they could make the other blush. Tonks won by a landslide and started calling Harry her 'little tomato'. She told Harry she was to be his personal guard as she was the only one in the Order that can change her physical appearance. She was to be watching him closely. Harry snorted at this.

She walked Harry home. Seth was wrapped around him and his book so the Tonks could not see the cover. Harry was fighting with himself over bringing Tonks into the house, his room especially. It was not a matter of trust, he just was not sure he could explain it to her.

"Tonks if I showed you something do you promise you would never tell anyone?" Tonks looked shocked by the outburst but, nevertheless, she nodded.

"Yes, but only because I want to know why you are walking with a snake around your waist. You do know that I will report to Dumbledore and I have to tell him everything."

"I know but as long as he doesn't ask a direct question, you don't have to tell him a direct answer." Harry said mischievously. Tonks gave him an admiring look.

"You're right." She said in the same mischievous tone that Harry used. Harry smiled and opened the door for her.

Harry watched as Tonks changed her facial appearance back to normal. Harry guessed she did not change her body because she might overly stretch her clothes. She took out her wand and cast a tailoring charm on her clothes before changing her height. Of course, he thought, mentally smacking his forehead. Within seconds she was her old pink and purple self.

They walked pass the Dursleys, who were all watching television in the living room, without so much as a glance. That made Harry happy, all he needed was the Dursleys to think he was sneaking a girl into their house. Even though I am. Harry led her up the stairs as fast and as quiet as he could. When he made it to his bedroom and opened the door but held onto her, because she nearly fainted.

Her reaction to it was more than he expected.

"When did you get all of this?" She finally got out through gasps. Her eyes running over the length of the room in awe. "Better yet how did this happen? This looks like a Space Expanding Spell, but it's a very complicated spell along with the fact that there hasn't been any abnormal magic readings in the area." She said letting go a train of thought. Harry finally pushed her into the room when he heard someone coming up the stairs.

"I will tell you," He said sitting on the bed, "when you sit down, calm down, and shut up." He spoke with a voice that she could not place, but nevertheless, she took a seat on his bed.

When she took the seat, Harry went into a detailed version of everything from the DoM to the ride home. He did not know why he told her but he did, and when he finished the part about Sirius it seemed as though a weight was lifted on his chest. Surprisingly, he even told her about the ending of the prophecy. She told him Dumbledore had told them all the importance of Harry and of the prophecy, he just did not tell them the prophecy.

When he was talking to her it felt almost like he was talking to Hermione, since Ron really was not the emotional type, that's who he usually comforted in. After she stopped yelling at him for destroying Dumbledore's office and he told her how he felt during the time, he told her of the summer. She was extremely shocked when he told he about his changes. She thought that there was a possibility that he was a metamorphmagus, he quickly dismissed it.

Tonks and Harry talked about what was happening in his life and Harry actually liked it.

They finally looked at the clock and jumped they had talked for a little more than an hour pass midnight. Harry bade Tonks a goodnight kiss on the cheek, not noticing the blush, and went to sleep. They met with each other every day after that and thus began their friendship.


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