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"Well don't look so scared neighbor! I'm not gonna hurt y'all" The man that had just shown up on the beach, called out to Michael and Ana. Both were still unsure what the man wanted and where in fact he came from. "Did you get here from the crash?" Michael asked referring to the plane crash that brought them all here a week before.

The man just came closer, but he didn't answer. "Names Andy" he held out his hand right in front of Michael. Taking his hand Michael returned the gesture with strong handshake. "Michael," he told him. "And this is Ana."

The Nurse nodded to Andy and put her hand on Michaels back to support him and among other things give herself some comfort. She didn't think this Andy character could be that dangerous but he gave her the creep's…especially since Michael thought the journal could be his.

"I see you all are doing fine out here!" Andy declared with a sight smile. "Man its hard living off this piece of shit land huh?" he asked with a laugh. "We are making the best of it…not much we can do" Michael told him pointing to Ana with a nod of his head. "Hey um Ana… why don't you wake the others up so they can meet Andy here," he said making eye contact with her through a stone look on his face. " Maybe Kenneth and Tucker?" Again Ana nodded and ran quickly to get the large police offer.

"Ah, you didn't have to make the poor girl run around there is always tomorrow…I just came by to bring you a little welcome present." Unsure of what Andy was offering Michael stepped back "You didn't have to do that" he assured the other man. "Well this thing here isn't mine anyways, but he sure kept me company when I was getting here" Andy said before he held up two fingers to place by his lips where he blew one whistle, and sent a small black and white dog running from the shadows of the dark forests. The dog ran up to Andy and then to Michael who gave a relieved smiled. "A dog…" he said rubbing its head. "Yeah I think there's a little lady who was missing him." That's right little red haired Nicole said she was missing her dog after the crash. He bent down to rub its head again. "What's your name buddy?" he asked. "There's a nametag on its neck there" Andy pointed out. Michael picked up the silver tag and saw the name "CHIPS" printed in capital letters. "Chips huh?" Michael said giving the dog one last pat before standing up and seeing Andy gone! Looking down the beach he could see Andy's back walking far down the beach in the vial of night between them. What was that all about he said low to himself.

Taking a look at chips he smiled.


Ana had just woken up Kenneth and told him about her run in on the beach and was now headed to check on Luis. She Ran to her forest- made "room" which was a group of trees far from the beach and heard nose coming from it. It was much too dark to see what they were coming from but she could see the form of a woman moving in an upward motion…and then it hit her:

"Some concussion you have" was all Ana could say as the naked Monica looked up from her sitting position atop an equally naked and excited Luis. "Ana?" Luis yelled out before pushing Monica off of his naked form. He found his jeans and slipped then on and went running after Ana shirtless and barefoot. "Ana wait…ANA!"


She was on a hunt now…she knew what wanted…what she had to do and it was going to happen tonight. When she got to the beach he was gone…Kenneth was looking at a dog and said that he left to check something out…she knew where. Minutes later she saw Michael by a stone cave and he was feeling up the smooth surface, lost in some heavy thought process. But she didn't care anymore, the man she called her husband was banging some slut flight attendant! Ana spun the man around and planed a kiss on his lips so roughly he pushed her back to ask what's she was doing. "What I've wanted to do since we crashed" was all she said as she slipped off her top and started to peel away his own T-shirt. With less reserve he lifted his arms and let her take over. "Ana…your married" he said between lip locks. "Didn't you hear? I've just given up my ring" she told him reaching down to his belt to open it…

They laid on the soft ground admiring the others nakedness, and they both smiled with satisfaction. Michael took to rubbing her hair and feeling down her pale white skin as they covered their bodies with their loose clothes. "God this place has been a blessing," she told him. Michael smiled "What other then the crash and crazy Andy?" he said jokingly. Ana laughed then got silent. She looked into his eyes and told him "Without this island…I would never have met you...and found out about Luis…" Michael wasn't sure what happened with Luis but he was ecstatic that Ana wanted him.

"Ana!" a voice called from the woods. "Michael?" another called. The two jumped up and covered themselves as Norma and Trucker came from out of the woods. Ana turned a brought red as Norma smiled and raised an eyebrow. Trying to act like there was nothing unusual about them being naked together Ana asked. "What's up?" Tucker took a long look at her then said. "Well that man who died…" Michael nodded for him to continue "Yeah what about him?" he asked. "Well see… hes gone!" Both Ana and Michael looked at each other a deep shock. "Gone?" was all Ana could say.