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A small boy about nine years old was exploring the caves at the top of a nearby mountain. Legends say many things about this mountain. If you climb to the top and find the red stones than any wish you want can come true. Other legends say that a monster lives at the top while more say a god does. Most parents forbid their children from going up there. But this boy had no parents, he lived with his grandmother, and she would tell him stories of a beautiful sight, where the stars would twinkle like you have never seen them before. You could see wonderful stories in those stars. Wanting to see those star he snuck out in the middle of the night to climb the mountain. Once it was getting really late, he decided to stop in a cave and rest, hoping to find the plateau in the next day. After finding a dry spot he set up his sleeping bag, and rations never noticing the red rubies above his head.


There was smoke everywhere. Stones and lava were spewing out the top of the volcano. Below there was a war going on. The city a few miles away was ungloved in smoke from the lava and war.

"Looks like the humans are at it again. You would think they would notice a giant phoenix in the sky, or

"That was a great party, but now they have ruined my mood. We've only been asleep about fifty or so years. I need my full three hundred." said a grouchy two tailed cat.

"Not like they would pay attention anyway, waste of effort if you ask me. One day this will all be gone, and the forest will be back. Nothing lasts forever, not even us."A three tailed turtle said.

"What's all the #$% noise?" A huge raccoon said."I'm trying to sleep here. Oh humans, well I'm going somewhere quiet. See you all in a few centuries."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." A nine tailed fox said.

"Yeah Kri and I are going too, it's too loud and smelly here."A dragon said holding a sleeping unicorn."

"Oh course it is stupid dragon it's an erupting volcano."

"Who are you calling stupid you old fox."

"Whatever, I am going back to bed." Said the phoenix"Later."

Little did they know a small group hiding from the war had seen them, and that is where the stories started that would be told over and over changing from generation to generation.

"Wow, what a weird dream, though that volcano looked familiar somehow."

"That's because we are in it."

Looking up startled the boy saw a miniature copy of the phoenix from his dream. "Huh, what , huh…"

"Not much of a talker are you, well that won't do, it's been a few hundred years since I've had someone to talk to. My name is Kanto, what's yours."

"Niras…." The boy stuttered out.

"Niras huh, well nice to meet ya. Not every day a human comes up here, let alone one that is not out for blood. Welcome to my home."Kanto said before shifting to a human form. "Been a long time since I was in this form."

Niras by now was starting to calm down from seeing a giant firebird, hearing it talk, and then transform into a human.

"So why are you up here Niras?"

"I was looking for a good spot to star gaze. My grandmother says that there is a wonderful spot on this mountain for it. Is it really a volcano?" Niras asked nervously

"Yeah, but it's been dormant a long time, and has since capped off. There is nothing to worry about. Star gazing huh, sounds like fun, mind if I join you?" Kanto asked

"Sure lets go, wait do you know where the plateau is?"

"Yup, it's at the top where the lava capped."

One year later…

Two boys were sitting on top a plateau watching the stars. Being able to see them without a telescope the one was describing whole galaxies to the other.

"You are so lucky to be able to see so far Kanto."

"I guess, but it's not always a good thing you know. It also means I see when whole solar systems die when a sun goes nova."

"Yeah, I guess. I still want to see them for myself one day."

"Why not, all you need is a telescope."

"And where am I going to get one of those."

"I know how, or are you forgetting I am a lot older than I look. " Kanto said. "Oh I know why don't we build an observatory, that way we both can see farther."

"That sounds great! It would be our little secret."

"A secret base, now that sounds good."

Five years later…

"The villagers say another war is coming."

"Humans are always at war, it's what they do."

"Hey are you forgetting I'm human too."

"No, there are always exceptions, you know that."

"What have we here?" A man with strange eyes said.

"Who are you?" Niras demanded.

"Now now, there is no reason to fear me, I am only interested in your friend there."

"And what would you want with me mister, I'm just a boy." Kanto said not liking the aura around this stranger.

"No need to lie, I know all about who you are Kanto the Phoenix, King of the volcanoes. My name is Kurodo. All I need is your help."

"Oh, help with what exactly?" Kanto asked, putting himself between the two humans. Niras, though human had over the years become a good friend to him, and he was not going to let him get hurt on his account.

A loud explosion rocked the side of the mountain.

"Kanto look out, this guy had taken and imprisoned Niso and Kalal. Their energy is almost gone." Ryo said.

"I see, so you plan on taking my energy as well huh. And what would you hope to gain by that." Kanto asked.

"Why I plan to stop all the wars, by destroying the current world government systems and taking over myself."

"More pathetic human greed; there will always be some kind of war with your kind, always have been. Few are the exception, and you are not one of those few, die."Kanto used a technique to blast Kurodo out of the plateau, while Ryo used his tail as a bat and hit him hard enough to send him across the oceans.

"He won't die so easy; there is something off about that guy." Ryo said.

"Maybe, maybe not, who knows. I'll have to seal the caves off now. This sucks I finally found a human friend too."

"I know how you feel, I have become attached to some humans as well, speaking of which, I'm going home, till next time."

"Not forgetting about me are you."

"Oh sorry, Ryo this is Niras, Niras this is Ryo." Kanto introduced them after reverting back to human form.

"Nice to meet you young Niras, Thanks for keeping the old bird company."

"Hey be nice, Kanto is my friend. Don't be making fun of him."

"Kid sure has guts."

"Do you really have to leave Kanto, I don't want you to."

"Yes, I don't want to have to worry about that guy coming back, something about him worries me."

"Why not live with me, we could make up a story, to not arose suspicion and change your appearance more so he won't recognize you."

"Yeah, living among the humans is not that bad. I myself started living in a new village, Konoha." Ryo stated.

"Sure why not, got to try something new every once and a while." Kanto said. He then transformed and closed all the exits to his once volcano home.

End Flashback

"A few years later, that small village was caught in the cross hairs of ninja wars, Taking Niras and the few who survived I reopened some of the hidden passageways and we set up the Hidden Village here with the observatory as the center. When rumors started about bijou disappearing or being sealed, I began investigations and found that Kanto was up to his old tricks again. I also knew that alone I would not be able to stop him alone. Will you help me stop this threat to not only myself, but you and yours as well?" Kanto asked.


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