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"Umi-san! What classes are you going to handle?" Fuu asked, pushing her glasses back up. She and her best friend Ryuuzaki Umi were walking down the halls of Shikigoku College in Kawasaki District.

"English classes of the freshmen and sophomores. What about you?" Umi answered, glancing at her bespectacled best friend.

"Computer classes of the freshmen and sophomores," Fuu answered, smiling at her.

"That's great! We will still be able to see each other, 'ne? But what about those three guys? What classes are they going to handle?" Umi asked.

"Lantis will handle Arts and Architecture of Seniors, Ferio will be handling one PE class of each year levels, and I will be handling Math of junior and senior classes," a voice answered from behind, and then an arm went up to Umi and Fuu's shoulders respectively.

"Hello Ascot," Umi greeted, kissing her boyfriend at the cheek. Fuu did the same with Ferio.

"Good morning girls," all three boys greeted at the same time. Even Lantis offered a small smile before turning serious again.

"So, how's vacation?" Umi asked, addressing Lantis.

"Not much fun. Zagato and Emeraude toured France and Italy, while I stayed at Great Britain. I wanted to see my parents," Lantis answered. "What about you four? How was your vacation?" he asked, glancing at his four friends.

"Oh, not much as well. We just enjoyed the sun and the beach at Hawaii, and then we went shopping at New York and watched a few movies at L.A.: it was pretty routinary," Fuu answered, smiling up at the tall man.

Umi glanced slyly at him, then cleared her throat," Haven't found anybody new while on the road?" she asked meaningfully.

Lantis kept his gaze serious, but his eyes betrayed him. There was a wistful look on him, and the way that he looked at Umi confirmed the blue-haired's question even before he answered her. "No. And I don't think I will be able to find somebody new that I can replace to her," he replied, a note of wariness in his voice.

The others remained silent. It has been over nine years since the three guys went to Earth from Cephiro to be with the three Knights, but only Ferio and Ascot were successful in reconciliating with their love ones. Umi and Fuu haven't heard of Hikaru ever since they started high school. They could have come to her house, but they don't know where it is. The three knights planned to attend the same university in high school but they lost communication with the redhead. Now, after nine years, they still don't have a clue as to where Hikaru is. It's like…she just vanished into thin air and never came back again…or as if she was just some kind of a ghost, but that was pretty hard to believe because there were so many people, here on Earth and on Cephiro, who knew the courageous Fire Knight and has missed her terribly. In fact, Umi and Fuu happened to bump into one of Hikaru's friends, the one that was with Hikaru at Tokyo Tower and was there when the bright light came and Princess Emeraude's plea for help was heard. She said her name was Reina, and she told the two that she never saw Hikaru again after junior high.

"A week before graduation, Hikaru's eldest brother Shidou Satoru came to the school and asked the teachers if they could allow Hikaru to just graduate even without her presence on the Graduation Day. He asked if she could be excused from her remaining classes. And that was all I heard. The door was suddenly closed, and we never heard of it again. At the graduation ceremonies, her name was called, but this time it was her brother Kakeru that went up the stage and received the award for her. After thanking everybody for their kind treatment to Hikaru over the last three years of her middle school, he just went out of the gym, but not after personally thanking me, Sera, Farlena and Miyuki. Then he went away. And then…we just heard that the whole Shidou family moved somewhere up north, we're not sure if it was on Aomori, Akita or Morioka, maybe even up at Sapporo! We just suddenly…lost contact of Hikaru…and we never really got to find out what really happened to her. Even up to this date, we, her friends, were still wondering what could have happened to her, but I guess…that would remain a question until Hikaru returns and personally tell us what had happened to her," Reina had told them with a dejected tone and face.

After that, Umi and Fuu asked Reina where the Shidous formerly lived, and the girl was kind enough to bring them there. It was a spacious house, with an even bigger dojo at the side of the structure, and it was two-storey. And best of all, nobody lived there.

After surveying the place, looking for clues that could have helped in their search for the missing Hikaru, Umi and Fuu finally gave up and told themselves that someday, they will still be able to see Hikaru.

But now, after nine years, will they really still be able to see their little redhead best friend?

They all walked in silence towards the Faculty Room, the mood suddenly turned to melancholy. Ascot was the one who opened the door to the Room and the others looked around in awe. "Wow. Your brother really wanted to give us a good time while relaxing here at the Faculty, huh?" Ferio remarked, taking in the new air-conditioner at one corner of the massive room, a television set, a VCR, a component, a refrigerator and a computer. Even the walls are newly furnished, with new wallpaper.

Lantis just shrugged. "He said he wanted to thank all the teachers for making this school number one in the District. Said he wanted to pay back all the hard works and efforts of the Faculty Members, so he fixed the Faculty Room for you all," he supplied, looking around the room. Then his brow furrowed, and his eyes once again roamed around the room.

Noticing his frown, Umi and Fuu looked at him curiously. "What's the matter Lantis-san?" Fuu asked, concerned.

"There's an extra table here," he answered, turning attention back to his friends. Before they could react, the door to the Faculty pulled open, and the other faculty members entered in a stream, greeting them with a "Good morning" and a "How's your vacation?" inquiry, then they'd gasp at the great changes inside the room and then sit at their respective tables. The five looked at each other as well then went to their tables.

Ten minutes before the bell, the door opened again, and in came Likaura Zagato, the headmaster of Shikigoku College.

"Good morning, fellow teachers," he greeted in his reach baritone voice.

Everybody stood up from their seats and bowed down on him. Even the five couldn't help but respect the headmaster, although on their free time they joke around with Zagato and Emeraude at the former's private room.

"Good morning, Likaura-sama," the Faculty Teachers chorused, along with Lantis. But he shot a smile at his brother, which Zagato answered with a mild smile as well.

"I hope you had all a wonderful summer vacation, and have recharged for this year's school year, especially that we have accepted a total of 315 freshmen students," Zagato informed them, smiling at everyone.

"Wow! That's a whole lot of students! So far, headmaster, it is the biggest population for the freshmen that we have received in all five years of our operation!" Professor Mayamoto, the treasurer, butted in, excitement printed all over his face.

Zagato merely nodded, then turned to the door. "Perhaps I should introduce to you all the new Professor for Biology and General Science that I hired just last week. She came from Morioka, where she stayed for two years and taught at Iwate University. But just this summer, her family decided to move back here at Kawasaki after living in Northern Japan for more than nine years. And well, to welcome our new professor here at Shikigoku College-"

The door opened, and revealed a redhead, about 5"3' in height, dressed in red blouse and black slacks, and a beaming Emeraude behind her.

"Please welcome, Miss Shidou Hikaru," Zagato finished, looking pointedly at Lantis, Umi, Fuu, Ferio and Ascot, who in turn, had their eyes glued to the redhead, their mouths hanging open in complete shock.

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