Grasp the Light

Author: Mei Kimari

I just want to thank all the reviewers that reviewed Grasp the Light. I guess I can say, yay! Cuz, I actually got 42 reviews. XD yippee?

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Author's Note:

Like I said last chapter, I'm going to be putting a second part of this story up here. (As a seperate story)

The story will have an unoriginal title, of "Grasp the Light - II''. XD

As of right now, I'm starting a new story, that is totally anime-unrelated called "Those Three Words". You guys can check it out, though, like I just said, it's totally anime-unrelated. 'sweatdrop' though...I guess you could say, the 'figure' of Rei is in it. haha

I'm also on writer's block right now, so, I have absolutely no ideas for Grasp the Light - II. So, if you do have any ideas I can use, please review and tell me. All the more help will help me so much more. Other from that, as soon as I can, I promise I'll come back and post the first chapter of the second part to Grasp the Light, as soon as I can.

Oh...and, it's not going to be as 'lemon' as this story. XD

-'it's' is referring to Grasp the Light - II

Mei Kimari