Four Horsemen

By Delphine

-I don't want to miss a thing, I don't want to close my eyes, cause I'd miss you babe and I don't want to miss a thing-

Shooting, bombing, bleeding, dying; Oklahoma, Columbine, back street, everyday, perfectly normal murders. Israel, China, Russia, Iraq, Commies, Jews, dictators rule with War and Sorrow, God and Glory, God and Gory.

Dead-beat Dads and drug addicted kids, drunks and gangs, what to do?

-Living in a gangster's paradise-

Fallen angels with broken wings, sheep that have lost the flock, no shepherd to guide.

-Still the sick want healing, still the hungry cry for bread, still the captives long for freedom, still in grief we mourn our dead-

Technology has done nothing to lesson the pain of living, in ways it's made it worse. Fire prevails over Water, Air over Earth, War over Peace, Darkness over Light.

Hope seems frail and weak, but it's strong. A sword of the strongest steel that we use to fight the horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death. As our unbreakable shield is the unconquerable human spirit.