Sworn to Secrecy


Summary: You like him, maybe even love him; he likes you…but that's as far as it gets. He doesn't know. You don't know. With the two is a burning passion that never goes out; but what happens when it actually does? OrtonYou fic…wond'ring what that means? Pls. Review

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Chapter One

Gabrielle's POV:

"Gabrielle, where did you put the mascara?" Stacy asked as I opened a can of beer. Looking over at me with a dagger stare, Stacy rushed towards me and grabbed the can and put it down on the mini bar.

"What was that for?" I asked keeping my hand away from my shirt by a fair distance to avoid the dripping beer on my hand that was caused by Stacy grabbing the can.

"Gabrielle, you're nineteen. You're clearly too young to drink beer." Stacy said dropping the can into a small waste bin beside the bar.

"Stacy, I'm nineteen. I grew out of my minor years when I turned eighteen…you know, the LEGAL age. Besides, there's no alcohol in that." I said opening the refrigerator and taking out another can.

"Fine. But let me just tell you that if you are gotten mad at in any way for drinking that young, just say you didn't listen to your elders. Besides, Randy and I make a good example of young independent people that don't drink beer." Stacy said before opening the door after the doorbell sounded.

"Hey sweetie." Stacy said as she kissed Randy on the lips

"ehem" I coughed emphasizing that I was standing right there in their midst

"Hey kid!" Randy said jogging over and giving me a bear hug. "Oh beer! Sweet, can I have one?" Randy said as he took one from the refrigerator, opened it and hit it lightly against mine as I did to him.

"Cheers." I said smiling

"Men." Stacy said as she rolled her eyes at Randy

"Stacy…" Randy and I sighed as we laughed at the spilling beer foam.

"Randy, sweetie, we'll be leaving in twenty minutes. You and Gabrielle just stay here. I'll go get changed." Stacy said taking her clothes from the couch and bringing them to the bathroom as she closed the door.

It was one of those days where all of a sudden, I just get light-headed. I walked over to the couch and jumped on it and turned the TV on.

Randy walked over to the couch and did the same.

"You so cannot jump." I said smirking as I took a sip of the beer.

"I just didn't feel like it right now. Besides, I didn't warm up." Randy said taking a sip of his drink and changing it from MTV to the Discovery Channel.

"Orton! Since when do you watch the Discovery channel?" I said trying to reach for the remote on his side opposite mine.

"Wait. I don't. But look, mating specials." He said holding the remote up in the air. "Man those lizards are whacked." He commented raising an eyebrow

"Randy, turn that off!" I demanded as I impatiently stomped my foot childishly on the rug.

"Gabri, come on, you'll learn something." He said with his trademark smirk that kind of pissed me, but I did love the way he says my name, especially with that nick he gave me.

"All I learned today is that Stacy must've been dared to date you or she must've just been drunk when she started going out with you. So many possibilities so little time." I said grouchily sitting back down with my arms crossed

"Gabri, you do know if you keep scrunching your face up like that, you'll end up looking like Kane. Not like you don't already look like him." He said receiving a pillow to the face from me as he laughed hugging me tightly and handing me the remote

"You know I love to joke around. Hope you aren't pissed." Randy said making me lean on his chest as I smiled to myself

At this moment, I hoped that Stacy would never come out of that bathroom. Inhaling the smell of "Obsession" and taking it all in, I felt, within our two seconds of togetherness, that I was the one he loved. But face it, Gabrielle, Stacy really is all that for him. He loved the legs, the hair, the eyes…face it…Stacy was practically perfect…all she needed now was a Harvard degree and she was literally perfect. Trust me; she did have the most perfect guy on the roster, but in my opinion, the finest man to roam the face of this earth.

And with all emotion, I have to consider myself even lucky enough to be this close to him and mean this much to him…I mean, like a lil' sis, that is. Which kind of sucks, but someday, he would admit his burning passion for me. That is, if ever I can get it out of him.

Seeing light growing on the wall, I knew Stacy was opening the door. Maybe Randy would appreciate it more if I supported their relationship together. With that, I tapped him and he turned his head to the bathroom.

I put on my best smile and looked at Stacy. She was gorgeous. I wish I had looked like that. I mean, I am happy with the way I look, I finally got the body I wanted, but at the same time I want Randy to like it too. I don't care about the millions of trainers that would possibly want to train me of the number of beauty contests I am to be entered in…my sole intention now is to please Randy. But that mission would be humanly impossible while Stacy's around. At the same time, I do not want to annihilate Stacy for being his eye twitching almost choke fi- dis-contort neck fi- reaction of that guy in Fairly Odd Parents when he says "Fairy Godparents" fiancé.

Seriously, the knife just delves more into my flesh as Randy calls me to talk "alone" and listen to him ask me as to when the "Right Time" would be. And my very cliché response to him: "Randy, she says the word boyfriend too many times. She says how glad she is that you haven't been moving on too fast. Now, if you ask her already, then you'd most probably find yourself in a hell of a situation. But if you think it's the right time, I'll be there to secretly hook the bungee chord on as you step off the top of the Empire State building."

And that always convinces him.

