Grasp the Light

Author: MeiKimari

Summary: Kai is a multi-billionaire. Rei is just your average teen without 'much'. One day, Kai accidentally crashes his car into Rei's. What'll happen after that?

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade (Bakuten Shoot) Aoki Takao does. " I had to do research, sadly, though I guess I should've known.

Author's Note: Just to be on the same side, if by chance, accidentally, I keep switching from Rei to Ray, ignore it. They're the same person XD...and, I don't do that intentionally. Most of the lemon I've taken from a story from adultfanfiction But, there are reasons why I put up warnings to when you can read off and when to go back and read.

Warning: Lemon...sorta... Yaoi - KaixRei

Chapter 1: Destiny

Kai's P.O.V.


"What was that?" I shouted walking through my mansion. Soon, I figured out that it was Rei, who was playing with one of my vases in my private library.

"What are you doing Rei?" I asked, looking across the ground, which was now covered with glass and a dead bouquet of roses. (A/N: They're not literally dead. They just seem to be because they fell. XD I hop that's understandable...though not important.)

"I didn't mean to. I was just...I wanted to smell the roses. When I got too close, one pricked my finger and I dropped the vase accidentally." Rei answered, showing me his right hand. His index finger had a bit of blood on the side. Seeing it immediately, I couldn't help myself. I wanted to lick it without delay. But, decided against it, having only met Rei a few days ago. At first, he was just a kid without a clue, without a home, without money, except for his car. XD Now...he's, my love, my koi. Yes, he is.

How can someone be something they don't know they're being? I sigh. Looking back at the hand, I lead him over to my table in the library that has band-aids. I take one out and unwrap it. Taking the two strips of clear whiteness off, I take Rei's right hand and stick the band-aid over the finger, and the place where the blood was and is. After I finished doing so, I went back to daydreaming. Rei's hand is in my hand. Surprisingly, I was calm for so long. Now, he makes me want release. Whenever I'm near him, he makes me want to jump and shout. I just couldn't resist the urge to have Rei in my grasp, in my bed, doing our thing.


Rei's P.O.V.

"Kai?...are ya in there?" I ask Kai, seeing that my hand is still in Kai's. He doesn't seem to want to let go. He blushes and is finally coming back into focus, and back to reality. He releases his grip on my hand. And then I blush as well. A few days ago, all Kai was, was a person owing me money cause he crashed into my 1976 red convertible, and might I say, that it's totaled. I got it from my dad a few years back. Maybe, all the scratches that he thought were his doing, weren't, but, it's gone. My baby's gone. (A/N: We should name the car! XD Hey, if you can think of names, I'll give out plushies. " Or something...I can make thanx cards. Lol.)

Now, I'm staying here, supposedly being compensated by Kai. He promised me shelter, food, and a friend. I gladly accepted, though, my car's gone. I laughed to myself. The car isn't all that important. It wasn't worth much either. At least, I now have Kai. I love him. But, he just doesn't know it.


The radio was playing 'Romance' by Komatsu Ayaka.

'I love you baby baby,

Raito keshite,

Baby Baby Kiss wo shite

Baby Baby

Romance kizuite

HORA kakuretenaide

HORA hajimaru wa

Kyou wa otenki na no

Mado utsuru anata

Koi wo kizandeku DAIARII


Demo nanika sukoshi kyori kanjiteru wa

Anata watashi no mune ni

Kagi wo kakete shimau wa

Deaeta kiseki wa

Guuzen ja nai no ni

Dakiai hada ni shigekiteki

I Need you Baby Baby

RAITO keshite

Baby Baby Kiss wo shite

Baby Baby

Romance kizuite

Baby Baby hoho wo yosete

Baby Baby kimagure ne

Baby Baby

Sore de mo tanoshii

HORA kibou ga mieru

HORA kagayak-'

Rei immediately turned it off. He had been in his room unpacking. After that incident in the library, he thought he couldn't show his face again. As soon as Kai would let him return to his room, he did. And, that's where he was now. Going back to unpacking, he picks up a photo of his friends – Takao and Max. They were together now. Probably in some place off of Tokyo. It'd only been three years since he last saw them. Not even letters were sent from them. And because of that, Rei had not realized what he had done that day of the crash. "I wished...they'd ca-" He said, being interrupted by Kai who was walking into the room.


Kai's P.O.V.

I couldn't resist the urge any longer. I decided to walk into his room. (A/N: Yes, Kai is very OC, aren't all fics like that anyways? Well, most of them at least.)


Kai walked into Rei's room and over to Rei. "What's wrong Kai?" Rei asked as Kai suddenly had his arms around Rei, pinning the body to the wall. Rei tried to struggle to his dismay, but soon gave up when he felt like he was suffocating. Kai then brought Rei over to the bed.

"What are you going to do?" Rei asked as he was pinned by the Russian. "This," Kai said, as he lent down and captured Rei's lips with his. Rei was shocked by this show of emotion and affection from the boy. When Kai pulled back, all Rei could do was stare at him.

"Crap," Rei muttered getting a chuckle from the captain. Rei then found himself with his shirt off. Kai kissed him again. Rei pushed himself up, wrapping his arms around the Russians neck. Kai coaxed the arms away from his neck; he then gently held them above Rei's head.

Suddenly, Rei felt a strong pressure on his crotch. He mewled and then tried to run his hands along the Russians body. But, he couldn't move his hands. He found them bound to the brass headboard with a white scarf that would not be worked loose. "Tsk, tsk, Kitten, I'm in charge",

Kai said as his hand slipped inside Rei's boxers: Making the Neko-Jin mewl again.


Rei's P.O.V.

Is this what I want? Kai? Why, does it feel so wrong. This is what I longed for, for so long. Yet, my desire...when I think back to the few days ago I had met Kai, I think how it could've been. Destiny.

Kai: A real KaixRei

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Kai: Right.

Rei: What's the deal and Kai, he's...he's...what's he doing to me?

Mei: You'll see. You'll see. hugs

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