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I was kneeling on the forest floor, sobbing. My hands were covering my face, hiding it for I was so ashamed of what I had just done. I had killed a human… for the first time in my entire life. I never knew I was capable of doing it. I never knew I would become like them, like those of our kind who would slay humans.

It was never my intention to kill him. It was his fault, really. He invaded our territory and then tried to kill me. It was just an instinct. I had to preserve myself didn't I?

I knew it was the zeny he wanted, the bounty that he would receive if he presented evidence that he killed a creature like me. Humans were hateful creatures. They would slaughter us monsters for rewards offered by their government. Others would execute us to strengthen themselves for battling with monsters further build up their prowess. Some would hunt creatures just for the fun of it. But in spite of all this, never had I hated them nor had I had the desire to slay any of them. In fact, I strongly opposed the killing of humans and encouraged others not to do so, too.

I bit my lip to stop myself from releasing another sob. Lowering my hands, I looked upon them. They were so red… so bloody.

"You would've killed a human sooner or later. You cannot stop humans from hurting us. It will always happen. And thus, it will always happen that we would kill some of them. We have to defend ourselves from their attacks or we will be the ones killed."

I recognized her voice; it was my friend's voice. I looked up to see her standing there, her eyes filled with sympathy. It always irritated me when someone catches me in my darkest moments. It made me feel as though I was the weakest creature in Rune Midgard.

Pulling myself together, I pulled my stiletto from the man's eye and then stood up. Turning my back on my friend, I walked towards the pond and washed my hands and stiletto clean of the bloody mess.

"You should understand, it is part of nature's plan," she whispered softly as I was cleaning myself.

"It should never be that way, Shurie, and you know it," I whispered brokenly as I looked at my reflection in the water.

An arrow sliced through the air and then I heard Shurie's scream of pain. I jerked my head to see what happened to Shurie. An arrow was protruding from her forehead; blood was rushing down her face tainting her alabaster skin. I watched her, horrified and frozen in place, as two arrows, that was fired in succession, hit her in the neck.

"Kiesha… run…" She raised her hands, reaching for me, as she fell.

Something snapped within me as I watched Shurie - my best friend. I became uncontrollable, just like a wild animal. I turned towards the direction from whence the arrows came from. Gripping my stiletto firmly, I ran towards that direction with only murder in mind.

A man stepped out of the shadows. He was wearing a Magician's Hat, a phantom of opera, gray trousers and a dirty white shirt. He was a hunter, I could tell, for he was carrying a bow and bag of arrows on his back. The hunter raised his bow and took aim. I did not stop. I just ran towards him, too enraged to think about anything aside from killing him. It did not register on me that he was about to shoot me and that I should dodge or something. As I neared him, I raised my stiletto, ready to strike him with full force.

A smirk appeared on his lips as he released an arrow. It hit me in the stomach and I fell on my knees. The pain was intense; my head was reeling from it. I shook my head to clear my mind. I clutched my stomach and then pulled the arrow sticking out of it. My vision blurred and I felt faint.

Confusion struck me. I never knew an arrow shot could make you feel dizzy and sick. I thought it was all pain and blood. Through my hazy vision, I examined the tip of the arrow. Finally, it dawned on me. The arrow was laden with poison; there was a pink fluid on its tip.

I felt myself weakening as though my life force was being drained from my body.

Is this the end for me?

The hunter walked towards me. My mind screamed for me to run but I couldn't. I was too weak to move, couldn't even raise my hand.

"You're a pretty one," he said.

A smile was painted on his lips. It wasn't a smirk nor was it a sneer. It was just a smile, a melting smile.

I found myself staring at him. Conflicting emotions paraded through me as he took something out of his pocket - a silver knife of chastity. I stared at it and found myself hypnotized by its beauty. It was so beautiful. Intricate designs were carved on the hilt of the knife and the cutting edge glistened like diamonds.

"I would let you have this," the huntsman began, "on one condition."

My blood turned cold. I knew what that condition was… it was to become his slave. A number of my friends have given their services to humans in exchange for this item. It has always puzzled me why they would agree to become human slaves. Why would they prefer it over freedom? Oh sure, humans could offer them protection but they would have to do whatever their masters bid them to do. It was a ludicrous exchange. Services for an item?… sheesh!

But now, as I gazed at the silver knife, I couldn't help but want it. Maybe it had hypnotizing powers that made a sohee want it. Or maybe taming items were made to be like that.

It's not really the item itself, Kiesha… It is something else… You will know when the time comes…

The voice of my mother penetrated my muddled thoughts.

"What say you…?" the hunter asked.

I don't know why I did but I accepted his offer. I was now bound to him. There was no turning back.

He gave me the knife and then he stood up.

"Come, my sohee."

I tried to stand up and was able to. The man, my master, offered his hand. I reached out and walked towards him. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and my head started to pound. I fell head on but my master caught me just in time. Darkness began to envelope me and I passed out.


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