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Sealed memories

"YOU... I'll KILL YOU!" the Kyuubi snarled at the figure that has now presented himself within the young blonde's sub-conscious.

The figure just smiled and in a familiar, hyper-active, loud mouthed manner yelled back, "And just how is an over bearing, over confident, stupid fox like you, who already lost to me once, and is now stuck behind the super strong, can't be broken, sealed cage going to be able to reach me? Let alone the fact, that the dead can not be killed." With that last comment, the Kyuubi began to snarl and sulk inside of his cage. The taller blonde than winked to Naruto, "This is going to be so much fun."

Naruto by this point was just about ready to admit himself into the loony-bin. If the small spurt of conversation between the Kyuubi and the man in front of him had not given him away, his looks would have. His face was the same as the one on the Hokage Mountain. The one he had stared off at for so long, wondering, why him, why had the Fourth sealed the fox in him. Not that he believed in ghosts, but what else could explain the figure before him. Heck, he even admitted that he was already dead. "This is not happening... not happening..." He had wanted to ask the Fourth many questions throughout his life, yet now as he stood there in front of Naruto, all he could do was stand there without any real coherent thought in his mind. When he was finally able to pull some of his thoughts together he asked, "Are...y-you... a-a... ghost?"

Hearing this, the Fourth began to laugh rather out of control. This made Naruto jump at first, and then get rather annoyed, "He wanders in here, my mind, argues with the Kyuubi (not that I mind), and then laughs at me. Jerk." Naruto thinks to himself.

"No I am not a ghost, and I bet you have many questions inside your head, besides the one you just asked, so sit down and I will try to explain things to you." the Fourth said, "As best as I can anyway."


The unconscious Naruto, with a shy Hinata watching, began to glow. This worried Hinata greatly, and she ran for help. Once she got to the nurse's station she approached the nearest doctor that was there. "Please... someone, help."

The doctor who could see no physical signs that the girl was injured asked, "What seems to be the problem, young lady?" To this Hinata began, with more courage in her speech, "Naruto-Kun, he is glowing. Please something is wrong. You have to help him." At the name Naruto the doctor began the customary scowl that is common for most of the adults in Konoha, yet at the word glowing, fear raced through him. "No, not the monster, dear god don't let it be breaking free." At the nearest nurse he yelled "Go get the Hokage-sama, quickly, she should still be here." fear in his voice. "I'm sorry young lady, but you can't stay with the boy right now. If you insist on staying, I suggest the waiting room for right now." With that said he went the room of a certain young blonde, praying for a miracle.

"What is he so afraid of? Oh no, please don't let something bad be happening to Naruto-kun."

When she saw the new Hokage rush past her to Naruto's room, the young shy genin began to worry even more.

Tsunade heard the news and dashed to her little brother's room. "What's going on? I never heard of a patient glowing in their sleep, but with the kyuubi anything was possible. I hope that last fight did not weaken the seal on him. But, that could be the only explanation for what was going on. What else could it be? Oh please, not now. Not with all that has happened in the last few weeks, Konoha would not be able to survive another attack from that monster, especially so soon after the recent war with the Sand and Sound." Creating a bunshin, she sent it to warn the Anbu in the village to keep on guard, just in case. Though she knew that if things got out of hand she may have to do something she would regret for the rest of her life. As she reached the room, the glowing seemed to be dissipating. Hoping that what ever it is, it was not the seal breaking. When she reached Naruto, and examined the seal, a puzzled look came across her face. "What the heck is going on here?"

Back within Naruto

Naruto and the Fourth were busy talking. The Fourth had done some sort of jutsu that allowed a table and some chairs to appear, so they could sit while they talked. First Naruto had learned that the Fourth's name was Jun. Not just any Jun either. Uzumaki Jun, Naruto's father. Needless to say, this threw Naruto for a loop.

"So let me get this straight." Naruto began, "You're my father? What kind of father seals a giant fox within his own kid?!"

"It's not like I had a choice, now did I. It was either seal Kyuubi within a newborn, which at the time you were the only newborn, or let it destroy the village killing everyone including said newborn. What was I supposed to do? You were just born a few hours before hand. I wanted to make sure you could live on. To do that I had to save you and the village the only way I knew how to. Of course, I never wanted you to suffer throughout your childhood. You were supposed to be seen as a hero, one who sacrificed so much in order to keep the village safe. I did not know the villagers would treat you that way. I did however know that one day the stupid fox might try to mess with your mind, so before I went to seal him, I created another seal. This seal would activate when it deemed you ready, or thought you needed some help. It not only would help to try to keep a certain demon at bay, but would also teach you things that no one else in the village would be able to teach you, because you are now the last of the Uzumaki clan."

