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Damien Shepard presents,

Megaman Axl

Episode 1: Thrusted Through Time

Stages 3 & 4

Story So far: Axl went to examine some ruins where X and Zero were investigating. Once he found them, he also found Sigma, being controlled by Harl, the first reploid to ever go Maverick. Axl was forced to fight Sigma, but defeated him and released him from Harl's control. But Harl tried to destroy them, but X and Zero sacrificed themselves so Axl and Sigma could live. 100 years later, during an investigation of strange energies at a specific point, Maverick Hunter Base is destroyed while they were gone. They encounter Lumine immediately after, who tells Axl that they are brothers. Together, Axl, Sigma and Lumine are taken to Awayuki Town in the year 2005 in another dimension. After saving Professor Gaudile from a monster, he takes them to a mansion at the edge of town, where they find that Signas and the Navigators had also escaped. The Hunters learn about Leafe and who's trying to destroy it. Axl, Sigma, and Lumine take it upon themselves to defeat this menace, soon destroying Hurricane Elephander, and Rainbow Butterfly.

The Maverick Hunters decided to retake Coroner Road now. Layer would be the Navigator, while Lumine led the assault.

Coroner Road-Heat Frogoid.

The Maverick Hunters were on Ride Chasers. They were on the bridge now.


Layer called on the communicator

"Sorry that you have to use Ride Chasers, but the bridge's road has somewhat melted. If you didn't use them, you would get stuck. For now, just concentrate on getting it back."

"Roger that." Lumine said.

They started driving through the melted part of the bridge. They came across Demon Larva infested Ride Chasers.

"It seems that the Demon Larva are able to take form of whatever it takes to guard their territory. It shouldn't be too hard to destroy these." Layer said.

Axl was the one who destroyed the first wave. They then came across some hills that apparently were formed by the Maverick Knight.

"Watch yourselves. This could get ugly." Lumine said.

It didn't get ugly, but it did get bumpy. Fortunately, the Ride Chasers took no damage in the jumps.

"That was close" Axl said.

"Don't get cocky, brother." Lumine said.

They moved through some curves and destroyed some more enemies. Then they found some holes in the road.

"Just try to jump them!" Lumine said.

They were able to do so and escape without a scratch. Just when they thought that it was over, another giant Transport Demon came flying from above. Layer then called on the communicator.

"You won't be able to get to the base until you deal with that Transport Demon. Just attack it when it's mouth is open." Layer informed.

The Maverick Hunters did just as it said, soon bringing ruin to the Transport Demon.

"Great. Now you can get to the Maverick Knight's Base. But you'll have to ram the Ride Chasers into the front door."

"What better way to knock." Axl said.

They jumped out of the Ride Chasers just as they rammed the door. It was destroyed and the Maverick Hunters started their way in. But just as they entered, Lumine stopped them.

"Hold it. I sense a capsule around here."

He looked up.

"Sigma, see if you can't get us up there."

"Can do." Sigma said. He helped the other Hunters up a cliff. They found a capsule at the top.

"Let's see what I get out of this." Axl said.

He walked right in and was covered in a purple light, signifying that this was a piece of the Poseidon Armor. When he stepped out, his helmet's outline was now purple.

"A piece of the Poseidon Armor. What does this do?" Axl said.

"The helmet piece heals you as you walk. This is a very useful piece of armor." Lumine said.

"Yeah. It must be." Axl said

Just as they were about to enter the base, Layer spoke up.

"This Maverick Knight seems to be more accustomed to heat. If you have a weapon that can cool it down, you might want to use it now." Layer said.

They then headed for the Maverick Knight controlling the bridge. He was in a pool of lava behind the first door they entered. He abruptly got out of his fire bath. He was a frog reploid with a torch-like object for a head. He was a red color, with a pale fleshy color for other parts

"Croak! I see you've dodged my traps." Heat Frogoid said.

"And I see that you're a Maverick Knight." Lumine said.

"Yep. Croak! I'm Heat Frogoid. The Maverick Knight of Flames." Frogoid said.

"We're here to take back the bridge!" Axl yelled.

"We'll take you down if we have too." Sigma said.

"Don't you know that if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned? Croak!" Heat Frogoid asked.

"Yes, and we don't care!" Lumine said as he and the other Hunters prepared to fight.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Lumine struck first with the L-Whip. Frogoid took some damage, but got right back up, and retaliated with a stream of fire. Axl pulled Lumine out of the way, and fired some shots directly into Frogoid's mouth. Frogoid struck back with a Fire Charge attack. Axl was hit and took some damage. Sigma took the time to kick Frogoid away, and slash him a few times. Frogoid was getting ticked. He attacked with his Flame Meteor attack, but Sigma was able to dodge every shot. Axl fired his Golden Beam special attack at Frogoid a few times. Frogoid was about to burst.

"Time to finish this!" Lumine said. The Maverick Hunters then executed the EXF attack on Frogoid.

"CRRRROOOOAAAACCCCKKKK!" Frogoid went before he exploded, releasing Fire Leafe onto the Maverick Hunters.

