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It takes place after the failed misson to bring Sasuke back.

A small blonde, blue eyed, boy laid in the hospital bed. What he dreamed now nobody knew but him, yet that did not stop the young purple haired genin from worrying or wondering what the boy was dreaming about. When Kakashi brought the boy home on his back, she thought the worst.


She was sitting by the gates hoping everyone was all right. Especially the blonde haired, blue eyed genin she has had a crush on since they were little, not that she has ever had the courage to tell him.

As she watched, she worried, and prayed. "Are they alright? Please come back to me safely everyone, especially you Naruto-kun."

Just then she saw a flash of silver and blonde. Instantly she thought the worst as she saw an unconscious Naruto being carried, almost lifeless, on the back of a very serious Kakashi. As she saw this she began to break down and cry. When Kakashi arrived a crying Hinata rushed to his side.

"Kakashi-sensei, N-Naruto-kun...he... he's okay right? He's not... not..." Hinata studdered

"Don't worry, he'll be fine, but I need to get him to the hospital right away." Kakashi replied.

"Of course, please hurry." Hinata said. "Please Naruto-kun, be okay." Hinata thought to herself, unconvinced of Kakashi's attempt at quell her fears as she quickly follows them to the hospital.

"Naruto..." Kakashi thinks to himself. "You don't know what you have. That girl truly loves you."

Meanwhile, to the side, a small pink haired shinobi begins to cry. "Naruto, why...why did you let Sasuke leave, why did you break your promise?"

End Flashback

"One week has passed, and still you do not wake Naruto-kun. What are you dreaming that you do not wish to return to us?" Hinata wonders as she sits by his bedside, waiting for the love of her life, who she could never tell, to awaken from his slumber.

Unknown to her she was being watched by a tall blonde haired, pig-tailed kunochi, who has often visited her adopted little brother from time to time, as she continued the duties of being the Fifth Hokage. She had noticed the young kunochi every time she had come to visit Naruto since Kakashi had brought him back from the last mission. The others soon followed in sand stretchers, courtesy of the young Gaara. Being a medical-nin, she had been visiting and caring for each of them. "I should have sent more help with them, and then maybe things would not have gone so wrong. We lost a shinobi, Orochimarau, has gained a new strength, the team I sent after Sasuke came back hurt and defeated, and now my little brother is the only one who has still to wake since the battle." Tsunade thought to herself as she went to see Naruto's visiting log. There she made an interesting discovery, not once had the Hyuuga girl left Naruto's side since he was admitted to the hospital. "Well, well. This is interesting, although she does seem a little too shy to admit to anything. Huh, I have an idea." Tsunade grins in a mischievous manner.


Naruto knew this place, he had been here before. "Hey you stupid fox, why am I here?" Only to be answered by silence. "HOI, BAKA KYUUBI, ANSWER ME!"

"Why should I you weakling. You could have finished that stupid human in one blow, YET YOU LET UP. That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my entire existence. You almost got us BOTH killed. Instead now you sit here unconscious, weak, near death, and defeated. You are not worthy for me to even speak to, let alone acknowledge, leave me alone."

Kyuubi's words hit home. Naruto knew he had let up on the rasengan at the last moment. He knew deep down that there was no way he could mortally wound the one person he thought of as a brother and friend. This made the betrayal of Sasuke even worse. He knew that he had broken his promise to Sakura. Sasuke was gone, that's all there was to that. He went to Orochimaru, betrayed the village, his friends, and tried to kill Naruto. All for power! There would be no going back now. Naruto felt as if he had lost every thing he had ever gained and it would be better for everyone if he disappeared.

"You don't want to disappear. Not really. You're not alone are you? Is not Tsunade waiting for you? Do you not have some friends other than Sakura and Sasuke? Did you not have a dream you need to fulfill?"

"Who said that? Who's there?" Naruto yelled into the darkness, as a young looking adult stepped out into the little light that there was in the chamber of the Kyuubi.

The stranger looked familiar to Naruto, though he could not place where he had seen him before. He was slightly taller than Kakashi, with spiky blonde hair similar to Naruto's, and blue eyes. He wore a grey shirt with black pants, and a white cape with red flames shooting from the bottom. As Naruto began to recognize who this person was, a low menacing growl could be heard from the cage of the Kyuubi...


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