And back to reality: Randy just stared at Stacy as his jaw started to fall. I took a tissue and pretended to wipe off the fake drool on his chin to send him a message.

"Dude, it's starting to flood." I said as I stood and walked towards the bar to place both our beer cans on.

Hesitating to look back from where I was standing, I sensed Randy walking over to Stacy. I then turned around to see them making out. I thought up of something to break it just so they could actually leave the room for their date.

I coughed and saw them break it up as I told Stacy that I loved her earrings. She then replied and told me that they were mine. "You can have it." I said reluctantly as she came over and hugged me. Well, it's not like I ever got the chance to use it anyway.

Wow. Instead of seeing myself walking down that aisle with Randy, I'll see my earrings having all the fun. It's just too bad I can't be the earrings…but thing is, Randy would never make out with a pair of red looped earrings, his tongue would just slip right through and - ewwww - BACK TO REALITY.

"Now you two best be running off. I have to spend time with me, myself and…what's her name…I. Now go! Before I kick you both out the door myself." I said as Randy came over and kissed me on the forehead. If only he would move down four more inches next time.

I walked them out the door…which was a "very tiring distance" and waved them off until they reached the elevator. I stuck my head back inside the room and closed the door. Tonight, it was me, popcorn, Will, Grace and the couch, until Stacy came back with endless chit-chattering regarding her date with Randall.

Sitting on the couch and practically feeling depression sweeping over me as I watched re-runs of Will and Grace, I heard a knock on the door. I wiped the sad look on my face and changed it to something that look sleepy, that way, maybe that person could come back some other time when I'm not wallowing in self pity.

I opened the door and leaned on the door frame. "May I help you?" I asked as he lifted his head up.

"What do you want, Edge?" I asked as he looked me in the eye. We were pretty close in the past. Quite a bit of history too, we trained together for a while, but when he went a-wol, I stayed away. He got even angrier when I stopped training with him. Stacy told me he fancied me, but then, I felt the opposite about him. So I didn't know what to expect when he came to my door.

"You look gorgeous." He said smiling at me

"Answer my question." I insisted

"Yes, I'll go out with you." He said somewhat thickly.

"Edge." I said sounding like a mom

"Fine. This may sound stupid but-"

"Like you aren't." I muttered under my breath


"No, go on." I said

"As I said, this may sound stupid, but my roommate, Val Venis, is busy with a few ladies and my bed is full of lingerie. There's even a waiting line in the room and there are women practicing with my pillows!" He said as I just started to laugh.

"So, why are you here?" I asked trying to contain myself.

"Well, every room is full and even though Evolution's got an extra room in their suite, I still don't want to get within fifty feet of them and-"

"No snoring, no sounds, no getting horny with your porny dreams, no night lights, television off when Stacy's snug in bed, you're out of the room before nine a.m. You're on the couch. I'll call room service for a pillow and blanket." I interrupted him as I let him in the room.

"You're good."

"What else do you expect of me?" I said closing the door

He walked over to the couch and sat on it as he gave a small smile and went out to the balcony.

I followed him and saw him smoking. From behind, I took the cigarette, stepped on it and kicked it behind the plant pot nearby.

"And no smoking." I said as I leaned on the railings.

"So, how long have you been smoking?" I asked as I tried picturing the places in the distance of the night.

"A while." He replied blowing out the smoke that was in his mouth before I actually stomped on the cigarette

"A lil' more detail." I said looking at him

"Since I got a divorce." He said as my heart just stopped. All this time that I knew him, I was never informed even once about this divorce? But he and Jennifer were doing so well, I have no idea what could've gone wrong.

"So how long has this divorce been on?" I asked as I stopped slightly to wonder if I said that correctly

"A year and a half." Edge said taking out a cigarette pack

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked him as I looked back into the distance

"You never asked."

"You're acting as if you're expecting everything to pop inside my head that easily."

"Well, you act like it usually does." He responded taking out two sticks of cigarettes (is it called sticks?)

"What's the second 'dose' for?" I asked turning to him and seeing him light the two. I didn't bother to nag him about not smoking.

He shrugged slightly at my question

"What do you mean you don't know?" I asked him as he finished lighting the second one

"Try it." He said handing me a cigarette as he spoke with one in his mouth

"Are you crazy?" I asked as I just looked at the cigarette he was holding out for me

"Well, people usually say I am." He responded as he took my hand and placed the cigarette in between my fingers

"I guess I can't argue with that." I said as I examined the cigarette.

"Here," he started as he demonstrated how to smoke one. He put it in his mouth, inhaled, removed the cigarette and blew the smoke out.

I did the same and instead of exhaling the smoke, I coughed it out and somehow didn't stop coughing for quite a long period of time.

I walked over to the refrigerator, as Edge followed, and took out the first glass or bottle I could find using my hands as it was almost impossible for me to see what was in front of me.

I drank up, not noticing that Edge was telling me not to drink it.

Now knowing what I drank, I practically finished almost half a bottle of a very strong scotch. Before I knew it, I was out cold.

All I wanted to know now was what happened when I was out.

Seems like the next thing I knew was that Randy and Edge were now giving each other blows to the mid-section. I just wanted to know how that happened.

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