Her Love Gives Me Strength

Before the Story Begins

I must say that when I first wrote this story I was about 13 or 14. I have recently gone over it and noticed some major problems with it. So now I can do what I should have done long ago: Revised it to be completely accurate and flow nicely. I had to laugh at how poorly my grammar and plot design was. Well here it goes.

I added a couple of characters to this story of Tidus/Yuna. This will be the first story I have written on this site. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1

It was a regular day for the one we call Tidus. As he stumbled into his bathroom he slowly began to fix his hair. Once he had woken up a bit he got dressed and ate breakfast. The twenty-two year old male jumped out the door to be greeted by his mysterious friend Jason.

"You ready to go?" asked Jason smirking.

"What does it look like?"

Both boys started their motorcycles and took off. The road flew by as their College came into view. Zanarkand Academy was one of the top schools in the whole of Spira. It had been destroyed about 1000 years ago by some monstrosity known as Sin. However thanks to High Summoner Braska, Sin was completely obliterated and would never be coming back again. About five years after Sin's death, people rebuilt Zanarkand so that it was livable.

Tidus lived partially with his Father, Jecht. The man usually was gone and never around. He had been a guardian to High Summoner Braska and was constantly bombarded with political and social stress. No one would have figured Jecht was actually Tidus' father, because there didn't seem to be a resemblance. Only Jason knew of the experienced blitzball star Jecht's and the young blitzball star Tidus' relation.

(Tidus POV)

My best friend, Jason, is a tall muscular young man. He is a blitzball star much like myself, but he is mysterious even to me. I try to ask him about his past, but he blows off the subject. I have known him ever since I moved here about nine years. He has taught me a lot of the things that I would need in college. Socially in school, I am among the mid class students. Jason, on the other hand, isn't even classified. No one really knows how to classify him since no one knows that much about him.

(Normal POV)

They flew across the terrain towards school; passing busses, girls walking, and avoiding pedestrians at all costs. Soon reaching their destination, they hopped off and walked in.

"I just got done fixing my hair." Tidus grumbled.

"Get over it." Jason stated flatly.

"Let's see how you react if your hair was messed up."

"I could really care less." (Bell rings) "Joy. I just love English in the morning." Jason said sarcastically.

-In Class-

"Class! Pay attention! We have a new student. His name is Shian. You can go sit beside Yuna."

(Tidus POV)

Ah, Yuna. I haven't talked to her in a while. I really haven't gotten the chance since she is considered one of the popular kids now. Once everyone found out who her father had been they instantly accepted her. I say that because her parents…are dead. They died almost eleven years ago. I had learned it from her when we had started to become friends after I had moved here. Like I said before she had become popular and stopped spending time with me. Krystal, her best friend, had been the same with Jason. They use to be good friends, but once again the students found out about her famous parents and stole her, as I put it, away from Jason. I just wish we could, well, get back together as friends again.

I don't know what it is, but that new kid creeps me out. Jason seems to feel my uneasiness about him.

(Normal POV)

Tidus soon started to fall asleep until he was nudged and given a slip of paper addressed to himself and Jason. He handed it to Jason for him to hold onto it until class had ended. After five minutes the bell rang.

All the young adults sprinted to get out of the classroom.

"Jason, Tidus!" yelled the teacher over the stampede.

"Yes, Ms. Bergsieker?" the boys answered in unison.

"Can you boys be kind and show Shian around."

"Yes ma'm."

Shian walked over in the direction of the boys. It took them most of the morning to show him around. He said his thanks and left for his next class, which was lunch. Jason and Tidus had worked up an appetite.

"I'm so hungry." Tidus whined.

"Well then hurry up and get in line." his blonde haired companion stated pushing him in front of himself.

At that moment Jason's cell phone began to ring.

"Yes." He answered casually.

"Jason you aren't allowed to have your cell phone on during school." Tidus warned.

"I get to have mine on Tidus. Anyway I need to go somewhere."


"It doesn't concern so don't worry."

"Don't be late for class. You know how Lulu gets when you are late for her science class."

"No possible way that I can be late. Oh! Here is paper you gave me first hour." With that he left the gym.

-Meanwhile at Lunch-

Tidus finally found a spot to sit. After doing so he opened the slip of paper and began reading:

Dear Jason and Tidus,

How you have you two been? We apologize for ignoring you for these past couple of years. It took us up until now to realize that the people we had been calling friends were just our friends because we had famous parents. We pray you can forgive us and give us a chance to catch up with you. We could meet after your Blitzball game at 6:00 p.m. tonight. We will be cheering you on. We will also be in section 15, seats 12 and 13. Meet us after the game and we can go somewhere and talk about whatever.

Your old friends,

Yuna and Krystal

"Wow, talk about irony." Tidus said as he started to daydream.

Not knowing a pair of eyes (just two eyes) watched his and Jason's every move.

He snapped out of his daydream as soon the words, that most principles dislike, were shouted.


"Crap!" he yelled as he dove under the table and then crawled over to the door to escape.

Tidus was finally able to get out of there without getting food on him. Once he caught his breath, he noticed Jason leaning against the wall. Tidus failed to notice the change in his friend's attire.

"That was quick." Tidus said.

The boys watched as food went everywhere. Suddenly the bell rang, not only to signify the end of lunch but also tell the students that the food fight was over. Jason then asked for the note.

