Damien Shepard here. This is the Mega Man Axl fanfiction that I promised. If you read the summary, then you know that this has a dedication. The reasons I wanted to do this fic are as follows:

1. I'm sick and tired of seeing things that are always putting Axl down. He happens to be my favorite character in the Mega Man X series.

2. X and Zero have their own game series, so why can't Axl have his own time in the spotlight, no matter what it is?

3. I wanted to express MY idea of how Axl, and his special DNA system, were created. That will be explained in episode 5. (Not to say that there won't be more episodes after that, mind you.)

Note that there will be crossovers during this group of stories. Also, the episodes will be basically done like a true Mega Man game. Meaning, there will be an intro mission and a certain number of "robot masters" before the final battle of an episode. Oh! And one more thing, Sigma is a good guy in this fic. The reason he became maverick in the first place will be explained in this prologue.

I will give the bad guys and all next chapter, because that is when I will start Episode 1. But for now, here is the introduction.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Mega Man characters. No matter how unimportant they are. But I do own the bad guy, Harl.

Damien Shepard Presents

Mega Man Axl

Series Prologue: The Sacrifice.

After the battle with Redips, the Maverick Hunters, X, Zero and Axl, had a short time of peace before a mysterious Maverick had attacked some old ruins. X and Zero headed off into battle. When they got there, the Maverick had destroyed half of the ruins! X and Zero then engaged the enemy in battle, but they lost contact with Hunter Base. Axl, feeling that something was wrong, rushed off to the point where Base had lost contact with them.

"This is where the contact was lost, but where are they?" Axl asked.

Suddenly, a bright flash nearly blinded Axl. When he regained his vision, he found X and Zero, unconscious and bound by their wrists by ropes. Axl took this as a shock.

"X! Zero!" Axl screamed. With that, he dashed over to them and unbound them. When they fell, they regained consciousness. They were surprised to see Axl in front of them.

"Axl?! What are you doing here?!" X asked shockingly.

"Saving you guys, why else" Axl answered.

"Listen, Axl," Zero started. "…there is a much bigger threat than you think!

"What do you mean?

"Have you ever heard of the maverick, Harl?" X asked.

"Harl…! Wasn't he the first reploid to ever go maverick?" Axl asked, remembering the archives he read during his time in Red Alert.

"Yes." X said. "He disappeared shortly after he went maverick. No one knew what happened to him.

"Until now." Came a gruff voice from the shadows. The Maverick Hunters looked into the shadows to find a black reploid with a red outline. He had red eyes and crimson horns on his head.

"I take it that you are Harl?" Axl asked.

The black reploid laughed before saying "Yes. You are correct. I am Harl, the worlds first ever purified reploid."

"Hmph. You mean worlds first maverick." Axl said in a smart-aleck tone.

"Enough! I've been waiting for you, Axl. Your DNA System is just what I need to create the new age!"

"New Age?"

"I will purge the world of its impurities and create a utopia for reploids!"

"Impurities? You don't mean…?!"

"That's right. I will destroy all humans and rebuild the world specifically for reploids!"

"I won't let you do that!" Axl screamed out loud.

"Axl, don't! He'll defeat you like he did us!" Zero yelled in hopes of stopping Axl. Axl, however, was oblivious to his cries.

"Heh, I don't plan to sully my own hands with the task. I'll leave my most loyal subject to do that." Harl said. With that, a bigger reploid came in. The Maverick Hunters quickly recognized the reploid.

"Sigma?!" they yelled.

"Yes. Sigma." Harl said. "Like you, he was once a Maverick Hunter. But with a little "persuasion," I was able to turn him over to the winning side."

"You mean…you were the one who made Sigma a Maverick?!" X asked.

"That's right. Through technology I personally developed, I was able to make multiple reploids become maverick. The only major reploids I can't turn maverick are X, Zero, and you Axl." Said Harl, pointing at Axl. "But when I take your DNA System, I will change the world! Sigma, ATTACK!"

Sigma charged at Axl. Axl, with his instincts, or whatever passes for instincts in a reploid intact, dodged the charge. He countered with a barrage of shots from his laser guns. Sigma took some damage but he was more or less unfazed. He then fired a beam of energy straight at Axl. He was able to barely get out of the way.

"Jeez! That was close!" Axl thought. He then had an idea. Sigma charged at Axl one last time. Axl, however stood his ground. When Sigma got close enough, Axl jumped backwards and fired at the jewel on Sigma's forehead. Sigma was knocked backwards a little ways before falling onto the ground. Axl then walked slowly towards Sigma with his gun pointed at him. When he got close enough to him, he noticed some changes. For example, the red patterns around his eyes were gone. Axl jumped back a little when Sigma regained consciousness.

"Sigma!" Axl yelled. At that, Sigma turned to Axl.

"Who are you? For that matter, where am I? Last thing I know, I was investigating some strange readings." Sigma said, having absolutely no idea what happened during the last 100 years.

"Looks like you've FINALLY come to." Zero said from the lit area around him and X. Sigma looked at him and said, "Aren't you the Maverick I defeated in those ruins?"

"I was turned good, but I thought our personalities switched after that battle. I guess that was not entirely correct." Zero said.

"Damn, it." Harl said. "Now, even my best servant has been corrupted, and AGAIN to boot! No matter, I'll destroy you all!"

With that, he pressed a switch on a remote control. Then, he yelled, "Now you will all perish! I've just activated a bomb somewhere within the ruins. You will all go in a glorious blast and this world will be purged of some of its impurities." He then started to teleport out of the ruins.

"Hold it!" Axl yelled. "Why don't I give you something for the road?" With that, he fired a shot at the teleporting Harl. This caused a chain reaction which, although Harl still teleported out of the ruins, no one knew where he would wind up.

"We gotta get out of here!" Axl yelled.

"You guys go." X said.

"We'll take care of the bomb, so you two can get out." Zero continued for X.

"Wait!" Sigma started. "If you die…" Before Sigma could finish, X and Zero smashed small hand-sized holed in their armor and pulled out some of their DNA data and threw it towards Axl.

"Now you have our DNA. Take this too." Zero said, throwing his Z-Saber to Axl.

"What…?" was all Axl could say.

"Take care, you two. X said before he and Zero pushed them out of the room they were in. The door to the room slammed in Axl's face as he tried to reason with them, but Sigma forced him to run out of the ruins. They evacuated just in time, too. Because the moment they were out of the bomb's blast radius, the bomb exploded, with X and Zero still in the ruins.

And that was the end of X and Zero, and the prelude to Axl's own adventures.

First Episode will come with this.

Before anyone asks, NO, I don't think Megaman Zero is the official addition to the X storyline. I think that part was reserved for Command Mission. Hence, the "battle with Redips" quote. If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, he whole thing will be explained in a later chapter. But now, please review the story.