Chapter 1

Light filtered into the covered windows of a downstairs basement. There was an evil laugh and a puff of pink and purple smoke. Soon sizzling could be heard and another evil laugh.

"It's finished!" A person muhahahaed and let out a squeal of delight.

"Do you really think this will work?" Another asked looking at the bubblegum pink liquid in a crystal clear vile.

"Well if we followed the directions right, it should." They said looking over the ingredients in the old book that recently bought on eBay.

"Did we follow the directions?" The other asked looking doubtfully at the first person. The person gave an enthusiastic nod of their head and then the smile quickly faded as they looked more closely at the vile and then at the open book that was stained with oils and flower extracts. They weren't so sure.

"Come to think of it, you were quite liberal with the star dust." The other person said with a frown. The other person put a hand to their hip and glared at their sidekick.

"Star dust." They snorted. "Who came up with these names?" The other shrugged and took off their glasses.

"And I think you put a little less of a pinch of the moonlit rose blossoms in."

The one with the vile took another quick look at the book.

"How are you supposed to put a pinch of the petal in? I mean, people have different size thumbs and pointing fingers." They said, growing more frustrated with the moment.

"And the recipe did say that it was supposed to be a pale pink. That," They made a gesture of looking pointedly at the vile, "Looks too pink if you ask me."

They person looked at their partner and then back their creation. "Well, maybe we made a more powerful version of it." They sputtered, taking the insults like a pro.

Their partner smiled and took the vile from the other.

"But I guess there is only one way to find out of it works." They said and put a cork in it and stuffed it in their pocket. The other person smiled.

"And if it does work, we can get into the bigger things and actually make them fall in love." They laughed and hugged the person with the vile.

"Let's go test it on our guinea pigs then. I think they are at the crown arcade." They made their way upstairs and closed the door behind them.