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Hermione didn't speak to him for the entire duration of Thursday , when he had gotten home she was locked in her room. He had made them both food and left hers outside her door.

Friday they had left separately for their exam, she was scared he could tell, but she still didn't speak to him as they waited outside the exam hall with the other students.

It was 8pm on Friday night when she finally talked to him, she sat down on the sofa next to him as he built a tower of cards.

"are we going to the ball tomorrow together or are you making your own way their?" she asked.

Ron carefully balanced the last of the deck on top of the tower , being careful not to catch her eye.

"if you want, Fred and Angelina are already up their, they went to help with the last of the decorations and stuff"

Hermione shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she observed the tower .

"did you do it without magic?" she asked.

" yeah , some things just work better if you concentrate on the task at hand ." he said as she got up and wandered around the table.

"what happened the other day H" said Ron plainly.

Hermione shrugged.

" told you I wasn't well."

" you were fine at the office"

" it's got nothing to do with you." she said stopping across the table

" funny cause I think it's got a lot to do with me." said Ron looking at the floor.

"and what if it has?"

Ron looked up at her. She looked so angry with herself.

He just shrugged.

The cards came crashing down as Hermione's door shook the house.

Ron paced the living room waiting for Hermione to finish in the bathroom, she had been in their almost two hours now, what was she doing? She looked gorgeous most of the time why make so much of an effort? he kicked himself for thinking like that. he shouldn't think like that, it was thinking with his heart, something he kept telling himself would only get the two of them hurt. He was no good for her, she was too good for him, they fought, they never agreed on anything, he wished that she would get out of his brain it felt like it was going to explode.

She whisked past him without a glance towel wrapped around her, he glanced after her then told himself off for doing exactly what he told himself he wouldn't do, he wanted her, all of his instincts were telling him he was being an idiot and should just go with what he wanted , but that voice in his head that sounded so much like Hermione was telling him it was such a bad idea.

He traversed the beauty products that Hermione had left around the bathroom and ran himself a bath with what was left of the hot water.

For someone who was so organised, Hermione couldn't half make a mess of the bathroom , he figured all women were the same, Ginny was exactly the same.

He wondered briefly if Harry would be their tonight, he had been so caught up with trying not to feel anything for Hermione, that he seamed to be unable to manage rational thought.

Getting washed took him all of ten minuets and that included having a shave, how could women take two hours in the bath? He just couldn't understand it.

He met Hermione as he left the bathroom, she looked amazing in her dark red robes, she looked away from him ,when she seen that he had noticed her watching.

"hurry up were going to be late" she said as coldly as she could manage.

"me hurry up?" he scoffed . " I thought you had drown yourself in their." she looked around at him , he wished she wouldn't she made him self conscious, she knew as well as he did that he only had a bath robe on.

" we'll I didn't" she said snapping out of her gaze. "and were going to be late if you don't hurry up."

Ron got dressed hurriedly in his dark blue robes and joined her in the passage outside the flat.

"alright you highness let's get going." he said grabbing her by the arm and dragging her down the stairs.

" where are we going?"

" were going to meet Charlie and Tonks" he said looking at her. " you look fantastic by the way" he added unintentionally.

Hermione tried to hid the grin that spread across her face.

The great hall looked amazing pupils and ex students sat around what seamed like a thousand small tables, Ron sat with Neville watching as Hermione laughed and joked with lavender. Fred and Angelina stood in the corner quietly concealed from all others talking in hushed voices and staring longingly at each other. Tonks and Charlie sat at the table next to them, head's buried together, occasionally Hermione would look over at the proceedings, then turn back to the conversation that she was having with lavender ,Luna and Ginny were busy entertaining a bunch of first years And Harry was deep in conversation with Lupin , although from his glances at Ginny, Ron felt sure that it wasn't what he wanted to be doing.

At about nine Mr Weasley got up and made a speech about the re building of the school and how it was beginning of a new era for all, but Ron wasn't listening, not that he wasn't the only one, Tonks and Charlie had sneaked out of the hall almost as soon as they had spotted that a speech was on the way.

Harry and Ginny were getting jealous looks from a bunch of sixth year girls as they sat so close that it would be hard pressed to figure that nothing was going on. Hydiki was watching Lupin with a look of lust in her eye's she looked a little pail, but then again so did Lupin.

But Ron only briefly took this in , he was busy watching Hermione who was talking quietly with Malfoy the whole way through his fathers speech.

He slowly counted to ten, but before he got their ,the last word's Malfoy said came to his head 'maybe you should give instead of just taking?'.

