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Full Summary: Kagome decides to bring Inuyasha to school to prove to him that her life is hell enough as it is, and that she needs to pass the dang (I really don't want to swear) grade so that she can get out of school! He doesn't believe her, but when Kagome gets a new girl in her class, things just might get a little interesting!

Pairings: Inu/Kag and my character? (Who knows, pairings might change!)

Alright, on with the story!

Chapter One

Kagome sighed. This was going to be one long day! She had to study for a test, she just didn't know how to tell that to Inuyasha. He would never really register the fact that she had a life, away from the feudal era. Deciding to just tell him now, she sat up and walked over to the sulking hanyou.

Miroku looked at Sango over the fire, both shaking their heads. This was not gonna end very well, they concluded as they covered their ears with their hands.

"Inuyasha. I need to go back to my time. I have to study for a t-" She was cut off by an enraged hanyou. Swallowing her sentence, she listened to the tantrum.

"Oh no you don't! Don't you even think of going back to your stupid world to go to that school! You're staying here as a shard detector!" Inuyasha screamed out. She was not leaving him. Never.

Kagome leveled her angry gaze to his as she kneeled down. Grabbing his ears, she tweaked them, hard. "Listen to me you jerk! I have a more important life than being your god damn shard detector! School bites and I want to get through with it, but if you keep keeping me here I'll have to go through it, again! "(A/N I made her so that she's in the 12th grade and school does bite, doesn't it?) She then added, "You would never be able to last one day in school!"

Inuyasha grabbed his throbbing ears. "I could last a million days in your school!" He challenged, although he was emmensly freaked out by her furious gaze.

Kagome was about to retort something very evil, but then got a brilliant idea. "Oh really? Well then. How about you come to my era tomorrow, and got to school for a day?" She glanced at his know white/horrified face.

The area was silent then. Crickets chirped their usual annoying noise, birds glided over, and Miroku's hand was scalded by the fire... As Miroku nursed his aching hand, they all waited for an answer. Even Inuyasha himself was waiting for an answer.

Oh crap. I was just bluffing! What is school anyway?I know you "learn" stuff there but... Oh well, if scrawny, weak little mortals can go through it, I can! Inuyasha thought very confidently. "I'll do it. I'll go to this stupid 'skool' of yours. Wait, what's it called?" he replied, with a stupid grin on his face as he stretched out his hand for Kagome to shake.

Kagome smiled. "Fine, my school is Reisei High." She replied calmly and shook his hand.

Little did they know, someone was going to make Inuyasha's life miserable at school!

A girl with long, thick black hair almost down to her waist and light lilac eyes walked down the street, admiring the scenery and the new school she was going to. Everyone seems so... happy here. I wish I could be care-free like them. The girl sighed as she fingered a shard of the Shikon no Tama that was around her neck. It glowed bright pink under her touch.

Storm Darkblade. A 12th grader now going to her new high school. To most people, she looked like a normal 17 year old, but really, she was actually part cat demon, although she hides her true image with a concealment spell. Her mother had died many years ago, and she was now an orphan. She didn't remember much about her family. Her father left when she was 5, disgusted his daughter was a half-demon. All she remembers about her mothers death is that a man held her than began sucking her into hisbody. She then remembers slipping, then hitting her head on a rock. When she woke up, she was in Tokyo Hospital...the doctors then told her that the person who found her found a mirror and a fan near was compact, and was also a gate to the fuedal era, much like the well is one for she can pass through, and in her spare time, she acts as a a demon slayer for most villages. That was how she stumbled upon the Shikon shard around her neck.

Thinking back on those painful and often weird memories she sighed and looked up at the sky, her hair blowing in the wind (A/N Think of Ep.48 "return to where we first met", when Kagome is sitting on the well). Kami-sama? Am I odd, or am I just... different? The slight rumble of thunder and the heavy rain was her answer, odd. "Thanks." She replied angrily as she ran home. Oh well, she had to get home anyway. She had a long day in front of her, her first day of school at Reisei High.

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