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Chapter Two

Storm's POV

Ughh... What is that annoying noise?! I silently wondered, waking up from my sleep. Groping around my bedside table I found the culprit. My alarm clock.

Shutting it off I opened my eyes. Looking at the clock, the little monsters digital belly read 8:42. Oh shit! School starts in 18 minutes!

Jumping out of bed I ripped open my closet. Taking a red sweater, black shirt and jeans I hurriedly threw them on. I looked around my room. Where is my god damn backpack, books and school supplies?! Finding them (A/N under a pile of clothes... ) I quickly picked them up and dashed into the bathroom. I applied a quick amount of lip gloss and I then brushed my teeth. No time for food... I only have 7 minutes to get to school... Wait? SEVEN MINUTES?! Ah crap!

I quickly ran to the door, put on a pair of sneakers, a coat and a scarf, I dashed down the road to school... forgetting my concealment spell necklace.

"C'mon Inyasha! You promised! You must come to school with me!" Kagome pleaded. Kagome had to somehow convince her stubborn hanyou to go to school. Ramen always did the trick... "Inuyasha... I can pack you ramen..." She said very persuasively.

Inuyasha's ears perked up. " 3. " He said stubbornly. Kagome just looked at him oddly. "You have to pack me 3 bags of ramen. Then I will go."

She sighed. "Fine. But we must hurry, school starts in 10 minutes!" Inuyasha muttered a single "Feh." and motioned for her to hop on his back. Taking the invitation, she waved to Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kaede before taking off towards the well.

As they passed through the well, purple 'lights' engulfed them both and soon, they appeared in the wellhouse. Inuyasha hopped out and ran into her house, dropping Kagome off his back rather rudely. "Ow! Osuwari!" She rewarded him.

"Damn! You wench, what the hell was that for?!" He asked her rather loudly, but was ignored as an anwser. After the spell wore off, he looked at what she was doing, which actually made him quite dizzy.

Running around the house, Kagome quickly grabbed her backpack, 3 bags of ramen, her lunch (A/N her mom packed it for her before she left for work, Souta is already at school and Grandpa is sleeping), and her text books. Then she remembered something. She snatched one of Souta's hats and she then wrote a note pretending to be Inuyasha'a mom, saying that he had to keep his hat on for the day. Running to Inuyasha she slammed the hat on his head, jumped on his back and told him to run to her school.

Inuyasha and Kagome had just made it in time. Walking into Kagome's school, she quickly introduced Inuyasha to her teacher, explaining that he was a foreign exchange student from Canada (A/N Sorry, I couldn't resist! ) and asked if he could be in all her classes. Her teacher said yes and told her that he could also sit beside her.

"Um, Inuyasha, please take off your hat." Kagome's teacher told him. Kagome then gave Inuyasha's 'fake' note to the teacher. Sensei nodded and told them to find a seat.

Sitting down, Kagome quickly skimmed over school rules, but, it honestly came to no use. Inuyasha was not listening, something felt wrong to him. It felt like another demon was at her school, except, Kagome said there were no demons in her era, right?

Storm was right outside her school when she noticed some stares. What, is my fly un-done or something stupid like my bra showing? As she searched her body and hair, she came across two furry black little ears on her head. Shit! I forgot my concealment spell!

Searching around her backpack she found an extra one, a ring. Oh kami-sama...It's a miracle that I carry a spare! Slipping the ring on, her demon image faded, leaving the 'human' Storm behind. Calmly walking into school, ignoring the bewildered stares from a few minutes ago behind, she suddenly stopped. A demon aura, although weak, like mine, I can feel it. Theres a hanyou at school. I hope... that it's not evil. I must keep my guard up. She thought as she walked to her homeroom class.

Little did she know, the hanyou would not turn out to be evil, just... annoying.

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