Lavender asking him to dance knocked him for six, he hadn't noticed his father was finished.

"not right now maybe later ok" he said.

" oh ok." said lavender watching him as he made his way over to where Malfoy and Hermione sat.

They both looked up at him.

" I think I owe you a thank you, without you neither me or Hermione would be here" said Ron , and he actually meant it.

" your welcome Weasley." said Malfoy. Hermione smiled at Malfoy.

"if you don't mind me and granger were going to have a dance" he said starting to get up.

"actually I do mind I was about to give her the dance I owe her…" he offered Hermione his hand , she looked at Draco then at Ron, she took Ron's hand and followed him in to the middle of the dance floor, the band had just struck up a new slow song and Hermione watched Ron for his reaction.

He placed his hand's on her hips, and looked at her.

She went to speak but he shook his head. She placed her head on his shoulder and her arms around his neck. They swayed gently to the music , over Hermione's shoulder Ron spotted Harry and Ginny, they were dancing but watching Ron and Hermione at the same time.

Hermione pulled her head of him and looked at him.

The two of them stared at each other in the eyes for such a long time that the music changed and they were still dancing , around them everyone else started dancing to the up tempo music, but Ron couldn't bring himself to let go of Hermione.

She lent in to him and buried her head in to his neck.

"what's happening to us Ron" she whispered.

"I wish I knew" he said quietly.

Hermione answered him by kissing him gently on the neck.

"no" he said moving her away.

She looked at him hurt.

"why not?" she whispered..

Ron shook his head.

She stormed off and left him standing this time he knew he had to follow her , this time they were going to talk, no storming off, no arguments for all to see. She had to know how he felt, all of how he felt.

"where you going?" asked Harry who had been watching the two of them.

"Hermione doesn't feel to well were going home."

Ron knew that Harry didn't believe him but he didn't care.

" Hermione wait up"

" what is it Ron?" she said turning on him half way across the grounds.

"we need to talk."

" we tried that one, it' didn't work, it never works."

She was shaking and she knew it had nothing to do with the weather, she wanted him to show her some sort of affection any sign, why was he being so irrational?

"we'll this time were going to talk , and were not storming away from each other until we get a resolve ok." he said calmly.

She dissolved in to tears, no mater how much she hated to show him that he was getting to her, it hurt so much , it had been the second time she had put herself out for him and he had knocked her down.

"and we're going to do this in the privacy of our own home." he put an arm around her and lead her to the gates. As they passed the large winged bores at the front entrance Hermione wished that she was seeing them for the first time, that right now she was 11 years old and could start this all over again.

They hadn't time to put the light on before Hermione started shouting at him, he knew it was coming , he also knew to cut her off before she got started.

"Hermione calm down and sit down" he orderd.

She looked at him then sat down as she was told.

"we need to talk"

" you said" their was no happiness left in her voice.

"what's happening between us"

"if you haven't figured that out yet Ron" she said bitterly. " then your more of an idiot than I thought you were"

" no need H," said Ron reaching out for her. " that hurt"

" we'll you asked the stupid question" she said staring at the card's that still littered the floor.

"why did you stay the night with me" he asked her quietly.

" I told you, because I wanted to, because believe it or not Ron I like you, I thought you liked me to but obviously not after tonight. I'm just Hermione right? I can't be sexy I can't be anything but good old reliable Hermione."

"Hermione you know I like you , you know I would do anything for you , I love you more than life it's self" he said getting more and more angry with her , why couldn't she see the problems that he could.

"then why aren't we together?, it's killing me Ron, you've seen what I've been like the last few days, you do that to me, don't you understand that?" her face was starting to screw up with anger.

"we can't cross that line H, I don't want to spoil our friendship, you mean to much for me to hurt you"

" can't cross the line? Ron we're so over the line that you would need monocular to see the ( Ron had never heard Hermione curs but their was a first time for everything) line"

"but thing's will get weird"

"things will get weird? Ron thing's are already weird, things have been getting weirder for the last three years"

"can't we go back?"

" it's to late for that, we either do this or …or… I'm leaving…"

" that's and idle threat Hermione"

"Ron for once I'm not using logic, I'm taking a risk, me Hermione taking a risk… I took a risk spending the night by your side, I took a risk letting you sleep in my bed , I took a risk letting you know how I felt…"

The two of them were standing screaming at each other by this point, Hermione had her fists clenched down by her sides, she knew that if he said one more stupid thing she was going to drive one of them in to his face.

Ron was shaking, he knew what she was saying made scene , but Hermione was his best friend. it was wrong.

