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All was not right in the house of #4 Private Dr, the house of Mr, and Mrs. Dursley. They prided themselves on being normal. You could even go as far and say that they were obsessed with it. They valued others views more then their own. Very shallow people they were. Caring more about others views than their own family, the kind of people who are easily swayed with false promises of gold, glory, and power. But oh silly me, you didn't really need to know that did you? No matter, here begins the story of the Boy-Who-Lived.

A baby boy woke up to the sound of something shattering and the high-pitched call of "V-V-Veron-non-n", which came the stuttered screech from the diminutive horse-faced woman who was staring at the front porch in horror.

The huge man in the kitchen quickly got up form the kitchen to see what was wrong with his wife. After a quick whispered discussion between the couple they decided to dump the baby away from the city in some remote area. After all they didn't want contaminated with his freakishness.

A rather large whale of a man left one of the houses on Private Dr. Everyone who lived on Private Dr. was obsessed with everything that they considered normal. If one did something considered abnormal… well lets just say they ended up moving rather quickly. Gossip was a common trait amongst the women. They could gossip for days if they wanted to though how, was a complete mystery to everyone else… other than their husbands and children of course. All the houses had the exact same build, the only thing separating them as the touches they the families added to their houses with were, unfortunately, nearly unnoticeable to outsiders.

Vernon prided himself on his life. He believed that the neighborhood and family were perfect. The baby, his little nephew who was not quite a year and half, was seen as a threat to his perfection, something that would ruin his life if not dealt with quickly. As he drove swiftly down the road that lead out of the town… he remember the colonies. Chuckling to himself he thought 'Surely that would be the best place to dump the child. He will probably die of starvation or something, and colonies deserve his freakishness. They probably have loads of people with his freakiness up there. Yes, that is definitely the best way to go.' The shuttle area came into view rather promptly. As soon as he was sure that no one was looking he dumped the baby onto the shuttle… the one going to colony L2.

Sorry I've been so slow about updating this story. I don't really know what I want to do about organizing the story or anything and have yet to completely finish the plot of the story. I've decided to follow Nytingale's advice about moving that thing about Harry/Duo to the being. Unfortunately the site is an ass because it doesn't allow you to use different fonts. I think that I suck at dialogue, but I'll try to actually put some in the story more often or it will get boring rather quickly. Thanks to my reviewers for reviewing. I've changed up some things in the prologue and this chappie though. I'll try to make my chappies longer, but it just kinda depends on if I 'feel' what I'm writing. Why does my writing always seem to have darkish tone though… something to ponder on a rainy day I suppose. Ta ta