"Guys! The bridge is reforming to what it was before Frogoid took it over! You've succeeded in your mission!" Layer said.

Mission Complete

Weapons Gained

Axl-Meteor Launcher-Axl gets a Missile Launcher that fires burning boulders instead of missiles. Can burn enemies, causing extended damage.

Sigma-Fire Charge-When Sigma dashes, he consumes himself with Fire Leafe and charges at any enemy. Attacks when dash is performed. Can burn enemies.

Lumine-Burn Mace-The tip of the L-Whip is covered with Fire Leafe in the shape of the spiked part of a mace. Can burn enemies.

Later, at the base…

"I don't understand why, but nobody punished me for what I did." Sasame said.

"I guess that since sacrificed yourself, they just saw how you fought for what you truly believed in." Lumine said.

"You might be right" Sasame said, leaving the room.

"I wonder…" Sigma said.

"What?" Axl said.

"They keep saying "the Prètear" all the time. Just who is the Prètear in the first place.

"The Prètear is the Princess of Light." Axl said.

"I know that, but what is her REAL name? They seem to be dodging that somehow." Sigma said.

"Who knows. We're bound to find out soon, though." Lumine said. Axl and Sigma nodded their heads in agreement.

The Hunters then decided to investigate the Ice District. Axl would head the charge in his Midline Armor with the parts he gained so far, while Pallette agreed to Navigate.

Ice District-Freeze Flipoid

The Maverick Hunters were standing at the entrance of the Ice District.


"Apparently, everything, including the people, have been entombed in ice. It also looks like the ice is slippery, so watch your step."

"Got it, Pallette. We're on our way." Axl said.

They jumped through some platforms after walking about 5 meters through very slippery ice, collecting Leafe as they went along. Then they got a call from Pallette.

"I'm detecting a higher path that leads to a dead end, but there's a strange anomaly there."

"I'm detecting an upgrade capsule in that area. Let's check it out." Lumine said.

"Alright. Let's go!" Axl said.

The higher path had some more platforms to jump on and over, but they soon came to the capsule. Axl stepped in and was consumed by the same red light for the Ares Armor. Now his handguns were colored red.

"Those are the Ares Handguns. The shots now cause 4X damage. Enemies will get a blast out of those." Lumine described.

"Alright. We've got the new upgrade, now let's get back to the mission." Axl said.

After they made their way down, they had to go through a blizzard, which was caused by a giant snow generator, which they destroyed easily. They then got another call from Pallette.

"You're not far from the next Maverick Knight. You've got just a few more meters left. Be careful." Pallette warned.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine.

They found the door to the Maverick Knight and went through it to meet the Maverick Knight of Ice, Freeze Flipoid. He was a large seal reploid.

"So, the Maverick Hunters are here to stop Lord Hayate's plans, huh?" Flipoid asked.

"You must be the Maverick Knight of Ice." Axl said.

"Freeze Flipoid, at your service. But I'm afraid that I must stop you from halting our big plan." Flipoid said.

"You're not going to destroy the humans. We'll see to that!" Sigma said.

"Fufufu…You actually think that we plan for Genocide? No. Our plans are much more important to our lord."

"What are you talking about?" Lumine asked.

"It doesn't matter. Because I'm going to destroy you for our lord!" Flipoid yelled.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Flipoid created an Ice Barrier and then charged at the Hunters, only to be met with Sigma's Fire Charge, which melted the shield and damaged him severely. Axl then pulled out the Meteor Launcher and fired at Flipoid. Even more damage was then caused. Flipoid then fired an icicle barrage at Lumine. He took some damage, but was able to dodge the majority of Icicles.

"He's getting desperate. Let's finish this!" Axl yelled, commanding the EXF on Flipoid. It was executed flawlessly and Flipoid was about to explode.

"You'll never stop our lord!" Flipoid said before dying. The remaining Ice Leafe flew into the Maverick Hunters.

Mission Complete

Weapons Gained

Axl-Icicle Gun-Axl gains an Nail Gun that fires Icicles It can severely damage any enemy within seconds. Can freeze some enemies.

Sigma-Ice Stab-The Z-Saber becomes charged with Ice Leafe and Sigma takes a Fencing pose and constantly stabs any enemy facing forward.

Lumine-Freezer Vapor-The L-Whip becomes charged with Ice Leafe and it gets so cold, frozen vapors come out. Can freeze enemies.

Later, at the base…

Axl was getting restless.

"Man, this is getting boring. We've already destroyed half of the Maverick Knights, and we're still no closer to finding Hayate and Harl." Axl said.

"I must admit, I too am getting tired." Lumine said.

"Shouldn't something happen?" Sigma asked.

His question was answered, but not by Axl or Lumine, but by an explosion near the Mansion.

"The Mansion is under attack! Repeat, the mansion is under attack! Axl, Sigma, Lumine, get outside now!" Alia yelled from the other room.

"Looks like things might get interesting soon enough." Lumine said.

Intermission stage and Stages 5 & 6 Coming Soon.

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