Our Prayers are Answer

Chapter Seventeen

Summary Martha gives birth to a girl.

The next month want by nice and smoothly. After the boys went to sleep for the night. Martha and Jonathan were watching T.V. in their bedroom. When Martha felt her water break.

Jonathan woke up Clark and told him that his mom water break. So, do mind watching brother till Ethan comes over.

At the hospital Martha was in labor with their fourth child. The doctors are really worried about the pregnancy and Martha. Two reasons Martha and baby. The baby is two weeks early.

Martha, honey everything is going to be all right. Jon reassure her that, she was be all right. Jon asked his wife if she was ok.

There were about five doctors in the room. One of pull Jon out of there to tell him that Martha is bleeding very badly. However, we have same good news you have baby girl. The doctor lets Jonathan stay with Martha till she woke up.

Jon is lighted to see Martha a wake. He goes over to her and tells her about the baby.

Jon is it girl or boy.

It is a girl Martha.

The nurse walks in the room in asks them have you choose any names for the baby.

A/N I am working sequeal to this, but I am leave it up to you read what I need to know what I should name the Kent baby girl. Any ideas.