Our Prayers are Answer

Chapter one


Meteor Shower

Jonathan's POV

I am Jonathan Kent. I have been married for eight wonderful and beautiful years to the greatest woman in Smallville.

We decide to go to Nell's flower shop to pick up some tulips for Martha. Martha saw Nell's niece Lana sitting down at a little table.

She knelt down by the table and told Lana how pretty she looked in her fairy princess costume.

Lana asked Martha if she wanted to make a wish. "Thanks, Lana, I would love to make a wish," Martha told her.

As we were leaving to go home, I said to Martha, "I know what you wished for, sweetheart." I gave her a kiss. After I kissed her, I said, "I guess the Crows won again."

As we were driving home, things began falling from the sky. Then our car flipped over. After our car flipped over, I turned my head to the side and saw a little boy. We got out of the car and wrapped the boy up in a blanked that we had in our truck.

That's how our lives changed forever; that day of the meteor shower was when we found Clark. Our prayers and dreams were finally answered.

Martha POV

My name is Martha Kent and I must be the luckiest woman in Smallville. I am married to the hardest working man in all of Lowell County.

Today is the day I have been waiting for since I got to married Jonathan Kent. We are finally becoming parents