Chapter 16:Four will unite

Kanto: You forgot about us didn't you?

KD: No, I've just been very busy.

Naruto: Yeah right, most likely you got writers' block.

Shinta: What he said.

KD: Well a little, after the original chapter 16 was lost to lightning.

Hinata: Still two years.


Temari: Oh no, Garra is reverting.

Sasuke: I agree with Garra.

Everyone: …. (sweat drop!)

Hana: Maybe she really was busy.

KD: Yeah, Yeah. By the way Zachary is now two and a half, with a five month old little brother Jaden.

Kareen: Two now? Yikes!

KD: Yeah, but their worth it.

Jiraiya: Hey don't you think she's made everyone wait long enough?

KD: He's right. Without further ado…Here we go.

Everyone: Konochi Dreamer does not own Naruto.

Naruto watched as Kareen and Shinta lead the way. It's been a few days since the two appeared before them requesting their help. After much debating it was decided that the team would travel together to listen to this Kanto person. Apparently they are big enemies to the Akatsuki and you know what they say about 'the enemy of your enemy is your friend' and all. Though Jiraiya thought it was strange that he has never heard of this before. They had sent a message via Gamakichi to Tsunade about a visit to the Village Hidden in the Stars. He had quickly returned with a note stating to proceed with caution. Grace and Kit hung around the traveling group, on high alert for any sign of betrayal. They came to a stop in front of a cave on the side a plateau that could be mistaken as a miniature volcano.

"This is the entrance." Kareen said. "It leads to the top of the plateau."

"Kind of reminds me a miniature volcano." Naruto said.

"That's because it used to be one, but has been dormant for so long it has capped off and become a Plateau." Kareen stated.

"Hey kit, I know this place. It was once the home of Teir the Phoenix. He is said to have disappeared several centuries ago."

"What Happened to him?" Asked Jun, before Naruto could.

"No one knows."

Naruto decided to keep this to himself for now, at least until meeting this Kanto person. As they traveled through the mazes of the village, he could see homes built within the passage ways. As they reached the top, and what seemed to be the central part of the village, he could see all kinds of structures made of metal instead of stone or wood. When he looked up he could see stars more clearly and more bright then he had ever seen.

"It's so beautiful." Hinata said.

"This is the best view of the stars I have ever seen." Hana said.

"I can see where you get your village's name." Jiraiya said.

"This way." Shinta said making his way to a dome type structure.

They followed the two into the structure. Every once and a while there would be windows with telescopes pointed toward the skies.

"Our central building is also an observatory. Our founding Kage loved looking at the stars so much he wanted to be able to look at, and share them with everyone; hence all the telescopes." Kareen explained.

Once they reached the main observatory, they were in for a surprise.

"Gaara, is that you?" Naruto shouted.

There was Gaara sitting with his sister Temari. She had insisted on coming, and the Kazekage had agreed with her. Next to him was a girl about their age with long silver hair and what looked like a silver jewel on here forehead. Also in the room was a girl with long auburn hair and hazel eyes. Standing next to her was a guy with brown hair and green eyes. Another boy and girl were standing to the side, both with blonde hair. Two that looked as if they could be twins, except for the eyes, with long silver hair stood next to them. Then Naruto and the others entered the room. Gaara looked up as he heard his name called.

"Naruto, it seems you have been called here as well. It's good to see you." Gaara said

"How's it been short stuff?" Temari said.

"Who you, calling short?" Naruto growled.

"We'll go get Kanto now that it seems everyone is here." Kareen said as she and Shinta left to get their Kage.

"Naruto, please calm down." Hinata said

"You heard your girlfriend, calm down brat." Jiraiya said.

"Excuse me, but do I know you?" Maki asked Jiraiya. She had seen the others come in and for some reason thought she had meet this person before.

"I don't think so, but we could always change that. My name is Jiraiya. The famous Toad Sannin and author."

"Leave her alone, Ero-Sennin." Hana said as she punched the top of his head. "She's way too young for you."

"Now I know where I saw you before. You were spying on us that one time in the grass falls." Maki said

"ERO-SENNIN!" Naruto and Hana knocked him out.

"Hello, my name is Hinata. Naruto and Hana are the two that knocked out Jiraiya. Who might you be?"

"My name is Maki."

"Hi, there. I'm Temari, and this is my little brother Garra."

"So, are you guys all like me as well?" Maki asked.

"Nah, not all of us." Hana said. "My son is one though."

"Son?" Maki asked

"That would be me." Naruto said

"Ah." Maki said.

"I thought you didn't know your mother." Gaara said.

"I didn't." Naruto replied. "Turns out she was in a coma for twelve years." He said quietly.

"How many times do I have to get it into your head? It wasn't your fault. It was the stupid fox." Hana said, scolding Naruto.

"Who is she calling stupid?"

"You, baka fox."

"Shut up, human. If I wasn't stuck in this stupid seal."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me."

"It's a small world after all…"

Stop it you two. The other two seem to be coming back.

Kareen and Shinta came back with a tall man. This man had deep green eyes and fiery red hair. He seemed as if the very air around him was on fire, though he seemed to be dressed in nothing more than a pair of cargo pants and a T-Shirt.

"It can't be."

Be who.

"It's Teir."

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