Chapter 1: The Story-Teller

Disclaimer: I do not own TT:(, but I do own the characters. (sort of)

Syani: I have nothing to say, just enjoy this fanfic that isn't very good, I can tell.

BB: Well, okay, can I say something?

Raven: No.

Starfire: Now, what kind of story are you writing, friend Syani?

Syani: Fairy tale...

Cyborg who was sipping hot chocolate suddenly burst it out from his nose and BB starts laughing at him.

Robin: Fairy tale? You mean the kind where we wear flashy tights and recite gushy love poems and getting in a state of euphoria...!

Rae: That's what's I'm afraid of...

Syani: Sorry guys. Good luck in the story... :)

At the Titans Tower, all the titans were minding their own businesses as usual. Robin was in the kitchen cooking lunch, Starfire was in her room playing with her puppet, Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing video games and Raven was getting pretty annoyed by the two idiots that kept screaming and yelling "I'm winning, I'm winning!" all the time whenever she's reading.

"Will you two SHUT UP!",yelled Raven as a lamp exploded from her surging energy.

"Whoa, Rae, cool it. We're just playing video games...", answered Cyborg. Beast Boy took this distraction as an advantage and started to kick some Cyborg butt.

Suddenly, the video game screen turned off. "Rae! No! I almost beat him!", screamed Beast Boy. Raven raised an eyebrow. "I didn't do that. And even if I wanted to, I couldn't," Raven implied.

"It couldn't possibly be a black-out, the air-conditioning and lights are still on", said Cyborg as he's trying to figure out the possibilities with a sigh of relief that BB didn't break his record..

"What's going on?", asked Robin, who sprinted out of the kitchen to check the situation. Starfire followed suit, only she floated instead of sprinted, ya know, she flew...

"It's Raven! She used her powers to turn off the screen!", accused Beast Boy, pointing at an irate Raven.

"Beast Boy, I don't have the power to turn off electricity", Raven reminded him. "I wish," she quietly added to herself.

"Then, who did?", Cyborg said as he felt being left out this little argument (no one cared).

Suddenly, the TV screen turned on but it's not the game that's BB and Cyborg were playing before, it's someone they didn't know. He looked like your typical starry blue-robed wizard with a pointy hat, and blue glasses, and looks kinda like Gollum.

"Who are you, man with strange attire?", asked Starfire, speaking for the first time, in this story of course.

"I am the Story-teller, and I am your worst nightmare! Yes I am,", he said. "I have traveled far and wide, telling stories out loud and full of pride! Enchanting people into fairy-tales is what I do best, for my entertainment and my other guests! I have guests, yes I do," Psycho was on every Titans's mind right now. "And a special story for special actors: the Teen Titans will be the main factor! You like, yes?"

"Did you escaped from a nuthouse? And how'd you get on our T.V?", Beast Boy shouted back.

He raised his eyebrows and smiled evilly (He had teeth that made Robin gasped for air). Out of nowhere, he whipped out a wand and literally drew a symbol on the screen that looked like fairy tale book cover page, thing.

"What's wrong, Rae?", asked Beast Boy as her eyes widened in horror at the sight of the symbol.

"That symbol! It looks... familiar," answered Raven, She has seen that symbol before, but where? After a quick second of backtracking, Raven went pale with realization.

"That's a transportation symbol! He's going to send us into a fairy-tale!", Raven exclaimed in horror.

When the boys heard the words 'fairy tale', they bolted off like lightning. But they were too late, the Story-teller just finished his symbol and said loudly, and clearly, "Cinderella!".

"No," Raven muttered under her breath. In a second or two, she felt something strange below her feet and was shocked to see that her legs were starting to disappear. She looked at her friends and they too experienced the same thing.

"Guys, you'll have to play the parts as best as you can!" yelled Raven.

"But I do not know how to play," Starfire innocently said, trying to keep calm as her body started to dissapear as well. The same was happening to the others.

"Just do your best and remember, don't do anything stupid when he takes control of you or who knows what that madman would do!", said Raven as her head started disappearing and all that was left was an empty Titans Tower.

The Story-teller laughs hysterically as he disappeared from the TV screen and appeared on the sofa in front of the TV.

"Let the story... begin!", he said and turned on the TV. With a few other guests starting to pop up. (They'll be a surprise)