Greetings again! This fic will be a little strange. It is revolved around the idea of a possible relationship between Timon's Ma and Zazu (ok I can just hear the groans), but it does have many minor plots with other characters such as Simba. It sounds a little silly but I have been playing with this idea in my head for some time and just though 'what the heck' so here it goes!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or settings they all belong to Disney!

Simba paced around the den awaiting the return of Rafiki. Earlier that day Nala had been feeling rather queasy and they had summoned Rafiki to give her a check up in a secluded area of the den. Simba was feeling half excited and half worried, the last time Nala had, had this feeling it was found that she was with cub. Thoughts rushed through Simba's mind 'what if she's pregnant?' 'What if she's terribly sick?'

After just a few moments, which to Simba has seemed an age Rafiki came out of the dark little corner of the den to consult Simba.

"Well? Is she?"Simba queried.

Rafiki gave a nod. A very relieved Simba grinned ear to ear, and then to his surprise he found himself wrapped inside a congratulatory hug with Rafiki. The lion patted the mandrill on the back, and then headed towards Nala.

"How do you feel?' he asked while nuzzling her gently.

"Never been better," she replied giving him a lick

Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, until if came to the time when Nala was only weeks away from giving birth. Kiara was thrilled about the idea of soon having a baby brother or sister, to play with and she also though it would be good practice for her, if she ever decided to have cubs in the future.

Simba felt that it was time to call Timon and Pumbaa over from the oasis, as it was the tradition to have all close family friends at the presentation, which would be carried out a few days after the birth.

"Zazu," he called.

'Yes your highness..' Zazu started, but when Simba gave him a look he corrected himself, '…I mean…yes Simba". Zazu had never got into the habit of calling royalty by their first names but Simba always insisted that he do this.

"Can you fly over to the oasis and tell Timon and Pumbaa that Nala's and my cub or cubs," he gulped the last word, "will be born soon, so ask if they could come here within 14 rises of the sun".

"Immediately sire…oops... Immediately Simba," and with that he started to fly out of the den and away from pride rock.

As Zazu flew he was grumbling to himself about having to spend the day flying such a great distance to speak to an ignorant meerkat and a dim-witted warthog. He was so busy grumbling to himself that he didn't realise how very close to the oasis he was getting and with a loud 'smack' flew straight into a tall oasis tree. After that he found himself falling to the ground but he was already unconscious before he hit the bushes below with a light thud.

Yes I'm going to leave it there for now; sorry it's such a short chapter next one should be a bit longer!