"Hadn't you already seen the note?"

"No I thought it would be polite until we could both look at it." came Jason's reply.

Young, food-covered adults suddenly burst through the door and the two sighed.

"Two more hours to go." complained the males.

"Hey at least we have Physical Education last hour." comforted Jason.

"That is at least fun."

Seventh hour past like butter melting on toast or in other words fast. P.E. finally was starting. Dodge ball was the game and the teams were basically the popular people vs. the unpopular and Jason.

"Start!" yelled Auron.

All of them ran to the middle of the room and grabbed all they could carry.

Tidus and Jason, being blitzball players, had the best accuracy. Most of the people knew who they needed to go after, Jason. He was practically the only threat on the court. Everyone watched in shock as he would simply dodge them, usually by twisting unnaturally. Soon he was throwing the ball so fast it practically blew people away when it passed them. The hour slowly began to wind down. At the end of the hour, all the players collapsed where they stood.

"That was fun and exhausting. We got a game in 3 hours. Let's rest until then." Tidus cautioned.

"Good luck!" Yuna and Krystal yelled waving and then disappearing into the girl's restroom.

"Tidus we have the extra class to go to now. We better hurry." Jason stated.

-Twenty Minutes Later-

"Class, welcome to advance swordsmanship and today we have a special guest. Everybody… all 5 of you…meet Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel."

Gasps were heard throughout the room.

"I was asked by a friend to come and visit you guys. I wanted to see why it is he spoke so highly of you, and just in case you needed some help training." Sephiroth announced as he winked to someone.

No one paid attention to who he had winked to. They were too busy starting at the famous one-winged angel, Sephiroth.

"Now let's see what you people can do." Sephiroth challenged.

One by one the showed him what they could do. When it was Jason's turn, he challenged Sephiroth to actually fight him.

"You don't need to fight him. Sephiroth, you're one of they best sword fighters on this planet." the instructor said to Jason.

"I don't mind," Sephiroth interrupted, "I finally might have a challenge."

A couple of silent statements were said, but Jason paid no attention to them.

"You ready?" Jason challenged.


Both of them stood on either side of the room. Auron put down his arm signaling for them to start. Immediately they drew their swords and rushing at each other. The clang of swords rang all over the gym. Unknowingly to them, Jason's and Tidus' old friends were watching even though they were supposed to be home. The two girls gasped as Jason nearly decapitated Sephiroth and the older man almost did the same to his opponent. They continued to dodge each other's blades and they seem to being teasing each other. It was as though neither of them were being completely serious.

(Tidus POV)

They seemed equally matched. The only disadvantage was that Jason was a little bigger and Sephiroth was quicker, but it still appeared as though they were evenly matched. I had never seen him fight then way he was now. The way he moved, swung, and how he was able to match Sephiroth step by step amazed everyone there! They continually fought until the end of class. Then Auron blew the whistle to signify that it was tie.

(Normal POV)

"It's been a while hasn't it Jason." the silver haired man stated.

"It has been a while."

"Mind explaining?" Everyone said in unison.

"Should I tell them or should you Sephiroth"

"All you know of the Crusaders right?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with you?" All of them inquired an explanation.

"There are still threats of monsters and fiends in Spira, and I am a part of a group of elite slayers." he explained. "When a big threat appears I am called. I met Jason after he had been attacked by one many years ago. It had almost killed him and I barely made it out alive. We became rivals that day and have been dueling each other ever since."

"I never knew that." Krystal whispered.

"Remember, we haven't talked for about two years now." Yuna reminded her. "Plus, even when we were with them we never learned much about Jason. He likes to keep to himself."

"Oh… yeah."

"Your boyfriend knows Sephiroth and he can go toe to toe with him." She taunted Krystal.

"Shut up Yuna. He's not my boyfriend anyway. Well, your boyfriend is a star blitz player."

"So is yours!"

"I guess you win this one…"

They sneaked away as quietly as possible.

(Jason POV)

I introduced Sephiroth to Tidus and he almost had a heart attack. After he left Tidus and I walked outside to go home and get ready for the game. Sephiroth hadn't made it to his vehicle so I quickly ran up to him.

(Normal POV)

"Hey Sephiroth?"


"Thanks for only telling them you're a part of the Crusaders. Life would be a pain if every one knew about it. Anyway, could you do me one last favor?" Jason asked.

"Sure. What is it you would ask of me?"

"Do you think that you could come to the Blitzball game, and sit by some friends of mine?"

"Is one of them your girlfriend?" He teased.

"You always tease me about her. You're the one with a girlfriend lover boy."

"Don't start this again! What seats will they be sitting in?" Sephiroth asked trying to change the subject.

"They'll be in section 15, seats 12 and 13. The one in seat 12 is Yuna and the one in seat 13 is Krystal."

"Lucky you. I have section 15, seat 14 anyway."

"I guess I owe you then?" Jason asked.

"Whatever." he said off-handedly

"See you there."

I have always liked Sephiroth, except for his psychotic attempt to destroy the planet. In this story he's good and stuff so I hope you enjoy the way he will be perceived. Anyway I hoped you enjoyed this story. Thank you for reading this story. It's originally my first one and now I am just revising it. PLEASE REVIEW!