"The other day when you told me that Kyuubi wasn't a threat… what did you mean. No lies or evasions Naruto, I need to know the ENTIRE truth."

"The ENTIRE truth?"


"That could take quite some time" (Here Naruto smirked) "how about the abbreviated truth?"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow

At least some of his sense of humor is returning

"You know what I meant Naruto. Just tell me what happened that you wouldn't flat out say that Kyuubi is still imprisoned."

Naruto's easy grin faltered at that comment.

"Nee-chan? Can't you just take my word that it isn't a problem?"

Tsunade softened a little,

Poor kid, he looks like a fox caught in a trap

"I'm sorry Naruto, as a person I'm willing to take your word that we're all safe. However as Hokage I need to know the entire story."

(Going sulky) "Fine then." (Naruto starts speaking as fast as possible) Kyuubi is free because that Bastard Sauske's last attack tore the seal to the point that Kyuubi could touch the world of man in a physical form. I Was unconscious for a week because apparently that's how long it took me to negotiate an agreement with that damn Kitsune. His body was free, but enough of the seal remained intact that had I killed myself or been allowed to die his mind would have died with me. I hammered out a deal that basically stated that he would remain where he was for ten years."

Naruto Paused to take a breath. Tsunade was breathing a little hard, but lucky for Naruto she was to busy absorbing the information to do anything yet. Just as she caught up Naruto started speaking again.

(Deep breath) "SO! After this deal was complete Kyuubi woke me back up just in time to surprise everyone at my funeral. Thankfully Kyuubi's maintenance of my life had put me into a state of basically suspended animation (Naruto thought I wonder what that means? At this point.)So all of you assumed that I was dead. Oddly enough because of the amount of time that had passed you assumed that someone was playing a very cruel practical joke as so told everyone that you were going to catch the culprit and that they should come back later."

Again Naruto paused for a breath. This time Tsunade was nodding her head in agreement. She was uneasy however, a story this good shouldn't be making Naruto this uneasy. She was about to start questioning, But Naruto was in the home stretch, and He wanted to be gone quick. So he continued…

"Sometime after your surgery Kyuubi and I had a little chat, he was less than satisfied with his accommodations, especially the part about losing his freedom again after being so close to finally seeing the light of day, so he and I made a bet. The bet was over whether or not you would press me for details about what happened when I first woke up. The terms were that I would grant him full control of my body while I slept, provided that he caused no permanent damage of any kind. He would teach me some jitsu's. Unfortunately I lost the bet when you demanded to know what had happened. (Tsunade sucked in a sharp breath here) Oddly enough after you left He and I had another discussion. He agreed to mentor me provided that I allow him to resume a body of his own at night. He still isn't allowed to cause any permanent damage of any kind, and he agreed to teach me anyway. I accepted.

Naruto was now more than half-way to the door, He knew that when Tsunade finally snapped out of the shock he would probably be in for a WORLD of pain.

"So, now you know the story, and I'm late for practice, cya later!"

With that Naruto bolted out the door as fast as his feet would carry him.

Tsunade was defiantly totally and absolutely in a state of shock. She had hardly heard the story after Naruto got to the part about losing the bet. The only thought she had, And she was trying VERY hard to process it, was

Kyuubi is free again

Hyuuga Hinata was NOT having a good day. It had started off poorly with her awakening from a VERY pleasant dream, and had Immediately gone downhill. The summonings to he father had been a disaster. First he had berated her for being ill, and then he chewed her out for spending so much time in the hospital when she could have been training. She had of course accepted it all in silence. It was no more than she deserved for being so weak. She had then gone out to find her teammates, only to be told that they were out on a mission.

What a day, I wish Naruto-kun was here…

As if by magic she suddenly smiled,

Naruto-kun… today I'll tell you… Today I'm going to tell you that I lov…

Her train of thought was shattered at this point, from her Beloved Naruto-kun's Apartment came a yell

"UZUMAKI NARUTO I'm going to KILL you!"

That sounded like Hokage-sama!

Hinata started for Naruto's apartment at a dead run.

Meanwhile Tsunade had finally wrapped her mind around the fact that Kyuubi was free. Unfortunately for her (lucky for him) Naruto had been gone for half of an hour already. So without an Accessible target, Tsunade had taken her frustration out on the nearest thing to her, the wall…
When Hinata reached Naruto's floor, she had been becoming increasingly nervous,

What should I do? If they are fighting… My duty is to support Hokage-sama. But I love Naruto-kun…

Once again her train of thought was cut off. Hinata stood in the hallway looking confused.

I could have sworn that this was Naruto-kun's floor, but if it is there shouldn't be a big hole where the door used to be… should there?

Tsunade was calmer now, hitting things usually helped her vent her anger (Unless she was around Jiyaria anyway) but now she had another problem. There was a ten-foot hole where Naruto's door used to be, and Tsunade didn't think that this would be very easy to patch up.

Alright, It's OK, He's a bit too big for these quarters, a bedroom a kitchen and a bathroom… no, Time for him to move out.

She stopped to muse for a moment

And if I don't kill him, I might just tell him where I've moved him to.

Again she stopped this time because she had heard a squeak. She turned her head to see none other than Hyuuga Hinata. Tsunade couldn't help it, she started to smirk, and then to Laugh out loud. She had always been a sucker for love stories, and she had just come up with a BRILLIANT plan.

Hinata (thought Tsunade with an evil smirk) today is your lucky day…

Naruto was just getting into the meditations that Kyuubi had ordered him to do when he heard Tsunade Yelling his name. Luckily for him Kyuubi had picked a waterfall that was more than a few miles away from town. But he started getting nervous.

"Relax kit"

Naruto started at the sudden voice behind him

"You're Not supposed to be out except at night!"

Kyuubi shrugged,

"If you like I can go back, I really can't teach you much when I'm locked in like that, but I suppose I can try."

Kyuubi gestured as though he were going to disappear again

"WAIT! Alright, as long as your helping me I'll allow you to stay out here, but if I tell you to bug off, you've got to go back right away… do you agree?"

Heh, Kit you don't have ANY Idea how much leeway you just gave me.

"Alright, I agree. Now stop thinking about the old women, you need to focus. When dark hits, your training will be intensified, and you're going to need all the willpower you have to last the night."

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