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Flashback: Running down the halls, she exited the school, frantically looking around until she spotted them alone near a willow tree. Running up to them she said, "We need to talk."

Kagome turned around abrubtly from where they had been walking, to see an angry Storm confront her. "Storm? What's wrong?" Kagome asked, one eyebrow raised as Inuyasha just growled in the background. He didn't trust her, and now, was the time to ask where she got the shard from.

Pointing an accusing finger at Storm, heasked crossly, "Wench! Why do you have the shikon shard around your neck? I can feel that you have a demon aura, and I'm going to see just how great a half-demon you are,by stealing back our shard!". With that, his hand went to his hilt, ready to draw at any sudden action.

Smirking, Storm raised her hands dramatically. "A fight? Me? Against you, Dog-Boy? Hah!" She opened her violet eyes and looked directly at him, still smirking and replied, "I would normally accept your challenge, but we are in the middle of civiliazation, where we could be put in jail, unlike the Fuedal Era."

Kagome watched all of this silently. Why does she have the jewel shard? Could it be she's from Inuyasha's world? But, don't I only have a portal to their world? Curious, she looked at Storm and asked her, "Storm, ignore Inuyasha and answer this. Who are you really and why do you have a shard?" Storm just looked at her and sighed. Looking around, seeing many people, she shook her head and told her, "Take me to your house, and I'll explain, everything."

"... and then I met you guys, and here we are now." Storm told them. Kagome looked shocked and Inuyasha looked thoughtful.

"So you are a half-breed, a human mother and a demon father, that was born in the Fuedal Era, and lived there for 2 years until your parents stumbled upon a portal to the future, where they later died. But that still doesn't explain why you have that jewel shard around your neck!" Inuyasha reported angrily, slamming his fist down on the eable. Storm justlooked calm.

"Dog-Boy? I said I worked as a "demon slayer" if you will, and executed many demons. One hunt I stumbled upon a fair powerful one, and found the jewel shard embedde in it's body. I know you are trying to collect them, as I believe you live in the same village I do when I'm there, and I want to j-" She was cut off by Kagome.

"You live in Kaede's village? Right beside Inuyasha'a forest? How come we have never seen you?" Kagome asked. Storm just looked at her, pondering how her life got so bad she had to sit with an annoying hanyou and a hyper 16 year old.

"Yes, you haven't seen me because I live on the other side of the village and try to disguise my self as many humans do not take a liking to me. Anyway, as I was saying, I want to join your group becuase-" Yet again she was cut off, but this time by Inuyasha.

"What? There is no way I'm letting a... a... cat in my group! NO WAY!" He declared, the very image of a spoiled kid, nose up high and everything. His pride wouldn't stay up there for long before Kagome yelled, "SIT BOY!"


Storm looked down at the crater in the floor, hand on her hips. After about a minute, she looked up at Kagome. "That's useful, mind teaching me that?" Then, shaking her head, she looked over at the wellhouse. "Let's go, before Dog-Boy kills us!"

Running to the wellhouse, both girls looked back at the scene behind them and laughed as they jumped into the well, hearing Inuyasha scream, "Kagome!"

Getting out of the well, Storm stiffened. There was a demon coming there way, wait, 2. Along with a human. Helping Kagome out of the well, she asked her, "Jewel Shard?" Kagome just shook her head. "No, not one."

Growling, Storm told Kagome to stay put, and walked out farthur into the clearing. Taking off her ring, her concealment spell broke. Everything came back to her sharply, and she stumbled back while Kagome squealed in the backround, "Your ears! They're so kawaii!"

Blinking a few times to refocuse her eyes, she looked around and came eye to eye with a cold looking demon that looked like Inuyasha. The man, had a toad demon with him and a human girl.

The man turned his eyes to her. Storm glared back, defiant. "Who are you and why are you here?" She asked protectivly, reaching for the fan hidden in her sleeve. Whipping it out, she faced him, waiting for an answer.

"I have no need to answer you, half-demon." Sesshoumaru answered coldly. Storm glared back defiant. How dare he judge her by looks? "Shut up! You have no right to judge who I am! You are familiar, but I know, you are not my father. Father would never even look at me or Ma!" She told him, baring her fangs.

He glanced at her, slightly surprised. Who is she? She looks an awful lot like Kagura... and me. She can't be... I thought I left her for dead! She does look slightly like her... "What is your name? Answer me." She looked at him. "Storm. Storm Darkblade." His breath caught in his throat. Could it be? "But Darkblade is not your true last name, is it not?"

She looked at this man. How dare he pry into her life? "No it is not. I do not remember my last name. Mother alwasy told me it was not important. But... Mother is dead now. I'm all alone. Without a name, without a place in the world." She could feel hot tears racing down her cheek. "Why am I telling you this? You. Are. Not... WELCOME!" She cried out, holding her head in anguish. As she did so, a burst of energy raced towards him. He jumped, the energy missing him nearly.

Landing near Rin, who had a worried look on her face, he told them, "Come," and began to walk away. He heard Storm whisper, "You will not get away..." He then heard the rip of her fan, then, "Fuujin no Mai." Jumping to the left, he turned around and saw many blades rush toward him, a few catching his shoulder.

Kagome looked at her in amazement. How did she know that attack? No time for that now, I just need to find out where Inuyasha is! At that moment he jumped out of the well and landed beside her. "What's Storm doing fighting him?" He asked crossly, watching as she cried out, "Kaji no Mai!" and a burst of Fire sped off towards his brother. (A/N Does Kaji no Mai even make sense? It's just supposed to mean Dance of Fire.)

Jumping yet again away from her attacks, he picked Rin up, and ran away, leaving Jaken face to face wth an enraged hanyou. "Wait for me mi'lord!" Jaken cried out, running after the way his master went.

Storm collapsed to the ground. Looking up, she wondered, Why do I feel as if I know him? Why?

Rin looked up at her master and gasped, he was bleeding! "Master Sesshoumaru! You're bleeding!"

Jaken looked at the human girl and retorted, "Of course he is! He was just in a battle, or are your human eyes to dull to see that?" Rin looked at him reproachfully, "I was not talking to you Master Jaken! Milord? Aren't you going to bandage it?"

Sesshoumaru replied, "I have no need to Rin, I am a full-blooded demon, remeber? Unlike those 2 worthless half-breeds... I heal faster." Stopping in his tracks, he then said, "We will make camp here. Jaken, look after Ah-Un. Rin, you may do as you like, as long as you stay near, and I will find food." And with that, he left.

While Jaken was grumbling, Rin wandered off until she found a meadow. Rin gasped at what she saw. "Wow! There are so many flowers here! Red, blue, purple, yellow! Master Sesshoumaru will love these new flowers!" As she sat down in the middle of the meadow, she hummed to herself a song she heard awhile back in one of the villages they had passed. Happily content, she worked away on her new necklace, free of all cares.

Storm looked at Inuyasha from her place on the groundand asked, " Who was he? Do you know him?" Looking at their guilty faces she knew she was right.

"That was Sesshoumaru. He's Inuyasha's older half brother, who is pure demon." Kagome said softly, looking at the ground. Inuyasha just "Feh'd".

"Stop talking about him and let's go back to Kaede's, they're probably waiting for us." Inuyasha told them as he started to walk the way to the village. Kagome and Storm just followed him.

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