"how do you feel when you see me talking to krum?" she asked him quietly.

" I want to kill him" said Ron .

" could you live with that felling for the rest of your life? could you Ron, because I can't …I see you and I want you so bad it hurts to think about it, and I've tried to talk myself out of it, believe me and I thought I had. But like Harry said I had made my decision… I chose you over Harry , I chose you over myself Ron. You mean far to much for me to let you mess this up because your scared of a bit of change."

Ron looked at her.

"I'm sorry." he shook his head. "I want you Hermione I really ,really do but …"

" no butts, just take a chance" she said grabbing him by the wrist as he tried to walk away..

He pulled her towards him.

" you want me to take a chance?" he barked , she nodded. Never once letting go of his wrist.

"kiss me, one kiss , at least then we're not both going to wonder what it would be like for the rest of our lives." she said pleading.

" just one kiss?" he said looking at her as if she was mad.

"it's all I want to do every time I see you" she said . "it might stop things being weird, finish unfinished business"

He nodded . One kiss wouldn't kill them.

"so how we going to do this?" he asked her aggressively but Hermione had decided to take matters in to her own hands. she pulled him towards her releasing her grip on his wrist slightly as she moved to his eye level. She stared at him , this wasn't the way she had wanted it to happen, she had wanted him to whisk her of her feet, not have him do it to solve a problem. "you ready?" she asked. He nodded but never once broke eye contact.

Ron moved his free hand to move the hair out of her face, but before he could Hermione had already pulled him in to a kiss, not a deep passionate one like he was expecting , she was being gentle, her lips being careful not to miss his . He knew she was taking her time, making sure that if this was to be their only kiss she wasn't going to forget it, he knew she was because he was thinking the same thing. His hand found the back of her neck and he stroked it gently, she was perfect and he was being a fool.

When they broke apart Hermione let go of his wrist and looked away.

Ron stared at her not entirely sure what to say , that had felt so right, like all the bit's of his complicated life had fallen in to place.

Hermione didn't look at him.

"goodnight Ron" she said in a shallow voice and walked to her room.

Ron watched after her, mentally kicking himself, why was he being such an idiot, why was he deliberately hurting the woman he loved.

Did it make him feel any stronger, any more of a man?

He wasn't sure how long he stood their but when he went to bed he didn't sleep. Instead he listened to see if Hermione was sleeping, the gentle scratching of quill on paper told him that she wasn't.

He had already taken a chance today, one more wouldn't hurt him.

Slowly he got up and made his way to Hermione's room.

She looked up when she saw him standing at her door.

" civilised people knock" she said folding up the piece of parchment and shoving it down the side of her bed.

"we'll I'm not civilised am I"

" what did you want Ron?"

She said watching as he walked over and sat behind her, she tried not to think the thoughts that ran through her mind as he sat their in his check shorts and white t-shirt but it was a losing battle. He might not want her, but she couldn't stop herself from wanting him.

"have things gotten weirder?" he asked her.

" I don't want to kiss you when I see you" she said, Ron made a noise of disappointment. " it's moved on from that" she added quietly.

It had been loud enough for Ron to hear, he placed his hand on her waist and played with the hem of her top.

"I was thinking that too" he said moving closer to her. Hermione watched them both in the mirror at the end of her bed, they looked like they belonged together, they looked like one, Ron caught the line of her gaze and smiled at her in the mirror. Gently he moved forward and wrapped his arms around her.

"your ready to take a chance?" she asked him. Turning her head to the side to meet his that he had rested on her shoulder.

"on one condition."

" what's that condition?" she said resting her forehead against his.

"when you leave me for someone better, when you break my heart, we're still going to be friends, cause I can't live without you " he said closing his eyes.

"Ron… why would I leave you ? I chose you over Krum, i chose you over ...everything, don't you get that? As far as I'm concerned you're the best there is" she said.

"just promises me, I know you keep your promises"

" I promise" she said softly as he looked at her. His lips found hers in a split second, Hermione hadn't been expecting it but welcomed it all the same. Finally they felt right, the awkwardness between them had lifted , they could get on with living.

"h?" he said when she pulled away.

"I need to ask you something." she said taking hold of his hand.


"if I ask you to stay will you" she said reaching over and turning of the light.

"I don't know why don't you ask me?" He said grinning to himself in the dark.

"stay with me" she said .

He followed her up the bed and laid down beside her, wrapping his arm protectively around her waist.

"I'll stay as long as you'll have me" he whispered in to her ear.

"then I'm going to need a bigger bed."

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