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Chapter 13

"Krystal what's wrong?"

She couldn't speak. The words in her throat seemed to retreat into her stomach; not wanting to come out. Slowly he looked into the water to discover his blue eyes had just turned somewhat animal-like and were a deep crimson red. To him it seemed the water was freezing in place. His eyes had the ability to hypnotize people, but due to this extreme change nature appeared to be capable of being hypnotized. Jason's hold over her released as he staggered back from the ocean. What was happening to him?

As if reading his mind, Krystal asked: "Jason…what's happening to you?"

"I…don't know. If I remember things right, then it appears as if the 'demon' inside of me is being released. By midnight I will no longer be human."

"But we just got you back. I don't want to lose you again."

"I know…"

-Meanwhile with Tidus and Yuna-

The two were having a good night. First, after they had gotten Jason back, they had gone to a movie, gone out for dinner, and returned home to enjoy each others presence. They would talk about small things like their do's and don't's; their like's and dislike's, and other stuff like that.

"Well I tired of exploring our minds. I think I would like to explore something else." Yuna stated quite mischievously.


-Back with Jason and Krystal-

"Krystal you must leave now. Get the others. By the time you are done with that I should already be the beast. Do all you can to kill me. I don't want to harm you or anyone for that matter."


"GOOOOOO!" his voice, more like a roar, shouted.

Scared of what might happen next, she ran off to her car crying as she left.

"It seems as though this might be the last time I will be able to be with my friends."

The car squealed out of the parking lot.

"I'm so sorry Krystal. It's for the best."

His skin began to turn into hard silver-like metallic scales. His wings sprouted and began to grow larger. Jason's teeth sharpened. Soon his body started to grow and keep growing, but only slightly (about 1 cm a minute). Along with this increase in size the pain caused him to become unconscious.

-Meanwhile with Yuna and Tidus-

Her small hand explored his torso while her mouth explored his mouth. They heard a screech of rubber and a slam of a car door. Soon after, a banging was heard. Tidus accidentally rolled off the coach. He took Yuna with him. BANG! They landed on the ground in a heap.


"Sorry Yuna. I sort of got carried away."

"Don't you mean I got carried away?"

"Hahaha…you got a point."

The two opened the door to reveal a sobbing Krystal.

"What's wrong?" Yuna asked.

"Jason…" she started, but couldn't finish because she collapsed on the ground.

The girl's friend stabilized her while she stood. Yuna lead her to the coach.

"Tell me what's wrong."

"It's Jason…the stone was misinterpreted. It actually said if I didn't show him that I loved him then his inner beast would be released. Knowing his past this beast is greater than Sin. Right now he is in the process of turning into it. By the time we get everyone he will be completely transformed."


"That's not all. He wants us to kill him."


That instant a large roar erupted from out of no where.

"We must hurry Tidus, before Jason destroys the world. If Sin could do that in a week what do you think Jason could do?"

"You're right Yuna. Krystal, come with us. We will most likely need you to help fight him."

The gathered everyone to confront the new Jason. Quietly the slipped out of their vehicles and walked towards the small figure in the distance. No one made a sound as they approached him. He suddenly twitched and turned around. Right as he was facing them directly he began to fade.

"JASON!" Krystal yelled.

The illusion instantly was gone when she screamed his name. From Tidus' point of view Jason was replaced with a two rows of teeth. Everyone looked at their city-sized friend glared at them in the moonlight. His dragon-like body covered most of the 100,000 foot beach. His wings were gigantic and his fierce eyes scared most of them. Jason took no more time to attack. He reared back his enormous skull and blew black fire towards them. Acting quickly all of the men grabbed a woman and jumped.

"Sephiroth, keep him busy." Krystal ordered.

"And what will you be doing?"

"Tidus and everyone else will try to distract him long enough for Cloud to get me near that jewel on his chest."

"Ready?" The silver haired swordsman asked.

"Ready!" everyone shouted.


The dragon tried to block every attack that came and him, but thanks to his large size and little room to maneuver he was hit by most of them. His wounds began to regenerate whenever he was damaged. Luckily for Cloud and Krystal his attention was to much focused on the others.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes go for it."

Cloud stabbed his sword into the large gem. An intense light flooded the area. Suddenly the light disappeared along with Jason's girlfriend. The monster froze for a few seconds before jumping into the air roaring loudly.

Krystal found herself drifting in darkness…darkness that seemed to have no end. Her heart felt heavy as though the worst thing in the world had just happened to her. The pain kept increasing by the second. Was this the pain she felt or was it someone else's. As she drifted she didn't notice a small figure in the distance. It neared her floating form. It was Jason! His body was suspended on what seemed to be a wall of flesh. Things that appeared to be veins were connected to his skin as well as wrapping around him and supporting his weight. Most of his arms and face was visible.

"Jason!" she screamed.

He didn't move. Krystal advanced slowly as she tried to get to his 'sleeping' form.

"Jason…please wake up."

Her eyes filled with tears as she wrapped her arms around his visible neck. The droplets traveled down his body, and when they made contact with the veins they ejected from his body.

"Please…I..I…love you."

That instant she kissed his lips lovingly. Her death grip on his neck tightened so nothing could pry her from him. His arms slowly surrounded her small frame. All the veins soon shot out of his body freeing him from his prison. A weak voice broke her sobbing.

"Hey, thanks but I can't breath…"

The tears still flowed, but they were no longer tears of sadness.

"What do we do now Jason?"

"We need to go to the head. We are currently in my chest. When we get to the head we will need to confront by darkest side."

Steadily the two traveled for what seemed like hours before they even saw a glimpse of light.

"That's the place."

Once they reached it swords appeared next to Jason. They looked pretty deadly if you asked anyone, but a white-clad man turned to face the duo.

"So I see she found a way in…"

"It's time to end this once and for all."

"Bring it." Jason's double sneered.

In the blink of an eye Jason had stabbed on of his swords through the chest of his enemy and decapitated him.

"They always say your worst enemy is the one inside of you. Let's go Krystal…"

That instant they found themselves on the beach with their friends looking weirdly at them.

"Is it really you Jason?" Tidus asked.

"Yes…yes it is."

A week had passed after the incident. Tidus and Yuna were sitting in the living room.

"Tidus, do you know where Jason and Krystal are?"

"No but I'm sure they are just fine."

There was a silence until Tidus disturbed it.

"Yuna…I have a question for you?"

"What is it?"

Getting down on one knee Tidus asked.

"Will you marry me?"

"…oh Tidus…I…um…Yes! Yes I will marry you!"

4 sets of eyes watched as the two went into a kissing frenzy.

"I guess they have no longer a need for us." a blonde haired man said.

"Shall we go?" a brown haired woman asked.

"Yes…we will watch over them while they live. Krystal…Cloud…Aerith…It's time to go…"

Both men spread their wings and flew off into the sky.

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