Damien Shepard here. This is a preview to an upcoming fanfiction series that will be posted on this site. Here's the preview.

Damien Shepard Presents…

"Why should I care? X and Zero are gone because of me, I STILL don't know ANYTHING about my origins even after 100 years…"

A Production

"…Hell, I don't even know what my purpose in existence is."

Based on the hit series by Capcom

His partners' sacrifice discouraged him

"W-Where am I?" the young reploid asked himself.

But fate would encourage him to find the truth.

"What the hell IS that thing?!"

"Are you crazy?!"

"You DO realize that what you are trying to accomplish is suicide, don't you"

"He is MY knight now."


"Soon, this world will be hers."

"She's just using you!"

"We will never surrender!"


"Do I have your attention now, missy?"

MegaMan Axl

Episode 1: Thrusted Through Time

Coming in 2005

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