Hey this isn't really a chapter, but it tells you what Harry/Duo will look like throughout the story. When other chappies r updated I'm going to try to keep this one as the last chapter… or should I make it the first? Ne way g2g and keep my friend from trying out her schemes to take over the world.

Lily was a fae and James was a demon.

Appearance of Harry/Duo:

Amethyst eyes with emerald green flecks


In the sun it looks chestnut brown

In the moon it looks ebony

½ fae

stunningly beautiful

delicate looking

feminine looking




silver translucent fae wings

ebony hair w/ chestnut streaks

eyes- emerald green w/ silver flecks

½ demon

better than average healing rates



if he drinks blood he will absorbs the other's magic

cannot die of old age

turns into Shinigami when angered

stops ageing at 18


black leathery bat wings

ebony hair w/ silver sheen

eyes- amethyst and red flecks

more than 1 pair of wings

translucent, veined fae wings

shimmer silver

veins- emerald green

soft, leathery, bat wings-

wings- black

claws- silver

runes and designs- red

no glasses

has Duo features

heart shaped face

mid-thigh length braid

wears black a lot

attitude combination:

like Duo

w/ some of Harry's more 'Syltherin' characteristics