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Chapter Nine- A Game Of Truth Or Dare

Part One

"I'm bored" Sirius wined.

"We know Sirius quit winning" James said annoyed.

"Your mean" Sirius said now pouting.

"Sirius be quit we're bored to" Remus said frustrated.

"Yes there is absolutely nothing to do" Lily said starting to wine as well.

"Who would have thought that going to the future would be so boring" James said frustrated.

The door suddenly burst open and in came Alex, Becky and Eliza.

"Hi how are you guys?" Alex asked.

"Well If you must know..." James said.

"We're bored!" Sirius said winning once again.

"Okay" Eliza said backing away.

"Shouldn't you three be in class?" Lily asked curiously.

"Well yes" Alex said nervously.

"But you see we sort of...kind off blew up the classroom and the teachers told us to leave for the rest off the day" Becky said grinning.

"You blew up the classroom!" Remus, Sirius, Lily and James said shocked.

Well Remus and Lily were at least shocked.

"Yeah" Eliza replied unsure.

"Why did you blow up the classroom?" Remus asked curious.

"Well we didn't do it on purpose it was an accident" Alex said innocently but her grin betrayed her.

"Well I'm still bored" Sirius commented grumpily.

"Yeah I'm bored to" Becky said winning.

"We need something to do," stated Lily.

"Yes but what can we do?" Eliza said while thinking.

"I know!" James said suddenly.

"Oh No" Remus groaned.

"Hey not all my ideas are bad infact most of them are good infact they are great!" James said insulted.

"Okay what's your idea?" Lily asked.

"Okay lets play Truth Or Dare!" James said.

"Yeah I want to play" Alex said enthusiastically.

"Same here" Becky said.

"Alright" Eliza said unsure.

"Not a bad idea" Remus said interested.

"So do you want to play?" James asked Lily and Sirius.

"Okay" Lily and Sirius agreed at once.

"Play what?" Arvandus asked walking into the room with Sarah and Avesten.

"Truth Or Dare do you want to play?" Sirius asked.

"Sure okay" Arvandus replied shrugging.

"Sarah, Avesten what about you two?" James asked.

"Yeah I'll play" Avesten said interested.

"I might as well" Sarah answered.

"Alright then who is going to start?" Lily asked.

"I'll start" Remus offered "Lily Truth or Dare?"

"Um...Truth" Lily replied.

"Okay um...Be honest would you go out with Severus Snape?" Remus asked teasingly.

"What type of question is that?" Becky asked quite disgusted.

"Yes. Who in there right mind would go out with that greasy git?" Alex asked disgusted at the thought of her Grandmother going out with HIM of all people!

"Urgh. You two have a point" Eliza agreed.

"Yeah they do. And No I would not go out with him" Lily answered.

"Hey is he even a person?" Avesten asked.

"Cause if he is he sure don't act it" Arvandus added.

"Good question one that I have been wondering for a long time myself well I can't really help you there guys" Becky said.

"Sorry I can't either I've been wondering that for as long as Silver has been right?" Alex said.

"Right you are Midnight" Becky replied.

"Right. Now Lily it's your turn" Eliza said rolling her eyes.

"Hey Crystal whats a matter?" Becky asked seeing her roll her eyes.

"She thinks we beein immature" Alex said matter of factly.

"Again?" Becky asked a mysterious grin forming.

"Yup" Alex replied an identical mysterious grin appearing on her face as well.

"Oh poor Crystal" Becky said looking sorry for her but the grin ruining the effect.

"Yes. How I pity thou' Crystal" Alex said with a fake accent.

"Oh Shud up" Eliza said trying to sound mad while throwing two pillows at them and trying not to laugh.

"Ow hey that hurt!" Alex cried.

"What hurt?" Eliza asked innocently.

"You know exactly what hurt!" Alex argued.

"Sure" Eliza said, "Now really what hurt?"

"You know what hurt" Alex said throwing a pillow at her.

"OW" Arvandus cried, "That really does hurt"

"Hey!" Avesten said "What did ya do that for?" he asked dodging a pillow being thrown.

"Well you haven't said anything for awhile sooooo..." Becky said.

"Fine then" Avesten said throwing a pillow.

"Hey. Avesten Jirius Black!" Sarah cried, "You'll pay for that!" she yelled throwing a pillow that went stray and hit Remus.

"OW. Okay then" Remus said picking up a pillow and throwing it.

"What the?" James said after getting hit smack in the head with the pillow that Remus had thrown.

"Oi Padfoot?" James yelled picking up a pillow on the floor.

"What the?" Sirius said "OW Prongs that hurt"

"Hey Watch It!" Lily cried when a stray pillow hit her in the back.

"Alright then um...Avesten Truth or Dare!" Lily shouted above all of the noise.

"Wow nice way to make everyone stop" Avesten said.

"Thought so" Lily replied "Well Truth or Dare Avesten?"

"Well definitely Dare" Avesten said.

"Alright then..." Lily said thinking.

"Alright then I've got it" Lily said so suddenly causing Sirius to fall off of the bed that he was currently sitting on and to land on top of Remus who was sitting on the floor.

"OW" he cried.

"Your saying ow what about me?" Remus said "Geroff me Sirius"

"Quiet Sirius, Remus" Sarah said.

"So Lily what's my dare then?" asked Avesten.

"Well I dare you to..."



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