Attention: This is a forward, if by any chance you feel this does not qualify as part of a story, feel free to skip to the next chapter.

Naruto: Hello, Welcome to my story. Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Uzamaki Naruto. I probably will not be speaking first person to you much anymore, this is really only to introduce the writer of this fanfic. Before I do so however, I feel that I should give you fair warning, this fic will probably fluctuate between a PG13 rating and an R rating. This is because the Author I'm about to introduce has no intention of watching his language. Also this author tends to let stories write themselves, so there may be brief (or not so brief) suggestive lines in this story, however on the whole, I and my friends will most likely remain Naive little children, And I guarantee that there will be no sex scenes. Right Manatheron?

Me: of course, of course. (Under my breath) Not until the sequel anyway, Tee hee hee.

Naruto: What was that?

Me: Nothing!

Naruto: All right then, without further chatter, May I present the Storyteller Himself, MANATHERON!

(Dead silence)

(Crickets Chirp)

Me: Ahem (grins) thank you for coming, I especially thank those of you who are willing to bare through these opening comments. To add to the words I put in Naruto's mouth, I do not now, and most likely never will, own Naruto. (More's the pity) This won't change, so I'm not going to post it anywhere else. Also, do not bother to sue me, all you would get are my college bills, and I don't think you want them.

For those of you who don't know, I LOVE feedback. So if you have an Idea for the fic or just want to tell me what you do or do not like, I Will take everything into account Flames shall be Doused, Trodden Upon, and Promptly ignored, so please keep it civil. This is not to say that I will ignore corrections, questions, or miscellaneous comments, As I said before I love reviews, and if you make a good point I'll take it into account. Also, feel free to disregard any return e-mails and/or PM's if you want. I have a tendency of writing when I am exceptionally tired, or else High on sugar (See Hyper) so don't hold me accountable if I accidentally insult you. I assure you I didn't mean it.

Thank you, and on with the story!

PS. Feel free to correct my spelling on the names. I'm horrible at names.