"What kind of seal are you talking about here? Will it mess up the other seal?"

"No, it won't. This seal is a memory seal. It copied and sealed all the memories that the Fourth ever had and sealed them within you. Not only were his memories sealed, but part of his soul, as well. Those said memories then merged with the part of his soul, and thus naturally took on the persona of the Fourth. In a way, I am the Fourth and I am not. I am all of his memories of when he was alive. In a sense I am equivalent to a kage bushin of the Fourth, only I will not disappear. I will teach you all that you would have known had my other self not have died. Any questions so far?"

"Yeah, when do we get started?" Nartuo asked. Off in the distance they heard the grunting of a grumpy fox who was cursing under his breath. "Shut up you stupid fox!" they both yelled.

Back at the hospital

Naruto's eyes began to open ever so slowly. Standing next to his bedside was two Anbu.

"Anbu, what are they doing here?" Moving slightly so he could sit up and ask them alerted the two to his awakening.

"Finally up, I see." She nodded to the other who quickly took off into some unknown direction. "We were told to stand watch over you, and when you awoke to inform the Hokage-sama."

"What happened?" Naruto asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Sorry, don't know. Even if I did, I would not and could not tell you." Naruto at first thought that this Anbu as well as most of the adults hated him, but then a thought occurred to him. The voice of said Anbu had not hatred or fear in her voice, just intense sadness. This worried Nartuo greatly.

Just as he was about to ask for something to eat, Tsunade crashed through the door. She went to Naruto's side. She immediately asked him repeatedly how he felt, and inspected him over several times. Being in the dark was starting to annoy him to the point of no end.

"WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Naruto suddenly yelled out, only to get clobbered by the fist of the Hokage.

Tsunade and the female Anbu exchanged glances. She knew who this Anbu was, and respected her decision to keep her identity from Naruto, even if she did not agree with it. "Naruto, I don't know how to tell you this. Yesterday you began to glow, as a new seal seemed to form around seal of the Kyuubi. Until we know more of this seal, and its effect on you, I have requested that you be guarded by Anbu." Tsunade stopped at the strange expression of Nartuo's face. "Naruto, do you know what this seal is?"

"Well, kind of." Naruto looked to the Anbu who was there. Realizing she was going to stay for the explanation, Naruto told the Hokage of what has transpired within his subconscious. How now he can talk with both the spirits of the Kyuubi and the Fourth Hokage. At the end of his explanation, Tsunade stood there with a priceless anime style shocked look on her face, and the Anbu who was there promptly fainted. "Okay, what's with her?" Naruto thought as Tsuande went to the Anbu's side.

After being released from the hospital, Naruto began to head home, stopping at his favorite ramen stand. He then got twelve bowls to go. When he got home, he placed the ramen on the table. He then went to the window and signaled the Anbu who was following him to join him for some dinner. Surprisingly the Anbu agreed.

Back at Tsuande's office

The female Anbu from before was standing in front of the Hokage. "How are you doing Hana?"

"I'm fine Hokage-sama, just caught off guard. I apologize for my behavior, it won't happen again." she answered.

Tsunade was getting a little annoyed. She had found Hana in the hospital the day she returned to Konoha. She had learned who she was and asked what had happened. Hana had woken up a year ago, and after being released from the hospital was returned to her previous Anbu status. The recent war had once again placed her in the hospital. The two quickly became friends. "How can you be fine, after all that you heard? You know I respect your decision not to tell Naruto who you are yet, but don't you think it is a little unfair to continue to torture both yourself, and Naruto. As you know I think of him as a little brother, so please don't wait too long. Tomorrow I want you to continue to be part of the Anbu team protecting him. I am sure now, more then ever that the Akatsuki will want him. Also report to me before you go see him please."

"Yes, Hokage-sama." She replied with worry in her voice, she left the office of the Hokage.

"Quite a show." Jiraiya spoke up. Tsunade sent a flying kick to the intruder." Don't scare me like that."

"You're the one who summoned me, so what do you want."

"Well I want you to take Naruto on a training mission. Of course there are conditions considering recent events. I want you to also train Hyuuga Hinata. One Anbu will be accompanying you."

"The one who just left? I don't know, Tsunade. Traveling with Naruto is enough, but why do I have to take the Hyuuga heir and a female Anbu. The Anbu alone will bring too much attention."

"Hana will not be in her Anbu uniform. Bring Naruto here tomorrow at around noon. I will have Hinata and Hana here for the mission debriefing." With that said she dismissed Jiraiya and began to work on her plan for Naruto and Hinata.

A/N: More to come later, please review. Just so you know, Jun means excellence or genius. I looked it up and thus that the reason why I named him Jun.