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Fiction Synopsis:
This Fiction deals with what the 55 would be like if Alex Taylor and Lieutenant Johnson had never died. So, PLEASE Read & Review and let me know how the Story is. Thank You.

"GET OFF OF THE DAMN CAR, TAYLOR!" Johnson yelled as Alex looked up from the elderly couple.

"I am not leaving them alone!" Alex looked at Johnson with that stubborn attitude she had inherited from her father. Alex reached for her bag, realizing she needed something that wasn't in it. She looked at the elderly couple who were very shaken and very scared. She went to jump off of the car as the old lady called for her.

"Do what your boss says.. We will be alright." The elderly lady looked at Alex who shook her head defiantly.

"I just need to get some medication from another bag, I will be right back. Nothing will happen, I promise." Alex jumped off the hood as Johnson walked away, towards the other car. Alex moved towards one of the busses when it happened.

Alex got thrown forward, sliding across the pavement on her side. Johnson fell forwards onto his stomach as the car exploded and parts of the old Monte Carlo flew in all directions. Alex came to rest against the curb, moaning from some sort of pain she had, but where it was coming from and what was causing it was unknown. Johnson rolled over to see DK staring down at him, with Doc, checking him over. Billy Walsh ran to Alex's side, along with Carlos as Alex moaned, looking up at them.

"Where are you hurt?" Carlos asked her as she rolled onto her back, closing her eyes.

"Everywhere.. What the hell happened?" Alex looked up from Carlos to Billy Walsh who stared down at her, worried. Kim ran over and started pressing against Alex's side as Alex cried out. Alex started seeing spots as Walsh's mouth moved, but she couldn't understand him. She started to close her eyes when she heard vague yelling. She looked up to see Carlos looking down at her. She moved her hand, shoving Carlos away, in a manner she thought was rough, but she merely scraped him. Alex felt hands touch her legs as she was moved to backboard and then lifted onto a stretcher. She moaned again, looking towards Carlos who was doing things to her arm.

"What...is going on.." Alex said in a breathy manner, obviously losing consciousness. She then heard Walsh speak, it sounded distant, but she knew his ever familiar voice.

"You were thrown in an explosion. You have a large, gaping slash in your side, and you are bleeding. Carlos, Kim and I are taking you to the hospital." He looked into her eyes, trying to keep her awake, per Carlos' order. Alex looked at him, then around as she heard her name being screamed by Doc. She tried sitting up, but firm hands on her chest stopped her. Walsh said something to her, that faded in and out in her mind, but she got the drift of it. He wanted her to focus on his eyes, to stay awake. She stared into his eyes, blinked slowly, starting to lose consciousness, only to have Walsh tap her cheek and make her look up at him again.

Minutes seemed like hours as Carlos left the scene with Walsh and Kim as they rode towards Mercy with a quickness. Alex was losing consciousness and blood quickly, and Kim was trying to stop the bleeding, but was going through gauze like it was out of style. Alex's eyes started to roll back in her head as Walsh yelled, his voice fading more to her, now a faint echo. She felt her head move as Walsh kept tapping her cheek to keep her awake, but she couldn't open her eyes if she tried. The last thing she heard was Carlos yelling about her pressure dropping.

Alex woke up, slowly, not sure what was going on or what happened. Her eyes were half open as she stared up at a plain white ceiling and started hearing noises around her. She heard the steady beeping of the heart monitor, and the steady, soft talking of 2 men and a woman. She moved her head slightly, looking towards a white coat and a pair of navy blue pants. She squinted, looking up towards the Doctor in charge of her care and Billy Walsh. The female voice, was a nurse, who notified the doctor and the firefighter that she was awake. The doctor looked down at her and flashed a light into her eyes, making her move her head in the opposite direction. Walsh moved to the door, saying something she didn't understand, then returning to her bedside.

"You are quite a popular one, aren't you Ms. Taylor. Half the Department is outside, sleeping, or pacing, waiting for you to wake up." Alex looked at the doctor as he spoke, and winced, looking confused. The doctor saw her face and nodded.

"What happened?" She whispered as her head pounded for some reason. Though she felt rather, light and airy, from the drugs keeping whatever pain she might feel far far away.

"You were injured in a fire explosion. Your side was tore open, and it was touch and go for a few hours, but we cleaned you up and fixed you side up just fine. You may have a nice, thin scar, but we made sure you will be able to wear a bikini next Summer." Alex didn't get the joke, apparently this doctor did not know her at all, or he would know she was not the bikini wearing type. She looked to Walsh, with a worried look.

"The couple... from the car..." She wondered if they die as well. She looked very scared as Walsh sat in the chair next to her and took her hand, gently.

"They are fine. The Explosion was away from them. 86 got them out and they are doing just fine. The Elderly woman was discharged 2 days ago and her husband was discharged today." Alex wondered how long ago it had happened.

"What..day is it?" She looked around, trying to figure out why, she couldn't remember anything.

"It's Friday. You've been asleep for 5 days." Walsh looked at her as Alex felt better knowing what day it was, then she looked towards the door. She looked back to Walsh after a moment and smiled slightly.

"What else have I missed? Was anyone else hurt?" She looked over him, not seeing any problems.

"Johnson got a concussion, but he will make it. You got the worst part of it with that large gaping hole you had. I am glad your awake. You gave all of us a scare." He looked at her, then down at the floor. Alex nodded and sighed softly as some of the guys streamed in. Walsh stood up, letting them see her as Alex watched him, seeing something else on his face. Some look, she had never seen on his face before.

Alex woke up again to see her mother sitting next to her. She looked around and saw Walsh in a chair near the wall. She sat up slightly and her eyes rolled around in her head for a moment as she tried to end the dizziness. The room stopped spinning as her mother and Walsh stood up. Mrs. Taylor hugged her daughter gently as Walsh smiled, then said something about getting coffee and leaving.

"You know, he hasn't left your side since you were hurt. Your friend, Carlos, said that he stayed by your side from the minute he knew you were hurt." She smiled to her daughter and winked, as Alex looked at her mother like she was delirious. Mrs. Taylor nodded and Alex smiled softly.

"I can't remember anything, Mom. Tell me what happened? Or what you know about what happened?" Alex looked at her mother as she realized her head still pounded like it did the last time she was awake. Mrs. Taylor frowned at the question and shook her head.

"I don't know what happened other than what was on the news, so I won't tell you. Ask Billy when he comes back." Mrs. Taylor looked down at her book, ending the subject, right there. Alex huffed and sighed softly. Just then Walsh walked back in and passed off some coffee to Mrs. Taylor. Alex looked at her mother smile at Walsh and she rolled her eyes, soon falling back to sleep.